To accomodate your dining table or garden table, please find a timeless range of benches.  


Old wooden benches, vintage wooden and tubular metal brushed, carved wood and linen, metal or even with a rubber seat, you will find an original and qualitative range of benches taht can accomodate our range of dining tables, kitchen tables or outdoor tables.

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  • Striped Ceramic Home-Made Stool


    Pretty stool or pedestal chinoiserie made in black and white striped ceramic home-made.

    Very bright and fresh.

  • Porcelain Stool, Red Coral


    Pretty stool or chinoiserie pedestal table made of porcelain coral color of homemade.

    Very bright and fresh.

  • Bespoke Rattan Bench Edmond


    The Edmond woven rattan bench is an entirely handcrafted bench. Its custom manufacturing is carried out exclusively on demand.

    Seat height: 45 cm and seat depth: 45 cm, length: bespoke.

    The custom-made Edmond woven rattan bench will contribute to the general structure of your indoor or outdoor atmosphere while improving its capacity.

    Timeless and chic, it can be made in the rattan weave of your choice.

    A crazy elegant bench in natural rattan, an authentic indoor or outdoor piece, very resistant.

    The whole thing is very stable and extremely solid.

    A contemporary French artisanal production that we love!

    Delivery by carrier by appointment.

  • Side Table in Laminated Oak

    Pedestal table or side table in laminated oak, handcrafted in a cabinetmaking workshop.
    Handmade items in laminated oak to avoid cracks linked to solid wood.
    Made to measure.
    Different tillers are possible and the prices are indicated:
    25 x25 x H35cm,
    25 x25 x H35cm
    30 x 30 x H40 cm
    30 x 30 x H50 cm
    30 x 30 x H60 cm
    Other dimensions are possible on request and in the color of your choice.