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Arteslonga, French Interior Decoration House, offers you a sophisticated variety of chairs and seats to create refined and elegant interiors.

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Arteslonga offers a mix of styles and periods, a remarkable sourcing of chairs, lounge chairs, sofas, benches, stools, ottomans and banquettes. This seating selection offers unique styles such as modernist-style distressed leather chairs or industrial brushed metal chairs, but also luxurious padded velvet armchairs and vintage leather Chesterfield sofas in unexpected colors, as well as a range of "custom made seats 

Arteslonga meets expectations to a demanding clientele who are always looking for high quality and who dare to mix styles.


Indispensable in any living room, seating in all its variations, from chairs to stools, from benches to dress up your dining table or your desk, an armchair, a sofa to receive your guests, these seating furniture service of your comfort offer a variety of choices and styles to enhance your living spaces

Maison Arteslonga, guarantor of the quality of its products and its shrewd sense of detail, offers you a wide range of refined and elegant chairs and seats, in refined styles from Modernism Chic to bucolic Bohemia Chic, in a timeless spirit. .

Combining the quality of our know-how with our desire to meet your requirements in terms of quality and your art of living, Maison Arteslonga offers you "convertible" design furniture, by offering tailor-made, and customizable by our upholsterer in different fabrics and colors (burgundy, black, blue, ochre, white, mustard, green...).

Also opt for a delivery adapted to your order via our online sales service.

The Maison Arteslonga is in this, a remarkable source of inspiration.

A collection of eclectic seats of chairs, stools, benches, sofas, armchairs, upholstered in a velvet or canvas fabric, covered in genuine leather (no imitation leather) or in wood, offered in a wide range of colors (ochre, white, mustard, burgundy, black, beige, blue) and possible in several sizes!

Whether for your dining table, your living room, your bathroom, your bedroom, your office, we are at your disposal to meet your needs to furnish your living spaces and accompany you, thanks to our interior decorators, in search of a stylish atmosphere where details have their place for a unique universe: yours.


Chairs, minimalist or ostentatious seats with surprising shapes and materials so varied...

The chair is an essential and unavoidable seat whatever the room where we are, our age, our origins or even our time. The chair goes through time and intends that it will always be so!

For this, Arteslonga, always thanks to the help of its decorator, has in reserve a vast collection where the chair bears witness to this timelessness and makes the chair a decorative product in its own right in various sizes by offering it a privileged status to dress your tables and make them a remarkable piece of furniture. Because indeed, have you thought about what your tables would be like if a chair wasn't there to give it life? What is the ideal chair that could be harmonious with your table?

Whether in patinated and aged leather (not imitation leather), in vintage velvet like our beautiful Bradley Velours chair, in rattan like our cane rattan chair, in old-fashioned patinated wood or in forged and/or brushed metal for a style industrial like our Manufacture Chairs made of Metal and Leather seat, we offer a rich collection of chairs with a variety of designs and colors, for trendy and original furniture, an additional French touch, which will stir up, to none doubt, your appetite for good taste and its subtlety, in all simplicity. And that is priceless!


Essential furniture for your stay with its comfort and line, the armchair is the major decorative element to give style to your living space where lounging becomes an exquisite activity, where it is good to receive your guests for a moment of great conviviality and, also, the opportunity for you to stand out.

By choosing from our collection of armchairs with velvet trends, thus gently highlighting originality and refinement, you can take advantage of our "convertible" services by offering made-to-measure dimensions, customizable fabrics and colors (burgundy , beige, black, blue, white, ocher, mustard, pink, raspberry, green...) thanks to our upholsterer to perfect our collection that we look forward to showing you!

Lounge spirit? Opt for the comfortable and spacious Sabina Lounge Armchair in loop pile or the famous Nautile Swivel Armchair.

Vintage English atmosphere? Choose the timeless Winston Leather Armchair - no imitation or the beautiful Magdalena Velvet Armchair.

Trendy 70's? Choose the Glove Armchair, Glossy Swivel Armchair or Flowery Margareth Armchair.

