With the Sirocco atmosphere, Riviera spirit, a wind from the South blows through your interior decoration.

Looking for a touch of Southern inspiration for your home?

This wind force is perfect for spicing up your home decor. Whether you're dreaming of a beach vacation or just want to add a touch of coastal flair to your living space, this vibe is perfect for you.

The Sirocco atmosphere is characterized by a warm wind that blows over your interior decoration with the spirit of the Riviera.

Use this ambiance to create a relaxing, seaside atmosphere in your home, perfect for enjoying a summer night by the pool or a quiet afternoon at the beach. The Sirocco vibe is part of the Look Books collection, which gives you a variety of stylish and modern decorating options. Choose from a multitude of other decorative elements, including lamps, wallpaper and furniture, to create an elegant and memorable space.