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Maison Arteslonga offers a selection of beautiful decorative objects.

  • Empire Style Candle Holder in Brass, ,H54cm

    Magnificent Empire Style CandleHolder in Brass. A very nice presence for this one-of-a-kind candlestick with a height of 54 cm.
  • The Architecture Round Box in Porcelain

    The Architecture round box, with its pretty porcelain tea box shape.
    Very beautiful rendering of an old facade of a building or a Palace printed on the porcelain which goes around the entire cylindrical box.
    The Architecture porcelain box measures 25cm high by 20cm in diameter.
    On a desk, table or buffet, this silhouette and its decoration will give chic and elegance to your living space.
  • Obelisk, Crystal Base, Bronze Horse, Stones and...

    Magnificent obelisk composed of a quadrangular base in hand-cut crystal, a bronze horse, a gold-colored chromed metal rod adorned with superimposed natural stones ending with a beautiful lacquered gorgon branch painted in red.
    An extraordinary decorative object of great beauty
    Dimensions: H71 39X8cm
  • Sitting Rabbit Statue, Made in Ceramic H51cm

    €208.33 -0% €208.33
    Sitting rabbit statue, made in ceramic and hand painted from a height of 51cm
    Very nice unusual decorative object.
  • Sitting Rabbit Statue, Made in Ceramic

    €183.33 -0% €183.33
    Sitting rabbit statue, made in ceramic and hand painted from a height of 37cm
    Very nice unusual decorative object.
  • Black Panther Statue in Ceramic H83cm

    Sitting and roaring black panther statue made of ceramic. A reproduction of animal statues that were made in the 1950s. Very beautiful unusual decorative craft object. Limited edition.
  • Natural Beige Sea Fan 100x100cm

    Natural beige fan gorgon from Micronesia on a brass base. A unique piece!
    This skeleton is a real white lace screen, we understand its nickname of sea fan, and when it reaches this exceptional size, it can easily play the role of a screen in the middle of a room, on a console ... make it more intimate without obscuring the light.
    We also have a black species that reaches the same dimensions, also from Micronesia.
    This one has a perfect tree shape.
  • Pair of Porcelain Bookends Cheetas

    A pair of porcelain bookends.
    Unusual decorative objects, two pretty hand-painted porcelain cheetas to decorate the shelves of your library.
    Base made of black ceramic and base in bronze-colored brass.
    A beautiful handcrafted achievement.
  • The Turtle Box, in Resin

    €133.33 -0% €133.33
  • Blue and White Chinese Ceramic Vase

  • Enamelled Ceramic Box Cover H44cm

  • Dolphin Candlestick Early Twentieth Style

    Very beautiful zoomorphic figurine candlestick representing a brass dolphin style early twentieth. Porcelain foot.
  • 1900 Musical Bird Cage - H29cm

    1900 Musical Bird Cage - H29cm Charming and romantic carved brass musical bird cage, 1900 period. A very pretty rounded dome shape. A very beautiful job, a decor in itself. A little wonder for this unique piece. 
  • Reliquary Style Box H13.5cm

  • Reliquary Style Box H 31 cm

  • The Round Boxe Circus

  • Yellow Draped Glass Cup H25cm

    Whether you are looking for a decorative object for your hallway or living room, the exclusive hand blown yellow glass vase draped will provide a sublime finish to the space.  With its lovely wavy shape and bright colour this glass bowl is sure to please the eye. Fully mouth blown. Italian hand-made.

  • Rock Crystal Obelisk Figurine H59cm


    This figurine is a fantastic object, a remarkable decorative element that attracts attention in a room. Each piece is completely unique due to its sought-after artistic creation. It is a rock crystal obelisk composed of a reproduction of a painted brass turtle shell mounted on a polished brass rod set with natural stones

  • Figurine Turtle Cristal Obelisque

    Turtle Obelisk, Natural Stones and brass H99cm! Turtle shell and structure made of brass, natural stone inserts and rock crystal obelisk. Each piece is completely unique due to its sought-after artistic creation. The natural stones create a beautiful contrast with the polished brass turtle shell and the beautiful rock crystal cut in the shape of an obelisk.
  • Boxes Circus, Set of 2

  • Gorgon Candlestick, Red Imperial Resin

    Gorgon candlestick. Reproduction of a Gorgon in red Vermillo resin on a turned wooden base in the Napoleon III style. On the back side is a candlestick supporting a led candle ... magical atmosphere guaranteed! Red Gorgonians line rocky drop offs between 20 and 100 meters deep. It is necessary to use a flashlight to appreciate their brilliance, because at this depth, the red appears dark blue.
  • Egyptian Cat Statue H93cm

    Elegant statue of Egyptian Cat, made in ceramic and painted by hand.

    Very beautiful unusual decorative object 93cm high.

    A one of a kind handmade piece.

    A statue handcrafted in Italy.
  • Ceramic Plate Hand Painted

    Superb ceramic plate hand painted
    Entirely hand painted glazed ceramic.
    Italian hand-made.
    A limited edition.
    Height of this vase: 3,5 cm - diameter: 36cm
  • Statue in Ceramic Leopard H83cm

    Leopard statue sitting in plaster in the style of the 50s.
    Made in ceramic and hand painted.
    A reproduction of animal statues that were made in the 50s.
    Very beautiful unusual decorative object.
  • Candleholder Vase Shaded Crystal H33cm

    Candleholder vase in shaded crystal made entirely by hand. Each branch candle crystal is removable and the middle vase that can be removed from its base to fill it with water. Around the vase leave 8 branches candlestick.
  • Candleholders Vase Tinted Crystal H33cm


    Candleholder vase in tinted crystal made entirely by hand. Each crystal candle arm is removable as well as the middle vase that can be removed. This beautiful and original atypical object can be used only as a vase or a candlestick or both at the same time!

  • Candleholder Enamelled Porcelain Little Monkey

    Beautiful candleholder in porcelain enamelled and brass. Little monkey sitting reading under his palm tree ... ;-) Absolutely adorable. A very nice presence for this unique candlestick of a height of 38 cmCandle holder worked and carved in the shape of a palm tree and brass base.
    Enamelled porcelain is hand painted.
  • 2 Boxes Hand Painted Glass Persia

    €383.33 -0% €383.33
  • Blue & White Cracked Ceramic Urn Chopin H67cm


    Large cracked ceramic urn entirely hand painted white and blue. A beautiful richly decorated room with a beautiful height of 67 cm by 39 cm in diameter at the widest, the base being 31 cm. The decorative copper elements are worked and carved then aged thanks to an old-fashioned finish. A limited edition with a weight of 16 kg.

  • White Egg-Shaped Ceramic & Bronze Box

    €533.33 -0% €533.33
    Beautiful egg-shaped box in Fabergé style made entirely by hand and hand painted. An enamelled ceramic piece made and painted by hand in Italy of 32cm in height. Beautiful large egg painted with floral motifs and parakeet placed on a beautiful baroque bronze foot handmade
  • Black Glazed Ceramic Bowl Angèle ø29cm

    Black glazed ceramic bowl decorated with "pine cones" and with pure liquid gold.
    A remarkable piece of elegance and delicacy made entirely by hand and hand painted.