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Fine Art & Primitive Arts

Fine Art & Primitive Arts

Arteslonga offers you a varied and cutting-edge Fine Arts collection including contemporary paintings on canvas and old paintings, lithographs and engravings, paintings on silk, decorative panels and hangings, botanical and naturalist engravings as well as gouaches and pastels. Masks, totems, sculpted panels, statues, necklaces and ritual objects ... Primitive Art is also for us an endless source of wonder and inspiration.

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The house of decoration Arteslonga offers you a selective collection of Fine Arts, statues and busts of ancient Greek and Roman decoration of a remarkable artisanal realization to embellish the interior decoration of your home: reproduction of statue and antique Greek or Roman bust, antiques Greco-Roman, Ancient Greek Sculpture, Ancient Greek Bust, Greek God Statue, Ancient Greek God Statue, Ancient Greek Figurine, Roman Greek Athlete Body, Horse Statues, Academic Fine Art Sculpture, Greek Style Goddesses and Faces and ancient Roman ...

Sculpture is probably the best-known aspect of ancient Greek art, the one that allowed a contemporary of ancient Greece, but after painting, to offer the most beautiful gifts to the gods, to celebrate the heroes and to obtain their protection.

This collection of decorative statues and sculptures in the style of ancient Greek and Roman Fine Arts are made from resin casts of perfect execution and these wonderful Greek and Roman decorative statues and sculptures will embellish your interior decoration with refinement and elegance.

Some examples of our collection of statues and decorative busts: Statue of Venus, Roman bust of Caesar, sculpture of the face of Hermes, Greek bust of Discophore, Face of Artemis, Sculpture of the Body of Hercules, Statue of Selene's Horse , Black horse rearing up, Statue of Roman emperor, Cast of the winged foot of Hermes, Engravings of Greek goddesses and dancers, Academic foot of Fine Arts, Crown and bust of Roman Emperor and King ... All these objects from 'Art and History are wonderful decorative objects made by craftsmen in a workshop of remarkable finesse. These perfect reproductions of carefully patinated antiques will perfectly adorn your home library with charm and grace.

In antiquity and at all times, the equestrian statue has played a special role in the field of sculpture, because of its technical difficulty of realization and the cost of its manufacture. The statue of Monti's horse, a fragment of an original bronze statue created by Monti at the beginning of the 19th century, reveals all the finesse and power of this animal. Also, the original Greek statue of Selene's horse comes from a fresco adorning the pediment of the Acropolis in Greece. The horse-drawn statue of Selene's horse plunged into the ocean. This decorative statue represents this magnificent horse's head which is kept in the British Museum in London. Arteslonga also offers the statue of a black or white rearing horse in antique style which is a beautiful decorative re-edition of the statue of a rearing horse from the 18th century.

With our decorative statues, the beauty of women is in the spotlight. Magnificent bust of Venus made in resin which perfectly imitates the female body in antique marble. A current artisanal realization of very high quality. A piece of art, a classic object of remarkable and eternal beauty, a hymn to the beauty of women. This majestic statue has a very beautiful presence and this bust can be positioned indoors or outdoors in your garden thanks to its protection against the sun and bad weather. An object of art of classic style absolutely remarkable for a refined interior decoration in your home and more particularly for the decoration and the ornamentation of your library.

The beautiful statue of Diane Chasseresse, available from our house is also the classic and ultimate symbol of beauty and the embodiment of the woman of light.

The Superb Greek Dancer statue on a black metal base is the fragment of an original statue probably dating from the 4th century BC and kept in the Archaeological Museum of Rome is a very beautiful handcrafted female statue which perfectly imitates ancient natural stone. The quality of the treatment of the wet drape reveals a delicate model of sculpture and contributes greatly to the sensuality of the statue.

Our Arteslonga house also offers a faithful reissue of a statue of the Virgin Mary with the child, representative of the classic religious statues in vogue in the 19th century from Rome to Lourdes, without forgetting Paris. Also available, the statue of Christ with the Flamboyant Heart, a faithful classic representation of religious statues in vogue in the 19th century.

Masculine strength and beauty is also reflected in our selection of statues, busts and classical sculptures.

Our Arteslonga house, for example, offers a magnificent discophore bust which comes from the reproduction of an original bronze statue, the translation of which is currently kept in the galleries of the Louvre Museum. Material: resin imitation antique marble. The Centaur Torso Statue also available is beautiful in antique stone imitation resin. This sculpture, a beautiful reissue of Greek antiquity, is the masculine emblem of strength and beauty. This Greek figurine here perfectly embodies the son of Zeus and Leto.

Our Roman sculpture with the effigy of the Emperor Augustus on a black metal base, is a superb decorative object in the antique style. Fragments of original statues probably dating from 20 BC and kept in the Louvre Museum are a tribute to the glory of this great Roman Emperor.

The magnificent bust of Julius Caesar is also a tribute to the glory of this great Roman Emperor. A current artisanal realization in composite resin which perfectly imitates old bronze. An eternal work of art for a refined and elegant decoration of your library in your house or apartment.

The Large statue of Apollo, fragment of the bust of Apollo on a plinth with a total height of 45cm, is a perfect reproduction of the bust and antique face of Apollo exhibited in the entrance hall of the Galerie des Antiques at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. There is no need to praise the extreme elegance and perfection of this ancient sculpture which remains an exemplary piece of Greek art from antiquity.

All the patinas and finishes of our antique statues, works of art and decorative objects are made entirely by hand and hand which gives them unparalleled beauty for a refined and delicate interior. These busts of ancient Greece, these ancient Roman statues, these sculptures of the XIXth century benefit from a very beautiful artisanal realization in composite resin which imitates perfectly the marble and the ancient natural stone.

These beautiful objects of Fine Arts and decorative objects made in resin, benefit from a protection so that you can position them outside in your garden without fear of the sun or the bad weather.

The Arteslonga house, "Existing is a fact, Living is an Art"

  • Blue Crane Printing Audubon

    €241.00 -15% €283.33
    Gravure printing unit: the Blue Crane from Jean-Jacques Audubon.   
    From the monumental work of Jean-Jacques Audubon: The Birds of America.  
    Jean-Jacques Audubon is an ornithologist and naturalist born in Haiti in 1785 to French parents.  
    It was later naturalized American.
    Reproduce in size all the birds of North America: this creasy project, born in the mind of this self-taught painter of genius in the first half of the nineteenth century, will give birth to a monumental work: Birds of America , in which Jean-Jacques Audubon devoted thirty years of his life, and become the most quoted book in the world of art and history.  
    Jean-Jacques Audubon was also the first in a society dedicated to the conquest of the continent, to advocate for the protection of nature, denouncing the killing of animals and habitat destruction.  
    Limited quantities.

  • Old Engraving Printing, Pineapple

    €383.00 -15% €450.00

    Reproduction of an old botanical archive, late 19th century, old naturalist engraving.

    Pineapples in their pot.

    Printing put under glass and wooden frame, gilding finish.

    Sold in pairs.

  • Peacock Engraving Otoole, set of 2

    €567.00 -15% €666.67
    Beautiful pair of engravings of peacock by Otoole.
    Great size: 90 high by 60cm large.
    Varnished black and silver wood and weathered old Frame .
  • 1940's portrait of woman, oil on canvas


    Portrait of a woman from the forties signed by d.Trenk. Size of the canvas unframed: 56 x 71 cm. painting, oil on canvas, framed painting, original work, original pièce of art, lifestyle art, unique pièce of art, original work

  • Plaster of Female Foot

    Magnificent plaster of female foot which was originally used as a model for the workshops of Beaux Arts sculptors, in 19th century Paris.