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Home Accessories & Curiosities

Home Accessories & Curiosities

To enhance your interior decoration and make your home an inspiring place to live, Arteslonga offers unique accessories and decorative objects that you will not find anywhere else. In single or limited edition, you will find decorative accessories and unusual, unexpected, joyful decorative objects that will speak to your soul and your heart.

Make your home a space of beauty, peace and inspiration and find original and unique decorative objects that will bring a singular note to your interior. At Arteslonga, you can also find unusual gift ideas for your family and friends and discover the latest innovations that will bring you joy and well-being by simply touching or looking at them.



For more information about our antique and vintage home decoration objects, curiosities and our ceramic items, please click here.

All decorative objects, unusual items, curiosities, vintage articles and ceramics that you see on Arteslonga are unique.
Ceramics, unusual and vintage objects, curiosities, these items are authentic and original.

They meet the criterias of simplicity, beauty, elegance, personality and fantasy. Arteslonga is a gallery of mix and moods, a true lifestyle.
The particularity of these objects make them unique, unusual and real curiosities.

Scarcity request a specific sales model: selling single. Indeed, Arteslonga travel the world to find these wonders that often exist only in one copy.
Staged inspired by the everyday life, these unusual and vintage objects, ceramics and beautiful antique objects are presented such as in an art gallery. By mixing eras from Napoleon III up to 1970s, Arteslonga brings you a know-how of the past, a kind of 
French way of life, unique, renowned and recognized worldwide.

Enhance your interior thanks to these vintage objects and antique furniture, real curiosities of the times. Wood, ceramic, glass, or porcelain, these home decoration objects are vintage, retro, original, rare and unique. They will bring back your childhood memories awaken, rekindle smiles, provoke real emotions in you.

Let yourself be charmed and enchanted by the sights of the past, Arteslonga presents a century of home decoration.

You will discover the objects that will transform your life through an unusual interior. These unique and exclusive decorative objects, ancient, vintage furniture will bring you back in time.

The history of each piece makes it precious, very special while remaining simple, qualitative and original. Therefore, regularly, Arteslonga is enriched with unusual vintage objects, wonders, curiosities, selection of works of contemporary art, craftsmanship, art, ceramic article with the objective to help you to find the object of your dreams.

Among these curiosities, remember this distributor of chewing gum with its glass jar, this pitcher brass fireplace, this lamp made from a Citroen truck dating 1950 or this baby face in plaster.

Put your flowers in this very romantic bisque boot-shaped. Surprise your friends with a telephone console from a old railway station with its storage compartment and its combined headphones.

Ceramics in various forms as a pyramid of eggs, a teapot, a hand painted vase , decorative bowl, vintage ashtray, water pitcher, oil lamp or a jar.

Ceramics can be also candy box, an empty pocket in the shape of a donkey sitting or hitched, duck lamp, a water pitcher shaped as a rooster, table mats decorated with cherries. Enjoy this pair of glazed ceramic bears from Louvières. This ceramic is hand painted, signed and comes from Belgium.

Ceramics is accompanied by earthenware objects as this pie dish from the famous factory of Creil-Montereau, or like these sandstone vinegar jar produced in Betschdorf in Alsace.

The ceramic becomes collectible with many hand-painted objects, numbered or signed.

Ceramic is also used for ashtrays: heavy ceramic-like "bear paws" useful g-for indoor or outdoor, red ceramic shaped like a mouth that pulls the tongue out like the Rolling Stones, ceramic embossing Cognac Bisquit.
Also discover the yellow opaline Ricard ashtray, half white porcelain Badonviller from  Martini or the white porcelain enameled Gien from the old brand St. Raphael.
Other unique objects are to be taken in this category as a vintage poster from 1959 for the Jacques Brothers at the Variety Theater in Paris, a wicker amphora, a 
bisque box decorated with cherubs, a plate in Delftware with its mill hand painted, a rectangular mirror framed in metal forged with grounds and plant flowers.

Choose as well, a wall bracket with cherubs in painted plaster, a statue of dog or leopard, an oval mirror surrounded by brass and copper on a wooden support, a hat box from 1930 with its interior in Liberty tissue, a round draped cushion of pink silk.
A wall barometer, an old bottle of cologne, a bust in 
resin of a shepherdess, a petroleum candlestick with its pink candles in glass, plaster bust of Bohemian, a porcelain bowl in the style of Capodimonte, an inkpot marble with bronze dog tanks and double crystal or a bust of Jean Ferrat clay are real unique curiosities.

Russian clock, two small bevelled mirrors in a carved cherry wood, a small vase in opaline, a glass paperweight, a deer bookends in marble and bronze, a huge mirror with painted decoration with impressive dimensions, a bell jar, a carved wood vase, silk cushions are surprising and unexpected gifts. 

"To exist is a fact, Living is an Art." Arteslonga, French home decoration and lifestyle.