An Exclusivity Arteslonga: discover a magnificent exclusive vintage Louis Vuitton luggage collection .

We are engaged in researching the best Louis Vuitton luggage and that, in their early accomplishments: period 1850-1860 through 1930-1950: mail trunk, wardrobe trunk, hat box, automobile trunk, picnic trunk, toiletries (vanity), cabin suitcase, bag garment bag, briefcase. Today, these beautiful Louis Vuitton trunks are rarely used for travel, but as a decorative object or as an exquisite home furniture.

We can offer you exclusive Louis Vuitton trunks and pieces of Louis Vuitton's most unusual as each other such that the trunk Louis Vuitton mail striped or checkered. We are also able to create and build custom made trunks for special occasions: bathroom closet, trunk serving as a coffee table, trunks shoes, office trunks, trunks for library, etc., or larger sizes, such as closets or the like "Malle Courier High" Louis Vuitton trunk that the largest mail Louis Vuitton ever seen.

Our range of exclusive pieces Louis Vuitton change regularly, so do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request or style requirements.

Stacked on each other, the small old Louis Vuitton trunks evoke the charm and splendor of the past of a long luxury cruise to Singapore or aboard the Orient Express, the legendary train to Venice.

Large trunks Mail or Louis Vuitton wardrobe can serve wonderful coffee tables bases for a living room or behind a large couch to lounge in the end bed

Large Louis Vuitton trunks wardrobe can also be used in a bathroom to tidy the bathroom linen bathrobes, towels, soap, perfume, cologne...

Many other uses are possible with all the Louis Vuitton trunks: jewelry box, storage box for paintings, valuable books, novels, rare documents ...

You can use these precious Louis Vuitton trunks as valet, booster seat or as a support to put an elegant lamp.

We are at your disposal to answer all your questions or projects only by phone at +33 (0) 608 813 302.

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