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Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture

Every single vintage furniture in this Vintage Furniture section is a genuine and authentic old piece of furniture. Vintage furniture on Arteslonga is sourced by us and renovated or re-styled in our workshop. Our vintage furniture and vintage decoration accessories cover more than a century of history to satisfy your desires: from the antique furniture of the Napoleon III era to the vintage furniture of the fifties until the 70s.

Our collection of furniture and vintage objects emphasizes the modernism of the years 1950-70 and Scandinavian design. Vintage, retro and antique furniture, furniture of style or industrial furniture, they were chosen for their beauty, charm and color, their aesthetics and simplicity, their history and personality.

To find more about our vintage and retro furniture, authentic, unique and rare items, please click here. 

Each piece of furniture on Arteslonga is a unique piece of time, authentic and original.

Antique furniture, retro furniture and vintage decorative objects spanning more than a century of history to satisfy your desires: from the era of Napoleon III to the 70s.

Antiques, retro furniture, vintage furniture, shabby chic furniture and vintage industrial furniture are chosen for their intrinsic beauty, charm and color, aesthetics and simplicity, their history and personality.

Whether wardrobe, arm chair, coffee table, chairs, beds, farm table, kitchen stool, vintage sofa, they're all antiques that "speak" and provoke emotions, smiles and memories.

Every vintage furniture, retro furniture and antique furniture with such a quality, are part of the French heritage.

You like to mix and mingle.

Arteslonga shares with you unique and exclusive ambiences and design, different styles of interior design through photos that we take the utmost care.

Lovers of unique coffee table from the 60s, Napoleon III chairs, cabinet vintage 70s original, Ottoman baroque sofas from the 1970s, Louis XV bed, chairs 1930 find their nuggets in Arteslonga.

Similarly, fans of Louis XVI settee, kitchen furniture 1950, Louis XIII chair, rattan furniture of the 1900s or metal cabinet, chair of Toad of the Napoleon III era will find their gem thanks to the wealth of supply and diversity of eras.

Constantly renewed, a selection of antiques, vintage furniture, 1950 furniture, retro furniture and shabby chic furniture awaits you.

The main categories are divided into many unusual items:

For tables, find: coffee table, octagonal table campaign, Chinese coffee table, bistro tables 40s, Art Deco coffee table, bedside tables 50s, coffee table countryside, farm tables, brass and resin coffee table, tables 1900 pull-out, round oak table, coffee table engraved and painted rosewood, game tables, occasional tables, saddles Napoleon III, sideboards, dressing table, pedestal table marble flowers for 30s.

For comfortable and amazing seating find: old single chair, wrought iron chairs, chair Chesterfield 30s, sofas, office chair 50s, bar stools, chair of toad 20s, shepherdesses colorful, vintage retro chair , rattan chairs, club chair in 1940, ottomans unique shapes of 60-70s, bridge chair, rattan daybed 1900, round chair, sofa loveseat 1900 of the Belle Epoque, ottoman, kitchen stools of 70s, baroque chair, benches, chairs moleskin, chair 1900.

"To Exist is a fact, Living is an Art."

Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.

  • Antique Chinese Calligraphy Table 214cm

    Large Antique Chinese Calligraphy Table, Ming era.
    Magnificent old table made of blackened elm with superb dimensions:
    Length: 214cm
    Width: 70cm
    Height: 82cm
    This table is 280 years old and has charm and crazy poetry thanks to its design and its beautiful patina left by time.
    A remarkable and unique piece.
  • 1920's Shelf in bamboo


    Large shelf from the 1920’s in bamboo and Asian patterns on lacquered wood. Designed and manufactured in France, Paris. bamboo shelf, 1920's, lacquered shelf, interior decoration accessories, french vintage furniture, antique furniture, vintage furniture store, retro furniture, contemporary art, forever products, furniture craftsmanship

