Napoleon III Bridal Bouquet

Napoleon III Bridal Bouquet

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Beautiful bridal bouquet, Napoleon III more commonly known today as in France as a "wedding globe." 


It means under the general designation "bridal bouquet", the presentation of the bouquet, crown and / or other ornamental elements related to the wedding which is protected from dust between a glass dome and a basement usually made of wood. 


This actual bridal bouquet has the particularity of being in excellent condition and has a beautiful decoration, which is rare. Made of copper and gold embossed, fabric, porcelain, it has floral and plant motifs for emblematic and decorative purposes. In perfect condition you can see, the leaf, oak leaf, thought, daisy, jasmine, rose and other elements such as bird, dove, and the sheaf of wheat, figurine of a dog and a sheep made in porcelain. 


Eight mirrors are displayed in this ornament decor including a large central mirror hand painted. They have a reflective effect supposed to fight off the evil eye and forms a symbolic result. The beautiful wreath of orange symbol of virginity, sits on a nice cushion padded red velvet cap. 


It was at the time an object of decoration expressing the couple's life, today it has become a great curiosity for unusual interior decoration.


The fashion of bridal bouquet is strictly limited in France and to French Catholics born since the second Empire and reached its peak in the late 19th century. It affected all social classes. Its rise coincides with the artificial flower, circa 1830, including orange blossom, a symbol of virginity, used in the manufacture of crowns and bridal bouquets.


The bridal bouquet was not a decorative element insignificant, it was often the centerpiece of the home décor.

Technical info

Width: 32 cm

Height: 54 cm

Depth: 20 cm

Weight: 10 kg

Era: Napoleon The 3rd

State: Excellent original condition

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