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L'Heure du Goûter

L'Heure du Goûter

A vintage home interior decor of the 50s. A creation by Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.

Find all the moods of this scene, photographs and all objects and furniture for sale below:

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  • Sofa The Traveller, Made To Order


    A bench sofa that we love in an incomparable bohemian style covered with a magnificent velvet printed with drawings of lush tropical plants: palm trees and Traveler's trees and giant ferns.

    The canopy is not far with its sounds of insects and colorful birds...

    The traveller's tree, also called ravenale or ravinala in Malagasy, are tropical plants native to Madagascar and endemic, that is to say they only grow there. They were nevertheless introduced by settlers in the 19th century in various botanical gardens around the world, such as Singapore and Malaysia.

    Its sap is abundant and drinkable and earned it its name of traveller's tree because anyone can quench their thirst easily with a blow of a machete.

    Discovered by botanist Philibert Commersson in 1780, it is easily recognizable thanks to its large fan-shaped leaves that make it look like a palm tree.

    The bulletin of the National Society of Acclimatization of France: review of applied natural sciences 1896 (Gallica, BNF) declares about it: "The water contained in the heart of the tree allows the traveler to be quenched. By piercing the heart of the tree, fresh water springs from it which is particularly thirst-quenching."

    Dimensions of the Traveller Sofa: L 200 cm x W 100 cm x H 87 cm

    Material: Velvet

  • Cage-style Tiered Display Brass Finish H35cm, Pair

    €374.00 -15% €440.00
    Cage-style Tiered Display Brass Finish H35cm, Pair. Present pastries and cakes or precious decorative objects with the Cage shelf. This 3 tier display made with an antique brass finish is inspired by its design of colonial birdcages.
  • Very large farm table L330cm

    €2,790.00 -10% €3,100.00
    Beautiful farmhouse table Elegant and friendly monastery in massive raw wood made by hand. A dining table with large dimensions for this farmhouse table with superb Monastery type column legs: length of the tray: 330 cm by 110cm width. This farmhouse table Monastery is a dining table of great elegance whose charm of drawing does not leave indifferent.
  • Farmhouse Dining Table 270cm

    €2,511.00 -10% €2,790.00
    Beautiful large farmhouse table in solid old pine for a unique decor of dining room or kitchen. An elegant and convivial dining table with large dimensions for this farmhouse table with superb Monastery-type column legs: shelf length: 270 cm by 110 cm wide. This Monastery farmhouse table is a sturdy and sturdy table. Beautiful thickness of the tray, reinforced by a thick belt: 7cm.
  • Blue Parrot Candlesticks, The Pair

    €935.00 -15% €1,100.00
    High porcelain candlesticks 50cm high. This candlestick is made of black porcelain with a beautiful blue porcelain parrot.  The base of the candlestick is square and column is made of black porcelain and brass that are worked and sculpted in the Napoleon III style. Admirable item in a baroque, romantic and naturalistic style that we love.
  • Large Table Lamp 2 Blue Parrots

    €595.00 -15% €700.00

    Large table lamp with its two porcelain parakeets on a pretty branch also made of porcelain.

    Porcelain base.

    Sold without lampshade.

  • Golden Baroque Style Mirror


    Decorative rectangular mirror Italian baroque style, wood frame and stucco antique golden patina. 


    Nice size for this rectangular mirror homemade 100 cm High, 142 wide.