  • 50's Sideboard Black Finish

    Magnificent small buffet only 145cm wide. Made in France 90 years ago (January 1930) and completely transformed by a coarse sand blasting process. Its appearance is radically changed with this matt black finish - a polyurethane varnish - which protects the wood from any overturned glass ...
  • 50's Display Black Finish

    Inspired by 1940s design, but made in 1950, this oak display cabinet on curved legs has a large storage capacity behind its large door. The side pilasters are semi-rounded typical of the French refinement of these years. Two 8mm tempered glass shelves.
  • Occasional Table Spring

    Its hammered wrought iron structure gives this pedestal table great strength to support a weight of 95Kg.
    L 47cm x 47cm x H 69cm
  • 1900's Chinese cabinet

    Magnificent 1900 Chinese wardrobe in original black lacquered elm wood, hand-painted floral paintings and birds. Traces left by time. Elm wood is a species of wood that cannot be found in Europe today because it is protected. The two doors and the large drawers are decorated with paintings of bucolic countryside scenes, bird and plant motifs.
  • Teak Wardrobe Pilat - H160cm

    €1,158.33 -0% €1,158.33
    Charming teak cabinet with its façade made of caning. This cabinet combines wood and cane with perfection in a retro style assumed. Its rectilinear footprint has a large storage space because this cabinet measures 160cm high and 100cm wide. Depth: 54 cm. Two large doors, a drawer and two shelves inside. This storage cabinet reveals its content discreetly through its caning.
  • Antique Floral Sideboard

    €2,508.33 -0% €2,508.33

    Lovely chinese sideboard 80 years old, weathered by time with poetry, with floral motifs somewhat past but to always soft and fresh colors.

    A magnificent piece, unique and authentic.

  • Figurine Horse and Coral Black Obelisque

    This fantastic object is a remarkable decorative element that attracts attention in a room.
    Each piece is completely unique because of its artistic creation. It is an obelisk composed of a reproduction of a painted black lacquered gorgon mounted on a polished brass stem set with natural stones, itself positioned on a beautiful old bronze galloping horse statue.
  • Antique Floral Sideboard


    Lovely chinese sideboard 80 years old, weathered by time with poetry, with floral motifs somewhat past but to always soft and fresh colors.

    A magnificent piece, unique and authentic.

  • Bee Paper Press

    €133.33 -0% €133.33
    Nice paper press in the shape of a bee.
    Sculpture made of aged brass with its drop of water in glass.
    A craftsmanship of all beauty.
    A very original decorative object.
  • Flamingo in Porcelain, Brass and Gold, 81cm high

    Superb flamingo figurine made in porcelain and brass with a total height of 81cm. A modern craftsmanship of any beauty. The legs of the bird and the aquatic plants are made of brass. You will notice that the flamingo's neck and beak are painted with gilding. A remarkable piece for a refined and unique interior decoration.
  • Bespoke Palazzo Bench Raw Wood

    The raw wooden bench Palazzo, is a bench made of timeless, convivial and generous craftsmanship made exclusively to order.

    A nice bench in natural and raw wood, authentic piece of interior or exterior, very resistant.

  • Antique carved Black Sideboard

    A powerfull and impressive sideboard.Created by an Italian craftsman from the Piemont area in 1946.With cross-influences from the Baroque period and the Empire period, it also shows some oriental style: the legs are a pair of sculptured lions, with a mane looking like the hair of handsome Italian women.The top is a satin black glass.
  • Primitive Wall Panel Toraja - South Indonesia


    Beautiful Primitive wall panel, finely carved and painted bright colors worn by time.

    Distinctive architectural element from traditional houses in southern Indonesia.

  • Original Walnut 30's Sideboard

    Sideboard 1930s made in walnut. Entirely transformed by "salt sandblasting", with a matte finish that highlights the veining of the doors. Its marble top is original. Very beautiful patterns of walnut on the doors. Two doors and four central drawers.
  • Seagull statue 1940's


    Statue of seagull on a blue wave marble base.

