Table Dolmen 400cm

Dolmen Dining Table, Raw Wood and Metal Legs


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Superb contemporary dining table in solid and raw wood called Dolmen with its brushed black metal legs.
Very beautiful dining room table with a modern design, a unique manufacture, a contemporary realization in solid wood from Suar (Indonesia).
An exceptional model of dining table whose current cabinetmaking work combines contemporary spirit and true authenticity. A dining table of incredible strength and an extraordinary design, a rarity. To the design is added a touch of smooth and silky wood.
A magnificent design for this large dining table with its huge rectangular top in raw solid wood 350cm long forming waves on the sides which means that the depth of the table top varies between 100 and 110cm wide.
The table top has the specificity of being directly cut from the trunk of the tree, which means that you can see the very beautiful and large grain of the wood across the top.
This large solid wood table benefits from great stability and extreme strength, and its weight is important: 300kg.
This Dolmen raw wood table with black metal base is available in 300 cm long by 100-110 cm wide and 250cm long by 100-110 cm wide.
Top thickness: +/- 8 cm.
Note: Solid wood can swell or shrink due to changes in temperature and humidity as it is a hygroscopic material, which means it naturally absorbs and releases water (moisture) to balance its internal moisture content with the surrounding environment. Shrinkage or swelling can occur in solid wood due to changes in humidity and temperature. This can eventually lead to cracks. This natural characteristic is inseparable from a solid wood product and cannot be considered a defect.

Technical info

Width: 350 cm

Height: 70 cm

Depth: 110 cm

Weight: 300 kg

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Era: Arts and crafts

State: New

Style: Actual - Contemporary

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