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Find all the new interior decoration items of Arteslonga: sofas, chairs, objects of curiosities, decorative accessories ...

These pages are updated regularly.

The house Arteslonga

  • Engraving "The Bounds Park Oak" by Jacob Strutt

    This reproduction of an old print titled "The Bounds Park Oak" is one of several portraits of forest trees, distinguished for their age, scale or beauty, taken from nature and engraved by Jacob George Strutt.
    Sylva Britannica plaque or Forest Tree Portraits written and illustrated by Jacob George Strutt (1790-1864) published in folio format in 1822.
  • "West & East Indies" Engravings Set

    Reproduction of two engravings made by Alexander von Humboldt (naturalist, geographer and German explorer ) during his trip in India in the XIXth century.

    Colorful palm trees artwork. 

    Silver frames.
  • Console Table Maestria Made On Order

    The Maestria console in solid oak with swirl legs is made to measure. It is presented to you in 180 cm x 75cm in height and 46cm in depth with a drawer and in a traditional finish in the antique style. This patina is made entirely by hand: deep planing, particularly aged edges and burns.
  • Console Table Portofino

    Make a chic statement with the Art Deco style Portofino Console Table. Meticulously crafted from smoked eucalyptus figured veneer, it features a highly polished finish with a contrasting inlay detail in a lighter veneer shade.
  • Antique Prints of Parrots

    Une paire de reproduction de gravures anciennes de perroquets aux couleurs flamboyantes.
    Mise sous verre et encadrement bois à l'ancienne.
    Le format indiqué est celui d'une seule gravure.
  • Old Engraving Printing, Pineapple


    Reproduction of an old botanical archive, late 19th century, old naturalist engraving.

    Pineapples in their pot.

    Printing put under glass and wooden frame, gilding finish.

    Sold in pairs.

  • Round Grey Farm Table - ∅ 150 cm


    Grey Round Monastery Farm table. This table is made of recycled old poplar. The poplar is a wood that has the distinction of being a light wood and very durable making it ideal for the manufacture of furniture. The ashen color of this table is caused by a natural process similar to natural aging of the wood under the influence of atmospheric conditions.

  • Peacock Engraving Otoole, set of 2

    Beautiful pair of engravings of peacock by Otoole.
    Great size: 90 high by 60cm large.
    Varnished black and silver wood and weathered old Frame .
  • Large tea box porcelain table lamp


    Large round porcelain table lamp in the shape of a hand painted tea box with floral and monkey motifs. The Seraphin table lamp is sold with its round cotton lampshade 28cm high by 39cm wide.

  • White Sea Shells Under Glass Brass Base

    White sea shells group under glass and brass base. Collection of 8 white shells displayed under glass with a brass base. The Murex Pecten, this "Venus comb" is bristled with dozens of fine and pointed needles that protect it from predators, the Fusinus undatus, large white snail, the Trocha Niloticus, pointed like a pyramid, the Fissidentalium of great depths or even a Xenophohora
  • Bespoke Bench in Solid Oak Atelier

    The Bench Atelier is Made to Measure in Solid Oak and offers a contemporary aesthetic that highlights authentic natural materials and craftsmanship. Each piece in the Atelier collection is made of untreated natural oak which reveals the magnificent grain of the wood.
  • Lamp Ronde des Champs H85cm

    Supported by a black granite plinth base, the dazzling Bonheur Table Lamp features a wheat sheaf sculpted from iron with antique gold finish. 
    It comes with a white lampshade.
  • Bespoke Round Tango Table

    Beautiful round wooden table made of light Scandinavian style laminated oak and black brushed metal for the "Tour Eiffel" legs. Very nice thickness of the round tray: 4cm.
  • Bespoke Oak Farm Table Bénédictine

    The beautiful Bénédictine country table is available from stock in two sizes made entirely by hand in solid oak: 250x85xH76 cm and 300x85xH76 cm. This superb dining table can also be made to measure in all sizes from a minimum of 220cm in length.
  • Golden Baroque Style Mirror

    €633.00 -0% €633.33

    Decorative rectangular mirror Italian baroque style, wood frame and stucco antique golden patina. 


    Nice size for this rectangular mirror homemade 100 cm High, 142 wide. 

  • Silver "Galanterie" Baroque Mirror


    Galanterie mirror, large and beautiful fireplace mirror of Italian baroque style. A very original object of perfect quality, elegantly carved. A magnificent presence for this decorative mirror of antique style that will complement and expand your room. 

  • Black Baroque Mirror Napoli

    €658.00 -0% €658.33

    Black Baroque Mirror Napoli, large and beautiful fireplace mirror of Italian baroque style. 


    A very original object of perfect quality, elegantly carved. 


    A magnificent presence for this decorative mirror of antique style that will complement and expand your room. 

  • Sout America Blue Morpho Butterly

    Superb butterfly Morpho Didius of South America (Venezuela). Displayed in a double side beveled glass box, thus, both sides of this beautifull butterfly can be observed. These butterflies amaze by the metallic colors of their wings witch naturally reflect the light. The reverse side imitates birds eyes, intending to frighten the predators, smart!
  • Round Dining Table Oak and Brass- ∅ 140cm

    €3,583.00 -0% €3,583.33
    Give your interior decoration a touch of modernity with this stunning veneered oak dining table, featuring a curved central base entirely made of brushed brass. As shown by the beautiful inlay of this round dining table, the veneers are very suitable for marquetry. High quality veneer lasts longer than solid wood that deforms or cracks over time 
  • Bespoke Aix-en -Provence Bench, Made To Measure

    Bench made to measure in solid oak with an old-fashioned finish, ideal for a monastery table or Aix en Provence table.


    A current, elegant and friendly artisanal French manufacturing


    An elegant solid wood bench with spacers.


    Solid and stable, this bench, in the style of charming furniture, goes perfectly with our monastery tables or our country tables in old wood: Farm Dining Table - Monastery Dining table.


    Length of your choice - 45 cm deep, seat height 45 cm.

    10-12 weeks manufacturing time.

  • Huge Dining Table Dolmen 350cm

    €4,333.00 -0% €4,333.33
    The Dolmen dining Table made of Soar wood.Incredible and admirable dining table known as the Dolmen in light Suar wood. Contemporary raw wood dining table, a unique design production, a "monumental" achievement. The table is carved directly from the trunk of the tree. The tray is in one piece.
  • Art Deco Dining Table, 30s


    Art Deco dining table from the 30s, in walnut, lyre foot and cut-outs


    A bright and elegant charming dining table, a rare and unique table.


    A unique piece of great stability and solidity.

  • Art Deco Dining Table in Walnut

    €1,983.00 -0% €1,983.33
    Very beautiful dining table Art Deco style 50-60 walnut. A wood species very appreciated for its beauty, its density and hardness. A beautiful wooden dining table proposed here in 140cm, depth of the table top: 100 cm.Height of the table: 74 cm.

  • Plaster of Female Foot

    Magnificent plaster of female foot which was originally used as a model for the workshops of Beaux Arts sculptors, in 19th century Paris.