Slice of Red Jasper Green Border 2.5kg

Slice of Red Jasper Green Border 2.5kg


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This brightly colored mineral comes from Brazil.
This is Jasper, a sedimentary rock that contains over 90% silica, and depending on its other components, it can take on virtually any shade.
This slice of red jasper comes from a pocket very loaded with iron oxide.
Native Americans consider this stone to be the symbol of the blood of the earth.
This dimension is rare with only one color.
The original stone was 70cm long, and we were able to extract 14 slices of this magnificent color: blood jasper.
A unique piece!
L 28cm x 12cm x H 42cm

Dimensions and Specifications - Shipment information

- Width: 28 cm

- Height: 42 cm

- Depth: 12 cm

- Weight (item packed): 4 kg

- Era: Actual Arts and crafts

- Style: Curiosities - Naturalia

- France Delivery (Out of Corsica and Dom Tom): 2-3 weeks

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