The Arteslonga house claims as its credo: "To exist is a Fact, to live is an Art".

Founded in 2010 exclusively online, our interior design house likes to explore and bring together styles and eras in a desire for harmony and spontaneity, transcribing the freshness of the past to better skate and tell the soul of the present.

"Arteslonga is a spirit, a way of life, born of an aesthetic and sensory will, linked to the intimate memory and the evocative force of an object or a place. With our decorators, we wish to transmit the quality, that of the gesture, of the memory, and inscribe in a daily life the difference, the unique, the inspiring... "

Héloise Cardi - Interior designer - Founder and Artistic Director of Arteslonga, Paris - France. 

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Arteslonga, a supplement of soul, a freedom of styles, spirits and eras.

This freedom, this clever mix of modern and antique furniture with these discreetly luxurious objects is the unifying concept of the Arteslonga brand and the foundation of its development in France and internationally.

Your interior decoration by Héloïse CARDI

"The choice of each interior decor responds to an immediate emotion, a flash, an evidence that only listens to my heart and my sensitivity. I do not feel under an influence but truly in a state of sensory memory. So free.. . "

Héloise Cardi, Interior Decorator - Founder and Artistic Director of Arteslonga

Arteslonga, a decoration professional by your side.

What is the role of your interior designer in the creation or renovation of your house or apartment?

If you are looking for a professional to create or remodel your home’s interior, then an interior decorator is the person you need to contact.

Hiring this professional to decorate your place of life or work has many advantages. The skills, ideas, and advice of an interior decorator will help you achieve the success you desire during the renovation of an apartment or the construction of a house.

His knowledge, his decoration ideas and his advice on original layout solutions will ensure the success of your interior decoration when renovating an apartment or building a house. His work can greatly improve the atmosphere of your home and your sense of well-being. Its field of action includes the creation of original decorations, but also its renovation or transformation. This interior design expert can help you beautify your spaces, such as creating a unique decorative ambiance in a kitchen, dining room or bedroom.

Why collaborate with Arteslonga Home Decor Service?

  • You speak directly with the founder and current artistic director of Arteslonga, Héloïse Cardi.
  • Attentive listening, unfiltered communication throughout your project,
  • a unique creative force for the design of your interior carried out in the shortest possible time,
  • attentive, precise and responsive follow-up,
  • quality decoration suppliers and craftsmen, selected for more than 10 years,
  • the realization of custom-made furniture in our workshops,
  • ethics, integrity and budgetary respect,
  • and much more ;-)

Arteslonga: advice on interior styling with the sole guiding principle: creating beauty alongside utility.

Héloïse Cardi and our team are at your side to advise you on the layout of your interior.

Our decorator and our interior designers are professionals in the history of art and decoration, and have solid technical and artistic skills in interior design.

We know changing your style can be a tough project, so we're here to help you every step of the way.

Do you want to change the decoration and layout of your main room (living room, dining room or kitchen) and avoid any bad taste?

Do you want to combine several color tones in your living spaces?

Can this ideal become reality when our daily agendas are so full and a certain lack of confidence can often prevent us from moving forward?

Our decorating and styling team is here to help you bring your interior decorating project to life.

How it works?

1 - The interior design process starts with understanding your decorating wishes and plan.

We can visit you in Paris or the Paris region and discuss your project with you in person. We can also discuss your project remotely and send us your plans and photos.

By doing so, we can communicate with you to understand your tastes and your lifestyle, your project, the space and the room(s) concerned, your planning priorities and take into account any relevant information about your project and the desired style.

During a physical or telephone appointment, your dedicated interior decorator lays the lines of your projects with you:

  • Needs, constraints, tastes, budget, specific requests...
  • Visit and analysis of the place to be developed and taking reference measurements (global side measurement optional)
  • Definition of the scope of the mission
  • Proposal of the first ideas for fittings, materials, furnishings and equipment.

2 - Preparation of specifications by your decorator who will be dedicated to your project.

Based on the information you provide during your first appointment and data on existing constructions, your interior designer will begin the design study.

- Analysis of the documents provided

- We will offer you two distinct approaches, formalized by two major themes on the same project, in order to allow you to project yourself into two possible "stories" of your interior. These proposals will be illustrated by trend boards and decoration boards.

Once you've chosen a design theme, we can dig deeper into that theme and adapt it to each of your rooms with watercolor sketches, decorating boards, color and material boards, and more. a very nice selection of furniture and decorative accessories. The guiding principle of our house is to be bold in aesthetic composition as long as we find the balance, coherence and harmony inherent in inspired and inspiring places.

Definition of color tones, selection of materials and decorative materials, choice of designer furniture and layout according to your main room and all spaces,

Selection of lighting fixtures and decorative accessories to give warmth and soul to your project, l

Presentation of visuals (sketches, realistic photos), and the realization of a layout (location of furniture, decorative elements...).

When you are truly 100% satisfied with your new interior space. Your decorator will then place the order for your selection of furniture.

Once your decorator has validated the decorative elements you want, he will draw up a shopping list for you.

Furniture, lighting, paintings and decorative elements.... He will follow up on orders and participate in reception operations at the customer.

Our professional service team will deliver and position the furniture in the correct room.

Bespoke furnishings

Arteslonga offers its customers the possibility of creating custom furniture: tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, mirrors, shelves, consoles and wallpapers.

Arteslonga has a team of professional craftsmen and multidisciplinary French artists who are able to create plans and prototypes for you to validate before launching the manufacturing process. The plans and prototypes will be submitted to you for validation before going into production.

Arteslonga is at your disposal to serve you in all areas of interior design, interior design service, home staging and renovation of houses and apartments.

Some of our achievements: 

Réalisation déco intérieure en Provence

Réalisation décoration d'intérieur villa privée vacances mont saint clair sète France

Réalisation déco intérieure Arteslonga

Déco intérieure par Arteslonga intérieure privé fondation biermans lapotre

Réalisation déco intérieure en Provence

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