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La Maison Arteslonga, a family business founded in 2010, lives up to its motto "Existing is a Fact, Living is an Art" and likes to explore and bring together styles and eras in a desire for harmony and softness.

Shabby Chic

Unique and exclusive vintage shabby chic and Country Chic furniture.   A touch of glamor, elegance, romance that emerge from each shabby chic furniture made in weathered wood, distressed leather, vintage velvet, limed paint and more.   Maison Arteslonga To find more, please click here.


A timeless collection of furnishings inspired by modernist lines of the Modernism, cultural and artistic movement that animated Western societies in the late nineteenth century until the years 1930-1950 in the field of Art, Architecture, Interior design  and in literature.

Minimalist Raw

A collection of furniture that gives voice to the nobility of raw materials and natural wood, stone, metal ... Minimalist Design: simple and clean lines, direct and firm. Durable and environmentally friendly furniture for a beautiful, harmonious and simple decoration for your interior or exterior. Some pieces are tailor-made. Arteslonga. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Luxury Movie Star 50s

The luxury of decoration and furniture world entirely handmade. Exclusive and unique furnishings in a Movie Star Mid-Century style. Haute Couture furniture for a clientele looking for excellence. These decoration furniture are custom-made and can also be made to measure. Arteslonga To find more, please click here.


A selection of timeless furniture and objects. Maison Arteslonga