Dining Tables - Coffee Tables - Side Tables - Consoles - Columns

Dining Tables - Coffee Tables - Side Tables - Consoles - Columns

Whatever the room, the dining table is the central element of decoration that everyone will notice in your home: select it carefully.

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Are you looking for a large rectangular solid wood table?
A beautiful round table made of recycled old wood or a large, custom-made coffee table in Carrara marble or Sarrancolin marble?
Would you be looking for a console with brushed brass legs and a blackened wooden top or an antique Baroque Renaissance style wall console or maybe a huge dining table with a thick solid wood top like our superb table Dolmen made of solid Suar wood (magnificent Indonesian wood).
Arteslonga offers you a sophisticated and cutting-edge collection of tables, coffee tables and rectangular, round, oval or oblong consoles, handcrafted with impeccable quality.
Our collection Tables of French and European manufacture is of high quality and our tables respond to a single guiding line which is the use of natural, aged or patinated raw materials. A very beautiful collection of high quality furniture including a range of majestic modern style or old style tables for your living room or kitchen made of natural materials: solid wood (solid oak essence, solid walnut, acacia, pine, suar wood , mindi, teak, rosewood, etc.), brushed metal or wood legs, kitchen marble tops and other beautiful natural stones.
Find a selection of tables with a remarkable design and large dining tables and dining tables with solid wood tops for a warm decor in your living room or kitchen.
The table in solid oak or solid old pine is an essential piece of furniture in our collection. Convivial furniture par excellence, a solid wood table can be placed in the dining room or in a large open kitchen and can accommodate many guests with our largest dining tables such as the Aix en Provence model 4m30 long!
Thanks to a design that has always been studied, our dining tables and our coffee tables harmonize easily with seats according to your desires and your tastes. Available in several materials, our tables are suitable for all interiors and will find a place of choice in a country house, by the sea, a chalet in assembly or in a modern interior.
Designed and assembled according to the rules of the art in cabinetmaking, our tables will survive the years for your greatest pleasure.
Also discover a decorative round table offer with a unique and contemporary design in marble or solid wood with a central steel or wooden leg. You will find extendable round tables in solid natural wood for beautiful feasts with family or friends.
At Arteslonga we offer a beautiful round table collection in solid wood or natural stone such as Moonstone or Carrara marble. A beautiful round table can be placed in your dining room but also in an open kitchen. Made of solid wood or natural stone such as marble or with a round glass top, a round table brings conviviality to the room but also between your guests who can all converse with each other thanks to the round top.
Arteslonga, offers you different models and sizes of trays adapting to all styles of interior decoration: design and modern, shabby chic country style, Scandinavian.
Our round table models can accommodate up to 20 guests with our Monastère round table which has a magnificent solid wood top (old pine) 180cm in diameter.
Arteslonga offers you a collection of handcrafted decorative tables and furniture with a high quality of execution and a unique design. These high-end tables combine contemporary design and authenticity.
Arteslonga also offers you a selection of stylish furniture and extendable tables made with a custom-made wooden top for your living room or office. Finally, our collection of bespoke tables is a must. We offer an exclusive collection of bespoke dining tables made with the finish of your choice.
We can achieve the patina of your dining table or coffee table down to the smallest detail We also make round tables to order in natural stones such as Carrara marble, moonstone, royal brown marble, gray lava stone or black rock.
The Arteslonga house “To exist is a fact, to live is an art”. Arteslonga, French house of decoration and art of living.

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  • Antique Farmhouse Dining Table

    Beautiful large farmhouse table in solid old pine for a unique decor of dining room or kitchen. An elegant and convivial dining table with large dimensions for this farmhouse table with superb Monastery-type column legs: shelf length: 270 cm by 110 cm wide. This Monastery farmhouse table is a sturdy and sturdy table. Beautiful thickness of the tray, reinforced by a thick belt: 7cm.