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Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture

Every single vintage furniture in our Collection is a genuine and authentic old piece of furniture. Vintage furniture are sourced by us and renovated or re-styled in our workshop. Our Collection covers more than a century of history: from the antique furniture of the Napoleon III era to the vintage furniture of the fifties until the 70s.


To find more about our vintage and retro furniture. 

Each piece of furniture on Arteslonga is a unique piece of time, authentic and original.

Antique furniture, retro furniture and vintage decorative objects spanning more than a century of history to satisfy your desires: from the era of Napoleon III to the 70s.

Antiques, retro furniture, vintage furniture, shabby chic furniture and vintage industrial furniture are chosen for their intrinsic beauty, charm and color, aesthetics and simplicity, their history and personality.

Whether wardrobe, arm chair, coffee table, chairs, beds, farm table, kitchen stool, vintage sofa, they're all antiques that "speak" and provoke emotions, smiles and memories.

Every vintage furniture, retro furniture and antique furniture with such a quality, are part of the French heritage.

You like to mix and mingle.

Arteslonga shares with you unique and exclusive ambiences and design, different styles of interior design through photos that we take the utmost care.

Lovers of unique coffee table from the 60s, Napoleon III chairs, cabinet vintage 70s original, Ottoman baroque sofas from the 1970s, Louis XV bed, chairs 1930 find their nuggets in Arteslonga.

Similarly, fans of Louis XVI settee, kitchen furniture 1950, Louis XIII chair, rattan furniture of the 1900s or metal cabinet, chair of Toad of the Napoleon III era will find their gem thanks to the wealth of supply and diversity of eras.

Constantly renewed, a selection of antiques, vintage furniture, 1950 furniture, retro furniture and shabby chic furniture awaits you.

The main categories are divided into many unusual items:

For tables, find: coffee table, octagonal table campaign, Chinese coffee table, bistro tables 40s, Art Deco coffee table, bedside tables 50s, coffee table countryside, farm tables, brass and resin coffee table, tables 1900 pull-out, round oak table, coffee table engraved and painted rosewood, game tables, occasional tables, saddles Napoleon III, sideboards, dressing table, pedestal table marble flowers for 30s.

For comfortable and amazing seating find: old single chair, wrought iron chairs, chair Chesterfield 30s, sofas, office chair 50s, bar stools, chair of toad 20s, shepherdesses colorful, vintage retro chair , rattan chairs, club chair in 1940, ottomans unique shapes of 60-70s, bridge chair, rattan daybed 1900, round chair, sofa loveseat 1900 of the Belle Epoque, ottoman, kitchen stools of 70s, baroque chair, benches, chairs moleskin, chair 1900.

"To Exist is a fact, Living is an Art."

Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.