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Whatever the room, the dining table is the central element of decoration that everyone will notice in your home: select it carefully.

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Arteslonga offers in this section of interior decoration a collection with unique design of dining tables for your dining room, the kitchen or the garden of your house. Designed by a handful of craftsmen specializing in high-quality dining tables: large raw wood dining table, solid wood table, brushed metal, huge dining table "Dolmen" in Suar wood, large tables made in solid oak or old pine, magnificent round dining tables in raw wood...

A great know-how of Arteslonga are the large and majestic tables of farm and tables for meals in solid wood, large dining tables monastery in old wood or realized in solid oak, round tables in raw wood ...

A collection of  handmade dining tables of impeccable quality.

This work of cabinetmakers that combines contemporary spirit and authenticity is guided by a conductive line: the use of raw materials, noble and of great qualities, old, aged or patinated.

A very nice collection of large and majestic modern or old style dining tables for your living room or kitchen made of natural materials: solid wood (essence of oak, walnut, acacia, pine, etc.), metal or wood legs, marble tops for the kitchen for example and other beautiful natural stones.

Find a selection of solid wood dining tables with remarkable design and large farmhouse dining tables and country dining tables with solid wood tops for a warm decorative atmosphere in your living room or kitchen.

Discover a decorative offer of round tables with a unique and contemporary design in marble or wood with central leg in steel or oak. You will find rectangular tables or extendable round tables in solid natural wood for beautiful feasts with family or friends and a sublimated decoration.

A collection of decorative furniture made up of beautiful dining room tables with our rectangular dining tables, our round oak dining tables or our handcrafted designer dining tables of impeccable quality.

Arteslonga offers a collection of handcrafted decorative tables and furniture of high quality of execution and unique design. These high-end dining tables combine contemporary design with a beautiful authenticity. Arteslonga, also offers you a selection of stylish furniture and extendable solid wood tables made with a custom wooden top for your living room or office.

Arteslonga always offers tailor-made delivery to your home of its stylish furniture: kitchen, living room or office. This collection of French and European furniture is of high quality and our dining tables respond to a single guideline which is the use of natural raw materials, aged or patinated. All these beautiful dining tables can be associated with different styles of chairs for a more refined decorative atmosphere.

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