I - Interior Decoration Service for Individuals and Professionals.

Founded in 2010 by Héloïse Cardi, Arteslonga claims: "To Exist is a Fact, to Live is an Art" and likes to explore and makes styles and eras meet in a desire for harmony and softness.

" The most cherished wish of Arteslonga is to bring beauty and a perpetual and benevolent harmony in your interior decoration so that you can achieve well-being in your place of life or work. Only true understanding, deep vision of things, the right view, and the diligence in creation and execution can enable this invaluable quest to be achieved: joy and well-being. "

Héloise Cardi - Founder and Artistic Director of Arteslonga - Interior Decorator.

We are here to guide you.

We know that changing your style can be a challenge, but whether you need help designing a completely new home or you do not know which sofa to choose or the perfect color for your bedroom, we're here to guide you .
Send us an inquiry or contact us: contact@arteslonga.com - Tel: +33 (0) 1 60 44 01 29 and we will organize a telephone appointment with you whenever you wish.

1 - The first step is to understand your wishes and what you want to achieve in your space.

We can visit you at home or you can send us your plans and photos. In this way, we can discover your tastes and priorities and take into account any relevant information about you and your home.

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

2 - Following our first exchange, we will make suggestions and recommendations to make the most of your space and integrate your ideas.

Interior Decoration Work by Arteslonga

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

Collection Moblier et accessoires Déco 2019 Arteslonga

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

3 - We will also explore the materials and make a selection of furniture and decorative accessories from the house Arteslonga.

Collection Mobilier Déco 2019 Arteslonga

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

4 - When you are 100% satisfied with your new interior, we will place an order for your selection of furniture and decorative items.

Our professional service team will deliver and position your furniture.

Mlod Board 2019

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

5- La réalisation de vos travaux de décoration.

Nous pouvons gérer et coordonner la bonne réalisation de vos travaux de décoration.

Interior Design by Arteslonga

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

II - Sale of Furnishing and Home Accessories: a freedom of styles of decoration, spirits and eras.

This freedom, this clever mix of antique furniture and objects and modern furniture with discreet luxury is the unifying concept of the Arteslonga label and the foundation of its development in France and abroad.
We offer our customers an amazing catalog of modern and antique furniture, high quality furniture made in limited or custom-made series as well as unique decorative objects and curiosities in order to embellish your interior decoration.

Our furniture and decoration accessories offer is organized around 6 major collections:

  • A Collection of Vintage Furniture and Ancients Decoration Accessories

  • A Collection of Furniture and Decorative Objects Today
  • Bespoke Furniture and Dining Tables - Fully Handcrafted Manufacturing
  • A Gallery of Contemporary Art and Ancient Works and a Cabinet of Curiosities
  • A Staging Booklet and Interior Decorating Ideas
  • A unique Collection of Jewelry and Earrings Fancy 

Kelly Sofa

Garbo and Kelly Sofas - Luxury Movie Star Collection, Mid Century Design Arteslonga

Arteslonga Chairs Collection

Table de Repas Ronde en Bois Massive Arteslonga

Table de repas Monastère en bois massif

Dining Table Collection Arteslonga

 Statue Art et Histoire Arteslonga

Pictures: Antique Greek statue, current craftsmanship.


Photo: "Factory" interior decoration - Arteslonga


Photo: Staging "You & I" decoration - Arteslonga

III - Arteslonga: an international presence.

Arteslonga seduces a demanding professional and public clientele in search of extra soul and emotion.
The Arteslonga team based in the Paris region along the Marne is represented and distributed in Asia.
Your contacts France:
Founder and Artistic Director - Interior Decorator: Héloïse Cardi
Associate Director - Sourcing & Supplier Relations: Jean-Marc Caubet
Partner - Finance: Pierre Lequeux
Customer Relations and Delivery Service: Oscar Adler
Photographers: Héloïse Cardi, Jacques Gavard and Sabine Photography www.sabinephotographie.com
Digital Mastering: Nettom
Tel: +33 (0) 160 440 129
Your contact for all Asia and Korea:
Ms Guiyong Cho
Tel .: (82) 2 522 6447
Fax: (82) 2 522 6453
Suite 603, Sangji Ritzvil
1517-6, Seocho 3 dong
Seoul 137-871 - KOREA


"Exister est un fait, vivre est un art".