1950 furniture also include items like Vallauris lamps with volcanic stone effect, with wool weaving sail-shaped shades, bistro tables with wrought iron base that you found in typical Parisian cafés. The upholstered bed, Louis XV style furniture, is also a typical 50s furniture.

The other pillar of vintage furniture is 70s furniture. It reflects the significant changes after May 68 in France. 70s furniture want to shake traditions. They are widely available on Arteslonga, French Home decoration and Art of Living House.

The orange rattan chair “Emmanuelle” is a symbol of the 70s furniture. Its design makes it timeless. As other 70s furniture example, you will find chairs with plastic blades for example.

The yellow wool ottoman is a typcal 70s furniture that can be easily find its place into a living room or room. It enhances the wooden coffee tables covered in silk with its unusual look and design. Ligthing can take the form of flying saucers. The square coffee table "Gobe Lune" is a cabinet of the 70s made of resin.

Among the unusual 70s furniture, you can find a table in solid elm. This 70s furniture is a rare and authentic object of decoration. To continue with the 70s style furniture, look after these mushrooms stools. These are vintage retro furniture made of concrete, painted red and white. They will find their place both indoor or outdoor.

These metal cabinet are vintage furniture from the 70s made of metal that was used as a cloakroom. This item of the 70s can also be a wardrobe with multiple drawers.

50s furniture such as 70s furniture, belongs to the retro furniture style. However, regarding the vintage furniture, do not forget the antique Chinese furniture.

Thus, Chinese wardrobe made in elm wood inlaid with jade stones and is a vintage furniture circa 100 years old. It can be mixed with a coffee table.

A Chinese lacquered console with double plates is an elegant and refined 50s furniture. From Shanxi province, you will find a centennial lacquered console, a real vintage furniture alongside a small bench or music table in elm.

The buffet of cypress wood is also a vintage furniture from Fujian with its the face painted by hand. In the same province, the small round chair is an authentic vintage furniture.

These Chinese furniture are vintage furniture coming from traditional houses of China

You will find as well a countryside stool from the 30s with seat made of straw which belongs to the vintage furniture family, like a 1900s tiled stove. 

You can mix styles and eras to assert your personality. 50s furniture like a wrought iron chair works well with a pair of stools decorated with a scottish textile, very common motif for a 70s furniture.

Highchairs workshop, 50s furniture found in sewing workshops, can take a exotic look when they are combined with a Japanese screen XIX century. Another 50s furniture, is the toad chair which makes you go in search of lost time.

Coffee tables, in the purest 70s furniture style, can have a Latino look if you surround them with old suitcases, travel trunks and a brown club armchair. The garden bench a typical 70s furniture, will create an amazing feeling in your veranda. A beautiful 1920’s rattan table could be put alongside.

Whatever vintage furniture you choose, your mind will travel. Sofa loveseat, English dresser, antique desk, 20’s sofa, Thonet chairs, 50s armchairs, Napoleon III wardrobe, vintage bathroom furniture, these beautiful, authentic and unique furniture have a story to tell. These antique, retro and vintage furniture will bring their history into your home, they will stimulate your imagination and take you at the heart of your childhood memories and emotions.

"To exist is a fact, living is an Art".

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