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Urchins in family in capsule glass

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A family of five sea urchins.
Mostly distant cousins, in fact: the pencil urchins: a Prionocidaris Bispinosa, more whiter, from the Pacific Ocean and a Heterocentrotus mammiliatus, brown/red with white stripe, from Hawaii. A diadem sea urchin from Madagascar with all its long spins. A test (body) of a green and white sea urchin from Japan: the Taxopneustes Pileolus (the flower sea urchin, with poisonous stings), and a test of the red giant sea urchin from California: the Strongylocentrotus franciscanus..

Dimensions and Specifications - Shipment information

- Width: 21 cm

- Height: 55 cm

- Depth: 21 cm

- Weight (item packed): 8 kg

- Era: Réalisation Artisanale - Article Vintage

- Style: Curiosities - Naturalia

- France Delivery (Out of Corsica and Dom Tom): 2-3 weeks

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