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Find all the new interior decoration items of Arteslonga: sofas, chairs, objects of curiosities, decorative accessories ...

These pages are updated regularly.

The house Arteslonga

  • Pink Earth Globe On Cross Stand, 12 inches


    A large earth globe in soft tones of pink and pale green. On a black wooden cross base. 12 inches globe.

  • Herbs Frames A - Set of 12

    Magnificent reissue of 12 old herbarium plates. Printed on handmade "Velin d'Arches" type paper, and presented in patinated wooden frames. A beautiful set to decorate a wall in an unusual and refined way. Absolutely exquisite. A remarkable craft work. We love these unusual decorative objects that can find their place in your cabinet of curiosities for example.
  • Antique Romaine Engravings Piranesi

    €633.00 -0% €633.33
    Magnificent set of 4 Giovanni Battista Piranesi engravings of reproduced Roman statues framed under glass.
    Old black wood frame and gilding.
    Absolutely perfect and respectful craftsmanship, rigorous and demanding.
    A refined decor for your walls.
    Dimensions of one engraving: Height 60cm by 40 cm wide.
  • Roman Antique Vase Medicis

    €658.00 -0% €658.33

    Beautiful reproduction of a Medici vase in its "fragment" version. We find on its periphery characters from Greek tragedy appreciated at that time.

    A modern craftsmanship in composite that perfectly imitates old stone. An eternal object of art for a refined and elegant interior decoration.

    A modern craftsmanship in composite that perfectly imitates old stone.

    An objet of remarkable beauty that can be displayed outdoors thanks to its protection against the sun and bad weather.

    A majestic piece with a very beautiful presence.

  • Greek Statuary Wall Display Cases, Set of 2

    €133.00 -0% €133.33
    Reproductions of charcoal engravings.
    Very elegant, these small wall display cases were originally intended to present a collection of drawings. Made of glass, they are hung on the wall as if suspended in the air, with the main advantage of their transparency.
  • Lounge Chair Loveseat XVIIIeme style

    €1,749.00 -0% €1,749.17
    The Loveseat Lounge chair in velvet taupe in the XVIIIeme style. A very beautiful realization and craftsmanship today for this lounge chair made in the old. A remarkable piece made by craftsmen with its beautifully rounded seat.
  • "Magdalena" Bergère

    Bergere armchair neoclassical style covered with a superb Italian ivory velvet. An excellent seat and structure in carved wood. Superb finish for this shepherdess whose patina is made of gold leaf. Finishing nails upholsterers. A piece whose finish is remarkable with generous dimensions and comfort.
  • Armchair Bergere Magdalena Brown Velvet

    €488.00 -0% €488.33
    Armchair Bergere Magdalena in brown velvet. A superb bergère armchair for a charming salon in the Napoleon III style revisited. A remarkable piece made by craftsmen with its beautifully rounded seat.
  • Side Table Ronde des Champs ø90cm

    Sculpted from iron in an antique gold finish, the dazzling Round Side Table Ronde des Champs of a diameter ø90 cm includes a wheat sheaf-shaped base and a bevelled clear glass tabletop. Originally a symbol of prosperity and hospitality, the wheat sheaf signifies one has worked hard and is now enjoying the good life. Dimensions: ø 90 x H. 70 cm | glass ø 90 cm
  • Natural Leather & Teak Lounge Chair Fjord

    Large and wide armchair in the Danish design style of the 50s. The structure is made of teak. Large backrest and seat in cross-natural leather straps. A very original lounge chair. A very beautiful presence, a design with pure lines and an impeccable finish for this leather lounge chair.
  • Large library 19th Century Style Octave

    €2,583.00 -0% €2,583.33
    Large library Octave in the 19th century style made in blackened solid wood.
    A current artisanal French production in ancient pine patina hand made.
    A superb piece of furniture in the style Cabinet of curiosities - Chic countryside for a library or smoking area - Chic countryside.
  • "West & East Indies" Engravings Set

    Reproduction of two engravings made by Alexander von Humboldt (naturalist, geographer and German explorer ) during his trip in India in the XIXth century.

    Colorful palm trees artwork. 

    Silver frames.