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Large Wooden Dining Tables Collection

Large Wooden Dining Tables Collection


Arteslonga offers you a selection of beautiful and elegant wooden dining tables.


Limited editions of great quality made by our specialists in the manufacture of tables for decades.


Arteslonga House.

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  • Round Dining Table Supernova ø120cm

    A very beautiful round table of contemporary realization in solid wood of Mindi color brown toasted coffee. Mindi (or mindy) is an exotic wood of great beauty with a marked grain, close to rosewood, which will delight lovers of solid wood. The Supernova round table top is large and measures 120cm in diameter.

  • Bespoke Round Tango Table

    Beautiful round wooden table made of light Scandinavian style laminated oak and black brushed metal for the "Tour Eiffel" legs. Very nice thickness of the round tray: 4cm.
  • Huge Dining Table Dolmen 350cm

    €4,333.33 -% €4,333.33
    The Dolmen dining Table made of Soar wood.Incredible and admirable dining table known as the Dolmen in light Suar wood. Contemporary raw wood dining table, a unique design production, a "monumental" achievement. The table is carved directly from the trunk of the tree. The tray is in one piece.
  • Art Deco Dining Table, 30s


    Art Deco dining table from the 30s, in walnut, lyre foot and cut-outs


    A bright and elegant charming dining table, a rare and unique table.


    A unique piece of great stability and solidity.

  • Farmhouse Dining Table 270cm

    Beautiful large farmhouse table in solid old pine for a unique decor of dining room or kitchen. An elegant and convivial dining table with large dimensions for this farmhouse table with superb Monastery-type column legs: shelf length: 270 cm by 110 cm wide. This Monastery farmhouse table is a sturdy and sturdy table. Beautiful thickness of the tray, reinforced by a thick belt: 7cm.