Arteslonga: Embrace Eclectic and Maximalist Home Interior Decoration Styles

Our interior decoration house likes to explore and bring together styles and eras in a desire for harmony and spontaneity, transcribe the freshness of the past to better skate and tell the soul of the present and offers advice in interior decoration and styling, from the design to the construction of living spaces, from the trend board to site monitoring.

Unlock the charm of eclectic and maximalist interior decoration styles to infuse your living space with unparalleled vibrancy and personality.

Dive into a world where every corner tells a unique story, where colors collide harmoniously, and where patterns dance together in a delightful symphony of design. Discover how these captivating styles can transform your home into a haven of creativity and self-expression.

Our house does not refrain from any daring in the aesthetic composition as long as we find the balance, coherence and harmony specific to inspired and inspiring places.

We operate throughout France, Europe, UK and the United States (USA).

What Do You Get by Working With Arteslonga Home Decoration Service?

  • You speak directly with the founder and artistic director of Arteslonga: Héloïse Cardi

  • Attentive listening, unfiltered communication throughout your project,

  • A unique creative force alongside fast execution,

  • Design of bespoke furniture and elements of decoration (painting, wall papers, lighting, mirrors, etc.)
  • Attentive, precise and reactive monitoring,

  • Home decoration suppliers, curated furnishings and quality craftsmen, selected for more than 10 years,

  • Ethics, integrity and respect for your budget for a high quality success of your project,

  • And many other things... but we can only name a few!

Our Highly Personalized Approach:


Whatever the scope of your project, whether it is a single room or your entire living space, taking into account your existing decoration or completely renewing it, the first step towards its realization consists in identifying your desires and understanding your needs as well as your expectations as closely as possible to their truth.

This first exchange will also allow you to discuss the subject of your budgetary intentions.


Following this meeting, we will be able to offer you different creative approaches, formalized by major themes on a single project, in order to allow you to project yourself into possible "stories" of your interior. These proposals will be illustrated with trend and decorative boards.

Once you have made your choice, we will be able to explore the theme in more detail and adapt it to each of your rooms with watercolor drawings, decorative boards, color and material boards, as well as a very nice selection of furniture and decorative accessories.


Once the design stage of your project and its budgetary aspect have been validated in close consultation with you, we will take care of the follow-up of the orders, as well as the reception and the secure and careful storage of the items of your new decoration in our warehouse, in order to make a grouped delivery for the set to your home.

We take care of the planning, assembly and installation of your new decor in its entirety and according to our core values.


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Highly Personalized Home Design Advices.

Creating a haven of peace at home is a desire we all have! Can this dream become a concrete reality as our daily agendas are full and a certain lack of confidence can often prevent us from moving forward?

Fortunately, our profession and know-how as interior decorators is at your entire disposal to guide and support you with one goal: to create a beautiful and useful layout exclusively for you.

Change the colors of the rooms in your home, change or revise the dimensions of the spaces, refresh or change your furnishings, create a made-to-measure dining table, renovate a beautiful old room, change the materials of your various current fittings... Our team of decorators accompanies you and helps you shape the interior of your dreams!

For your interior decoration project, our decoration and home staging company likes to explore and bring together styles and eras in a desire for harmony and spontaneity. We know that changing your style or having a new decorating project to carry out in your home or workspace can be a real challenge. It's a special job with diverse skills and our team of home staging and interior design professionals is there to guide you and provide you with advice and inspiring ideas in the design of your interior design project.

Arteslonga offers its customers unique atmospheres by mixing eras, styles, universes, colors and materials. Arteslonga is constantly renewing itself to offer you unique, rare, authentic, unusual and precious styling and decoration projects.

1 - Understand your Wishes.

The first step consists of a remote or at-home exchange with our decorator, Héloïse CARDI, during which you will be able to share your tastes, your ideas and your styling requirements. We are fully at your disposal, this is the key to our job as a decorator.

2 - Development of Project Outlines, Design of Decorative Boards and Creation of Mood Boards.

