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Minimalist Raw

Minimalist Raw
A collection of furniture that gives voice to the nobility of raw materials and natural wood, stone, metal ... Minimalist Design: simple and clean lines, direct and firm.

Durable and environmentally friendly furniture for a beautiful, harmonious and simple decoration for your interior or exterior.

Some pieces are tailor-made.


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  • Palazzo Table Raw Wood


    Exquisite large raw wooden dining table.

    Timeless, friendly and generous wooden dining table.

    A beautiful raw wood dining table, an authentic piece made by hand entirely in of old wood, for inside or outside, very strong.

  • Dolmen Table 400cm

    Huge Dolmen Table made of Soar wood. Contemporary dining table, made ​​of Soar, light grey. A solid and unique design and manufacturing, a "monumental" achievement. We chose this model because this current table woodwork combines contemporary style and purity. Huge plate 400cm long and 100-110cm wide with up to 26 guests.
  • Huge Dining Table Dolmen 350cm

    €4,333.33 -% €4,333.33
    The Dolmen dining Table made of Soar wood.Incredible and admirable dining table known as the Dolmen in light Suar wood. Contemporary raw wood dining table, a unique design production, a "monumental" achievement. The table is carved directly from the trunk of the tree. The tray is in one piece.