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Baoulé mask, mid-20th century

Baoulé mask, mid-20th century

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Very beautiful Baoulé mask, mid-20th century from Ivory Coast of the Baoulé tribe.

A unique piece

The single item shown in the picture is the exact item you will receive.

The Baoulé are part of the Akan people. They moved to western Ivory Coast more than 200 years ago and adopted the masking traditions of their neighbors, the Guro, Sénoufo and Yaure peoples.

There are three basic types used in a special dance of rejoicing called Goli, symbolizing social order.

Most of these masks are Kpan – with elaborate hairstyles and exquisite carvings, and represent the elderly woman during ceremonies.

Another mask – Kple kple – represents the junior male. It is round and flat and is one of the most abstract traditional African masks.

A third type – a Goli Gulin – represents the senior male.

Dimensions and Specifications - Shipment information

- Width: 23 cm

- Height: 31 cm

- Depth: 14 cm

- Weight (item packed): 4 kg

- Era: 1940-50

- Style: Ethnic Arts - Tribal Arts

- Item Weight (kg): 2

- Parcel Weight: 4