Arteslonga through Héloïse CARDI is an inexhaustible source of ideas. We will create or revisit your space for you, integrating your existing furniture and bringing new features. We will optimize an existing architecture, bring in the light, advise you on the assembly of the elements or design a complete design for your house or apartment. We will offer you several styles and moods, color notes, design material choices and materials.

3 - A Refined Selection of Furniture Selected for Our Customers.

For your interior decoration project, depending on the overall architecture project, Héloïse Cardi, our decorator within the Artesloga home staging department, will offer you a fine selection of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories for different rooms of your project to be fitted out (bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, office and bathroom).

4 - Creation of Made-to-Measure Furnishings.

Arteslonga also produces made-to-measure furniture of discreet luxury for its customers as well as the styling, layout and design of the interior layout of your projects: bedroom, dining room, living room, bathroom, Our ability to creation and design is wide and qualitative thanks to a close-knit and involved team of French craftsmen and artists.

We produce several types of highly customizable furniture:

  • Rectangular, round or oval dining tables in noble materials,
  • Highly customizable seats (dimensions and upholstery): chairs, sofa, and armchairs.
  • Mirrors (standing mirror design)
  • Furniture shelving and bookcases
  • Storage units
  • Handcrafted rugs
  • Wall Art: Wallpapers and Framed Art.

Héloïse CARDI, your designer, takes care of the design of the execution plans and validation of the prototypes, choice of materials, materials and finishes on samples for your validation.

5 - Respect of Your Budget.

Your new interior decoration will fit into your budget and the style chosen, while reflecting your personality. When you are 100% satisfied with your new interior, our decorator will place the order for your selection of furniture and decorative items that have been previously validated by you.

6 - A Quality Personalized Professional Follow-Up.

Our team will take care of order follow-up with suppliers and craftsmen, quality control and storage in our warehouse before delivery. 

7 - Our Team of Professionals Specializing in Furniture Delivery.

Will position your furniture and accessories at your home or workplace.

A Force Of Creation To Serve You.

With Arteslonga discover original ideas for interior decoration for your home, refined styling, atmospheres and decorative ideas for the interior design of your various living spaces: dining dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Thanks to our designer, Héloïse CARDI, discover interior stagings where styles and different eras, materials, wallpapers and colors respond to each other with elegance and harmony.

Finally, Arteslonga offers you a very nice selection of furniture, accessories and decorative objects: vintage and modern styles, bedroom decorating ideas, art decoration...

Arteslonga, French house of decoration and art of living offers you exclusive, inventive interior decoration ideas combining atmosphere and style, vintage and retro, modern and contemporary, kitsch and obsolete objects, furniture and decorative objects.

Presented in the manner of an art gallery, the contemporary paintings, interior decoration objects and furniture selected and exhibited by Arteslonga are brought together in unique decoration scenes combining atmosphere and style.

The rarity, the originality, the quality make them exceptional pieces that Arteslonga offers for your interior decoration. Each item is selected taking into account the decorative atmosphere and the desired style.

All the furniture, objects and pieces of art crafts are offered to you online in universes mixing atmosphere and style, such as, for example, the atmosphere of an artist's studio or that of an Italian Venetian living room, the atmosphere of the seaside or Saint Tropez of the 70s, the poetic Margot room, the romantic alcove, or in a romantic or oriental atmosphere.

All these online interior creations are exclusive creations signed by the artistic direction of Arteslonga. They reveal objects and furniture to give them back their place at the heart of your life and thus perpetuate the French art of living.

Arteslonga thus brings together its pieces of artistic craftsmanship, its contemporary art articles to allow you to find your decorative ideas, even the rare pearl after which you have been chasing for years.

You will stroll in romantic and glamorous settings with French know-how, always at the forefront of the trend. They will give you an idea of the decorative possibilities for your interior.

You are looking for bedroom decoration ideas, then take your rest in the poetic room with Napoleon III style and atmosphere.

Visit the different interior decoration Look Books to find your ideas!

Arteslonga is your online interior decoration gallery made of atmosphere and style, mixtures and moods.

“To exist is a fact, to live is an art”. 

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