Discover an elegant lighting offer to make your interior an amazing place to live.

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Arteslonga offers unique items of lighting: lampshade, wall lamp, floor lamp, lighting globe, lantern, lamps, chandeliers, night light.                      

Vintage, antique and classic floor lamps are mixed with chandeliers to bring you elegance,sophistication and refinement.

Lamps, chandelier, floor lamp can also take the form of flares for an original and unusual home decoration.

Whether you like antique, vintage and retro chandeliers, lampshades, floor lamps, wall lamps, you will find rare and unique ligthing on Arteslonga.

Different styles, materials, eras are mixed together to enhance your home decoration: candlesticks, wall lamp, lampshade, lantern, lamps, lighting, antique floor lamp, vintage floor lamp, retro floor lamp.

From floor to ceiling, in metal, plastic, ceramic or wood, find unique and rare lighting that will increase in value with time.

A floor lamp, whether it is a vintage floor lamp or an antique floor lamp, they will be mixed with contemporary chandeliers and wall lamp.

Adorn your lamps with a beautiful shade. Remember these lampshades carved delicately worked, made of porcelain or glass paste. There are also metal lampshades or made of tissue with lace.

Think also of wall lamps for your home lighting. Remember these wall lamps, poppy style in red plastic and metal typical of the 60s.

Also you can discover beautiful high wrought iron floor lamp. Offer you a unique and authentic vintage lamp. Find, for example, a beautiful vintage lamp composed of six gold metal rods forming a bouquet of irises. This rare antique lamp is dated from the 1920s. This vintage lamp will provide a romantic atmosphere to your bedroom or your living room.

Discover this antique floor lamp shaped as reeds made in the 1950s. This antique floor lamp is smart and stylish. This antique floor lamp is made of white metal. The stems of this beautiful antique floor lamp end with pretty lampshades and intermingle with copper metal rods pink, green and yellow symbolizing reeds. This antique floor lamp also includes metal rings to receive flower vases.

Several kind of vintage and antique lamps are available: desk lamps, playful and original lamps, bedside lamps and kerosene lamps.

The 70s have left incredible lamps such as great vintage ceramic duck lamp in wood and glass. They also have left desk lamps with a so typical orange colour with steel base.

Some vintage and retro lamps are made from old recovered pieces transformed into artistic lamps. For example, a piece of an old Citroën truck from the 50 has been transformed into a floor lamp with metal base. These artistic lamps are very rare objects in demand.

Regarding vintage ligthing, remember these lamps with ornate bronze base. Patterns of these lamp bases could be animal like a dolphin, a dragon, or flowers. These lamps were at the top in the 30s.

The feet of ceramic oil lamps are adorned with spring floral or fruit patterns. These lamps could have pastel colours to highlight beautiful cherries, apples or pears.

These antique and vintage lamps are also chandeliers and these chandeliers are also lighting objects that should not be forgotten. Billiards fans will opt for lamps globe shaped white opaque plastic with brass edge.

Some chandeliers were both magnificent in their size or their decor. The chandeliers with crystal stones are shining brightly. Some chandeliers have several floors of crystal stones forming a real "fireworks". There are chandeliers in gilded metal twisted. The chandeliers from the early 1900s are mixing iron and ceramic decor. For example, fruit glazed ceramic bloomed painted in different colours on the branches of wrought iron chandeliers, for a great scene.

Choose your lighting from the lamps, vintage floor lamp or antique floor lamp.

A vintage lamp can be a lamp of art, a crystal lamp, ceramic lamp, an indoor or outdoor lamp. In all cases, Arteslonga offers only authentic, original, unique, timeless, retro, rare and incomparable home decoration lamps.

You will purchase a superb vintage lighting to bring a nice and elegant retro ambience to your home.

For a 60-70s ambience , remember the two-color balls lamps, lamps with rounded shapes in lacquered metal, cubic lamps with sparkling colors, mushroom style lamps.

For a 50s style, you could find a light with its three branches tulip glass. It was also the time of the lamps with wooden tripod foot or enamel steel ceiling lamps.

You also had oil lamps and these lamps were made of brass, glass, bronze, for example.

These lamps are also in white porcelain with beautiful shade decorated, or crystal lamps, oil lamps with glass tank, desk lamps shaped saucer. These lamps will amaze your guests.

The old street lamps become retro deco objects for the interior. Retro lamps from the past make wonderful gifts. These vintage lamps will make you go back in time.

Whatever your style, you will find lamps that will surprise your guests and brighten your nights and days workings such as kerosene lamps, oil lamps, bedside lamps and table lamps.

Arteslonga offers qualitative items, which are both decorative and useful. Browse through the atmosphere for inspiration and find the coveted object.

Arteslonga seeks to make you happy. Arteslonga travels the world to find  the nuggets that will satisfy you.

"To Exist is a fact, Living is an Art." Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.

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