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Discover in Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and lifestyle House, unique retro chairs, vintage armchairs and old seats. All these chairs present on Arteslonga are chosen and selected for their aesthetics, beauty, and their difference ... All these chairs and seats are original and each have a personality and a particular character that will surely suit you .

Napoleon III era chair, ramechair 1900, chair Belle Epoque, 20s chairs, office chairs 30s, teather seats from the 40s until the 70s, you will discover  chairs from several ages and styles from Napoleon III period until the 70s. Arteslonga covers a century.

The difference is what Arteslonga cultivates and grows. The difference creates emotions and it is our commitment and we wish to offer objects and furniture that will enchant you.

We are off the beaten path, seen and revised. We do not want to answer any trend, we are on top of trends.

All aperiods and styles are mixed for happiness and beauty.