Arteslonga offers you a unique and cutting-edge Fine Arts and History collection including magnificent Works of Art: Roman sculptures, statues of ancient Greek art, busts and faces in the ancient Greco-Roman style of remarkable craftsmanship.

Statues, sculptures, moulages et objets d'art de style antique gréco romain

Sculpture is probably the best-known aspect of ancient Greek art, the one which for a contemporary best expresses the beautiful ideal and plastic perfection.

Statues, sculptures, casts and works of art in the ancient Greco-Roman style

Only a small part of Greek sculptural production has come down to us. Many of the masterpieces described in ancient literature are now lost or extremely mutilated, and many of them are known to us only through copies, more or less skilful and faithful, of Roman times. Many have been restored by Western sculptors, from the Renaissance to the present day, sometimes in a very different sense from the original work: a discobolus is thus transformed into a dying gladiator, such a god receives the attributes of another, the legs of one statue are grafted to the trunk of another.

The Works of Art offered by Arteslonga are made from perfectly executed resin moldings and these marvelous Greco-Roman statues and sculptures will embellish your interior decoration with refinement and elegance.

Grande statue de déesse grecque antique

Large Ancient Greek Goddess Statue

Statue of Venus, Bust of Caesar or Hermes, Bust of Discophorus, Face of Artemis, Statue Body of Hercules, Statue of the Horse of Selene, Winged Foot of Hermes, Engravings of Greek Goddesses and Dancers, Academic Foot of the Fine Arts Arts, Crown of Emperor or King, all these objects of Art and History are wonderful decorative objects made by hand in the workshop.

These extraordinary Works of Art made of resin are a perfect imitation of stone or old marble and are protected so that you can position them outside without fear of the sun or bad weather.

Arteslonga Collection Art et Histoire, Statues, bustes, sculptures, corps et visages gréco romain antique

All the patinas and aging of his works are made by hand.

Arteslonga Art and History Collection, Statues, busts, sculptures, ancient Greco-Roman bodies and faces

The Arteslonga decoration house offers you a selective collection of Fine Arts, statues and busts of ancient Greek and Roman decoration of remarkable craftsmanship to embellish the interior decoration of your home: reproduction of ancient Greek or Roman statues and busts, antiques greek romans, ancient greek sculpture, ancient greek bust, greek god statue, ancient greek god statue, greek antiquity figurine, roman greek athletes bodies, horse statues, fine art academic sculpture, greek style goddesses and faces and ancient Roman.

Contemplation Outremer_1.jpg

This collection of decorative statues and sculptures in the style of Ancient Greek and Roman Fine Arts are made from perfectly crafted resin castings and these wonderful Greek and Roman decorative statues and sculptures will embellish your interior decoration with refinement and elegance.

Some examples from our collection of decorative statues and busts: Venus Statue, Roman Bust of Caesar, Face Sculpture of Hermes, Greek Bust of Discophorus, Face of Artemis, Body of Hercules Sculpture, Horse of Selene Statue , Rearing black horse, Statue of a Roman emperor, Molding of the winged foot of Hermes, Engravings of Greek goddesses and dancers, Academic Foot of Fine Arts, Crown and bust of a Roman Emperor and King... All these decorative objects Art and History are marvelous decorative objects made by hand in a workshop of remarkable finesse. These perfect reproductions of carefully patinated antiques will perfectly adorn the library of your home with charm and grace.

In antiquity and at all times, the equestrian statue played a special role in the field of sculpture, because of its technical difficulty of realization and the cost of its manufacture. The statue of Monti's horse, fragment of an original bronze statue created by Monti at the beginning of the 19th century, reveals all the finesse and power of this animal. Also, the statue of Greek origin of the horse of Selene comes from a fresco adorning the pediment of the Acropolis in Greece. Selene's horse statue, drawn by horses, plunged into the ocean. This decorative statue represents this magnificent horse's head which is kept in the British Museum in London. Arteslonga also offers the statue of a black or white rearing horse in antique style which is a beautiful decorative reissue of the statue of a rearing horse from the 18th century.

Statue Grecque Torse Hermès

Hermes Torso Greek Statue

With our decorative statues, the beauty of women is in the spotlight. Magnificent bust of Venus made of resin which perfectly imitates