  • Dining Armchair Healey Grey Antracite

    A pair of antique armchairs over a century old (160 years old) from China (Shanxi).
    These armchairs display a real character with their timeless design.

  • Octogonal pedestal table 1920's


    Octagonal table with solid top and shelf below and painted lotus motif.

  • Antic Art Deco Mahogany Table - Mat Finish

    An immediately recognizable line: the Art Deco style for this great dining table.
    These very creative lines perfectly represent the 1920s, and in particular this cradle foot with this rounded movement connected to a base.
    But it was completely transformed by a coarse salt sandblasting process.
  • Old Chinese Lacquered Cabinet

    Beautiful old Chinese cabinet in solid pine lacquered 129cm high and 72cm wide.
    A remarkable unique piece with beautiful hand-painted floral motifs.
    Superb patina with shellac original and aged by time.
  • Old Chinese Cabinet 1900s

    Beautiful old Chinese cabinet in solid pine lacquered 190cm high and 119cm wide.
    A remarkable unique piece with beautiful floral motifs and hand-painted period characters.
    Superb patina with shellac original and aged by time.
  • Antic Chinese Cabinet 1900s

    Beautiful Chinese cabinet in solid pine lacquered 167 cm high and 118 cm wide. A remarkable unique piece with 4 doors carved and perforated on the upper part, 2 full doors on the lower part and three drawers in the middle. Superb patina with shellac original and aged by time.
  • Old Blue Lagoon Cabinet 1900s

    Beautiful cabinet lagoon color made in solid pine lacquered old 189 cm high and 105 cm wide. Superb patina with shellac aged by time.
    Its origin: Ningbo - China. An old cabinet from the 1900s that we love for its color, brilliance and unique style. Its dimensions are ideal for a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom or a living room.
  • French Henri II Sideboard Mat Black

    The Henri II style is the expression of the interest that French people had in late 19th century for the "Renaissance period", more Baroque, more exuberant! It's also a time when French cabinet makers showed thair knowledge and added their local influences to their creations. This unique piece has been manufactured in France around 1890 by a cabinet maker.

  • Art Deco Crane Statue, 1900


    Superb statue representing a Crane made of zinc and colored by hand on an oval marble base. A craft work of beauty made in the 1900s in France.

  • Art Nouveau Wilhem Schiller and Sons Column...

    Beautiful Wilhem Schiller and Sons column and cache pot 1880-1900 enamelled ceramic. The pot cover with a diameter of 32cm at the opening is a part that separates from the column, it is not sealed to it and is part of the whole.

  • Antique Chinese Trunk, China


    Beautiful Antique Chinese wooden trunk with peonies and butterflies from Shanxi Province - China


    Age: 80 years


    A very beautiful unique piece of bohemian chic style.


    A unique piece remarkable, a great poetry.

  • Vintage sideboard Green finish

    A design that can't lie: this sideboard has been manufactured in France in 1940. The overall staight lines is so typical of those years.The tropical wood that has been used, allowed a remarkable work of marquetry on the doors.
  • Black Antique Chinese Sideboard XL


    Vintage lacquered Chinese sideboard made in elm, black. 

    A unique old piece made in traditional style. 

    Pretty several doors of several dimensions. 

    Delivery by private carrier by appointment. 

    Of great beauty, exquisite furniture with veruy original colors seldom seen.

  • Palazzo Bench Raw Wood


    The raw wooden bench Palazzo, is a bench made of timeless, convivial and generous craftsmanship made exclusively to order.

    A nice bench in natural and raw wood, authentic piece of interior or exterior, very resistant.

  • Art Deco 2-Door Sideboard 40s


    Art Deco 2-door sideboard from the 1940s matt mahogany and gray marble. A unique piece! The refined and refined design of the 40s is perfectly expressed on this 2-meter-long sideboard. The line is rounded on the sides, but the facade is underlined by this rectilinear brass frame which also separates the 2 doors.