Or 50's? You will love the Tropical Armchair or the Gold Metal Velvet Armchair.

Exotic with atypical colors, design and patterns? Adopt the Zebra Armchair or the Brut Minimalist Handy Armchair.

Natural and its variations of wood and earth tones like ochre, for example? The Teak and Black Leather Armchair or the Romolo Rattan Armchair as well as the Monet Armchair in Teak and Canvas will charm you.

Whatever universe you want to give to your living room, dining room, bedroom, office, the armchair is essential!

So which chair are you?


Essential and necessary furniture in a living room, an office, or why not in a bedroom, sofas in addition to providing comfort, bring a cozy and personalized touch to your interior. Due to its possible and unimaginable variations in terms of shape, fabric, color, material, dimensions, the sofa is the decorative element that offers a wide choice to perfect its decoration.

Our collection of sofas and benches with a select and original design proposed by our decorator, will seduce you with its quality and its diversity of fabrics and colors, always in a spirit of quality thanks to our high-end products and customizable dimensions.

Indeed, you will find in our online sales area the timeless Flaubert Black Sofa (other colors than black available), with its solid pine structure and wooden legs, covered with its 100% woven cotton fiber cushions. , or the Ysée sofa with its discreet style, its solid pine structure with its wooden legs and its 100% woven cotton fiber cushions (for more details, click here).

For a more daring decoration, Arteslonga offers, at the cost of its experience and its keen sense of detail, the Raspberry Bisou Velvet Bench Sofa for a contemporary touch, inspired by the Napoleon III style with joyful and melodious velvet notes of cabaret and opera.

The Otello Sofa for an electric decoration will bring punch to your interior, while the Venus Gray Heather Sofa with its organic line, its black base and its 100% cotton fiber fabric will be essential if you opt for a decor Zen.

Our range of Kensington Chesterfield Sofas in aged black, vintage black or blood pink leather (no faux leather) offer very comfortable seating with its quality backrest and cushions, stuffed with foam and feathers and its flawlessly finished seams feeling in your living room.

And why not let yourself be carried away by our Magdalena Bin Bench Sofa, our "Livia" Baroque Bench, our Pearl White Velvet Grace Sofa or by our Ocean Velvet Meridian?

You will understand, whatever your tastes and the style you are looking for for your decoration, we have the product and the quality you are looking for, available for sale online, do not hesitate to call on our decorator for you. to advise !


Available in different materials, the stool, the bar stool, the bench and the pouf are seats of remarkable choice combining practicality with aesthetics, whatever style you like and are looking for, while offering space saving priceless!

In old wood, in vintage wood like the Inverness Leather Stool or Pedestal Table with its wooden and brushed metal legs or the Ava Bench with its stainless steel legs, beautiful handcrafted product, in carved wood like the Sculpted Stool in natural wood by Suar - quality craft product, in metal like the Chagall Pedestal Table - aluminum covering, or with a seat upholstered in velvet like our Napoleon III Style Ottoman - brass feet or covered with cotton to be found in different colors (burgundy, beige , black, blue, white, ocher, mustard, pink, raspberry, green...), padded with foam, feathers or cotton, in wood, metal or steel, you will find an original and varied range produced by hand: bench , stool, bar stool, which you can perfectly associate with our range of dining room or kitchen tables.

Find the stool and/or benches and/or pouf that suits you, depending on the style of your decoration.

Our selection of high stools, low stools or adjustable stools, Arteslonga offers you a wide choice of items to discover in detail on our site.

Whatever your region, Alsace, Brittany, Côte d'Azur, the Alps, in France or abroad, whether for the furnishing of your main residence or your pied-à-terre, benefit from our delivery available via our online furniture website.

Also, dare to ask our talented decorator to benefit from his know-how and who will be able to advise you and listen to you, for a result that meets your expectations!

For all orders, we offer a delivery service (for more details, click here) and we remind you that a product can be "convertible" if you wish to modify the fabric, the color, the foot(s). ) of furniture for a more aged or brushed effect...

Our desire to satisfy you is priceless!