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Buffet and Counter. A low buffet, sideboard or counter is an essential piece of storage furniture, perfectly designed to adapt to your interior space. The sideboard, ideally placed in the dining room, is very practical and allows you to keep everything close at hand: crockery, tablecloths, plates and candles. Decoration lover? Put valuables on the sideboard, which can also hold a light. Likewise, the counter is a key piece of furniture in the living room. It can be your friendly place to go out with friends in the evening, or simply to store some of your most beautiful objects. Discover the cutting-edge selection of Maison Arteslonga, with designer or more classic sideboards, which are sure to seduce you.

  • Antic Chinese Sideboard in Elm 180 yo


    Splendid antique Chinese sideboard.

    Large and beautiful dimensions: 172 x 53 x H85cm for this unique piece.

    This sideboard is 180 years old and it shows. It is simply magnificent with its paintings and its traces left by time.

    A charm and a crazy poetry emerges from this remarkable and unique piece from Qinghai.

    Dimensions (length x width x height): 172 x 53 x 85 cm.

    Weight: 42.3 kg.

    Number of doors: 2

    Number of shelves: 1

    Height between shelves: 18 cm.

    Shelf weight supported: 10 kg.

    Leg size: 10.5x5x15 cm.

    Measurement between the feet: 126x36 cm.

    Top thickness: 4.5 cm.

  • Raw Wood Bar Counter Palazzo Made To Order

    The Palazzo raw wood bar counter, a timeless, friendly and generous counter made to order. A beautiful bar counter in natural and raw solid wood with two storage shelves, an authentic piece of interior or exterior, very resistant. The structure of the Palazzo counter is made with thick antique raw pine planks dried in the sun and assembled together to form a pretty piece of furniture

  • Original Walnut 40's Sideboard

    Magnificent sideboard from the late 1940s in walnut.
    Entirely transformed by coarse salt sandblasting, with a matte finish which highlights the work of walnut on the doors: a veneer folded out in 4, which gives these 2 "flowers" on the central door.
    Its black and white marble top is original.
    Made in France 80 years ago, and re-worked in France 80 years later.
  • Malachite Dresser 120cm

    Chest of drawers entirely hand painted on wood with patterns of Malachite which is a natural mineral species. Magnificent exclusive edition. Structure and base in black lacquered wood. Two large drawers 120cm wide and two 60cm wide. Brass key handles. A very beautiful piece of furniture handcrafted in Italy. Dimensions: 120 x 50 x H96cm
  • Chest of Drawers Roussillon, Gustavian Style

    Reproduction of a Roussillon Gustavian chest of drawers (Swedish, 18th century) comprising three drawers of different depths, ornamented with ribbon-style handles and locks from the time of Louis XVI. 
    By its form and unusual hand-grips at each end, this piece reminds us that such chests developed from simple trunks.
  • 50's Sideboard Black Finish

    Magnificent small buffet only 145cm wide. Made in France 90 years ago (January 1930) and completely transformed by a coarse sand blasting process. Its appearance is radically changed with this matt black finish - a polyurethane varnish - which protects the wood from any overturned glass ...
  • Steed Sideboard Made on Order

    The Ray Sideboard, contemporary realization of 200cm wide and 50cm deep, made in a beautiful veneer of rosewood.
    A striking modern design in the typical Nordic style of the 50s.
    Superb facade with its doors and three large drawers curved.
  • Original Walnut 30's Sideboard

    Sideboard 1930s made in walnut. Entirely transformed by "salt sandblasting", with a matte finish that highlights the veining of the doors. Its marble top is original. Very beautiful patterns of walnut on the doors. Two doors and four central drawers.
  • Vintage sideboard Green finish

    A design that can't lie: this sideboard has been manufactured in France in 1940. The overall staight lines is so typical of those years.The tropical wood that has been used, allowed a remarkable work of marquetry on the doors.
  • Art Deco 2-Door Sideboard 40s


    Art Deco 2-door sideboard from the 1940s matt mahogany and gray marble. A unique piece! The refined and refined design of the 40s is perfectly expressed on this 2-meter-long sideboard. The line is rounded on the sides, but the facade is underlined by this rectilinear brass frame which also separates the 2 doors.

  • French Pink Art Deco Sideboard

    Original 1940's French sideboard in refurbished in pink! Completely transformed with a "salt-blasting process", and a matt pink finish which gives an very funky touch to the unique vintage furniture and emphasizes the veining of the South American rosewood doors, as well as the curved base.Originaly made in France, and restored in France in 2018. A unique piece completely restored.

  • Sideboard from the 40s, matt black

    Sideboard from the 40s, 2 doors and 4 drawers, matt black. A Unique Piece! Walnut sideboard and wood top made in France 80 years ago and completely transformed by a coarse salt sandblasting process. Its appearance is radically changed with this matte black finish - a polyurethane varnish - which protects the wood from any spilled glass ...

  • Art Deco Sideboard Mat Black, 40s

    Original late 1940's sideboard. Completely transformed with a salt-blasting process, and a matt black finish which make it contemporary... Though it has been made in France more than 70 years ago. Its grey and white marble top is the original one. The brass harware is original, including those 2 rings highlighting the very simpleclean design of this piece.
  • Original Walnut late 40's Sideboard

    Sideboard late 1940s made in walnut with a finish that highlights the veining of the doors. Its black veined marble top is original. Very beautiful patterns of walnut on the doors and beautiful handles of origins in brass. French made.
    The wood is in excellent condition. A very beautiful unique piece of time. A superb unique piece of furniture.
  • 50's Sideboard Black Finish

    Original early 1950's sideboard. Completely transformed with a salt-blasting process, and a black matt finish which smooth the grape and leaves sculpture of the walnut doors. Its black and white marble top is the original one, as well as all the hardware.1 drawer in the middle. Made in France.
  • 400cm Raw Wooden Dresser

    Superb raw wooden buffet, a timeless design, both friendly and generous. A very beautiful dresser made in rough old wood, an authentic piece of realization handcrafted and made entirely by hand. Dimensions: 400 cm long by 50 cm deep and 100 cm high. This dresser is hand made with boards of very old pine crude assembled together to form a superb piece of furniture in the shabby-chic style.

  • Raw Wood Dresser Buffet Made To Order

    Great raw wooden dresser, timeless design, both convivial and generous.

    A very beautiful dresser or dresser in rough old wood, authentic piece of artisanal realization.

  • Chest of Drawers, Louis XVI Style


    Three large storage drawers with interior beautifully decorated with old newsprints. The paper is varnish and therefore does not stain.

    Beautiful chest of drawers Louis XVI style, shabby chic spirit.


    A current realization of flawless handmade finish.

  • Shabby Chic Cabinet - Grey Distressed


    A really beautiful distressed grey single door cabinet with a stunning grey stone top. This is a real conversation piece not only can you store away all your unsightly bits and bobs but this cupboard looks great whilst hiding it all. Shabby chic sideboard made in brushed oak, poplar and stone handmade aged patina.