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Box - Cup - Dish - Urn

Box - Cup - Dish - Urn
  • White Fruit Mix With Basket in Ceramic


    A superb all-white ceramic Fruit Bowl 68cm high by 28cm in diameter

    A magnificent enamelled ceramic sculpture made by hand decorated with fruits and foliage, an Italian handmade craft.

    This magnificent abundance bowl is entirely handmade and distributed exclusively by Arteslonga.

    Handcrafted in ceramic, double firing.

  • Coral Cup on Base (empty or garnished)

    €240.00 -10% €266.67

    Magnificent reproduction of a cup made of a flat mushroom coral called "Lithophyllon Repanda", mounted on a 19th century style sandstone base.

    Can be ordered garnished with natural coral fragments under the reference OD1194/2.

    The OD1194/2 coral bowl presented here garnished with a composition of natural coral fragments for a “Still Life” bouquet in the Naturalia style.

    The coral fragments are natural, as for the cut, it is a reproduction in synthetic material, and can be purchased empty under the reference OD1194.

    Coral is actually an animal from the Cnidarian phylum. Corals generally live in colonies of individuals called “polyps” which are “superorganisms”. Each polyp secretes its own exoskeleton; depending on the species, this exoskeleton is hard or soft.

    Our collection of corals made of synthetic material is handcrafted by hand, identically reproducing the texture of these living specimens, most of which are now protected.

  • Fruit Mix With Basket


    A superb Fruit Mix With Basket 32cm high by 32cm in diameter

    A magnificent ceramic sculpture handmade and handprinted decorated with fruits and foliage, an Italian craftsmanship.

    This magnificent abundance bowl is entirely handmade and distributed exclusively by Arteslonga.

    Handcrafted in ceramic, double firing.

  • Large Champagne Porcelain Bowl with Deer Heads...

    Large and beautiful bowl made in white porcelain and brass with deer heads.
    Can be used as a magnificent Champagne cooler!
    Stag heads and feet in worked brass.
    To put on a large farm table or a console.
    Hihgly qualitative item made by hand.
  • Pair of Red Travertine Trays ø21cm


    Two round trays in red travertine, natural stone.

    21cm diameter


    Weight: 0.8 kg each

  • Travertine Oval Tray 50cm


    Oval Tray carved in natural stone.

    Natural stone: red travertine


  • Glazed Ceramic Boxe Yuto H37cm

    The Yuko box...
    A box like no other in bronze and yellow colors, entirely made of hand-enamelled ceramic. A Japanese ethnic style.
    This box, embellished with a lid with atypical and generous shapes, is a decorative element that combines ethnic charm with the color of the most trendy earthenware.
    Ideal to place as a decoration on a table, a console or a shelf, its dimensions will make this atypical earthenware box an original piece of your decoration.
    The height of the Yuko box is 36.5 cm for 17.5 cm in diameter.
    Attention, the variations of colors or shades are typical of this handcrafted enamelled ceramic.
  • Oval Bowl Yellow Birds, Ceramic and Brass L32cm

    Oval Bowl Yellow Birds, Ceramic and Brass L32cm. Large oval cup with flying birds and flowers. A crafted achievement in porcelain and brass.
  • Cage-style Tiered Display Brass Finish H35cm, Pair

    Cage-style Tiered Display Brass Finish H35cm, Pair. Present pastries and cakes or precious decorative objects with the Cage shelf. This 3 tier display made with an antique brass finish is inspired by its design of colonial birdcages.
  • The Architecture Round Box in Porcelain

    The Architecture round box, with its pretty porcelain tea box shape.
    Very beautiful rendering of an old facade of a building or a Palace printed on the porcelain which goes around the entire cylindrical box.
    The Architecture porcelain box measures 25cm high by 20cm in diameter.
    On a desk, table or buffet, this silhouette and its decoration will give chic and elegance to your living space.
  • Glass Decoupage, Hand-Decorated glassware

    Glass Decoupage, Hand-decorated glassware.
    An Italian artisanal manufacture for these beautiful glass objects: vase, candle holders, plates, dishes ...
    Exquisite refinement with the application of a print on paper.
    Limited editions.
    Realization and quote on request.
  • Blue and White Chinese Ceramic Vase

  • Yellow, Porcelain and Bronze Orchid Cup

    Yellow, Porcelain and Bronze Orchid Cup.
    Large and romantic porcelain bowl and ornamentation of orchid flowers and birds.
    Handcrafted in porcelain and bronze handles.
    A beautiful decorative object in soft, fresh and spring colors.
    A fruit or cake bowl of remarkable elegance and delicacy made by hand.
  • Black Art Nouveau Porcelain Cup

    Black enameled porcelain cup in a floral shape approaching the beautiful leaf of the lotus or the water lily. Brass base in the form of stems and emerging leaves of aquatic plants such as water lilies or lotus. A very beautiful decorative object in the Art Nouveau style in which you can put a plant. An admirable craftsmanship.
  • Yellow Draped Glass Cup H25cm

    Whether you are looking for a decorative object for your hallway or living room, the exclusive hand blown yellow glass vase draped will provide a sublime finish to the space.  With its lovely wavy shape and bright colour this glass bowl is sure to please the eye. Fully mouth blown. Italian hand-made.

  • Blue & White Cracked Ceramic Urn H54cm

    Large cracked ceramic urn with an old look entirely hand painted.

    An imposing room with a beautiful height of 54 cm by 26 cm in diameter.

    The carved copper pieces are aged thanks to an old-fashioned finish.

    A limited edition with a weight of 8 kg.
  • Acrylic Glass and Brass Box

    Acrylic glass used as a noble material, like if it was crystal! The thickness and weight of the acrylic lid, gives the feeling of a precious object. The satin solid brass body complete the design.

  • Jewelry Boxes Napoleon III style

    €113.00 -10% €125.00

    Set of fine jewelry boxes in Napoleon III style.

    To be noted: the glass is bevelled on each face of the jewelry boxes and the carved, gilded and aged old-fashioned metal.

    Very beautiful actual handcrafted work.

    Sold with upholstered cushions but without decoration accessories.

  • Porcelain Bowl with Stag Heads

    Large and beautiful bowl or planters made in porcelain and brass. 
    Can be used as a magnificent Champagne cooler!
    Stag heads and feet in worked brass.
    To put on a large farm table or a console.
    Hihgly qualitative item made by hand.