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Rugs & Cushions

Rugs & Cushions

Arteslonga offers you a remarkable selection of antique and contemporary rugs chosen for their originality and aesthetics.

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Of superior quality, all antique rugs, patchwork rugs, kilim rugs, art deco style rugs, round rugs, picture rugs, hallway rugs on Arteslonga are handmade rugs by skilled craftsmen.

Coming mainly from Morocco or Turkey, all the rugs selected by Arteslonga are hand-knotted or hand-woven. We want to offer you rugs that are out of the ordinary, unusual, in various colors and with original designs in durable materials (wool, cotton or silk).

Our selection consists of a choice of handmade oriental rugs such as Kilims, Patchwork mainly from Morocco, Turkey and China.

Arteslonga notably offers you a sharp selection of unique creations of vintage patchwork rugs, very beautiful contemporary creations made from old kilims in a vintage style. Whether you are looking for a modern design rug or a rug in a more traditional style, you will inevitably find the one that will enhance your interior in our selection of vintage patchwork rugs. Our collection of patchwork vintage rugs consists of antique rugs and vintage rugs mainly from Turkey. This style of vintage patchwork rug is a beautiful encounter between ancestral traditional know-how and modernity which has given rise to a new vintage style of rug: the vintage patchwork rug.

These patchwork rugs are nomadic or village rugs that are made from old rugs. These are cut into small pieces which are assembled and knotted by hand to form new dimensions and designs giving rise to unique and original patchwork rugs. These patchwork rugs are generally made of rugs between 40 and 50 years old, hence the name vintage patchwork rug or old patchwork rug. Each old patchwork rug is therefore unique in design, dimensions and natural colors. The patchwork rug therefore draws all its originality and charm from the use of old pieces of kilims assembled in a new style. Traditional kilim rugs, woven in the middle of the 20th century in Anatolia, all tell a different story and therefore give each patchwork rug its own identity.

These patchwork rugs are creative rugs, unique pieces made in a current style since they are made in a contemporary style. By revisiting an ancestral weaving art, the weavers manage to give a second life to authentic materials, through a clever mix of creativity and vintage style. These unique creations of old patchwork rugs are completely current while retaining the authenticity of the original materials and the know-how of ancestral weaving.

An expression of popular art, these modern patchwork rugs immediately won over an audience of contemporary art lovers, lovers of vintage style and tribal art. The original colors of the traditional kilim have faded to make way for softer hues. This gives the patchwork rugs an old-fashioned and delicate look that we really appreciate and want to share with you.

The antique carpets and vintage carpets selected by Arteslonga are unique pieces and there is therefore only one copy of each. You will therefore always buy a unique and authentic rug of good quality.