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Wall Art Decor

Wall Art Decor

A fine selection of decorative wall art to achieve a delicately tuned interior decoration

To find out more on the Wall Art Decor Collection of Arteslonga.

Wall Art Deco

In interior decoration, the walls require special attention and deserve a personalized art and deco style. Framed art, canvas, painting, art photography, artistic poster, decorative panel, art engraving, lithography, handmade wallpaper, our design offer of wall decoration accessories, the result of a large selection from our craftsmen and artists, will certainly give a particular and personalized design to all your rooms. Customize your wall decor according to the style and design you want to give your space and living space a new look. Whether the latter is exotic, "return from the Indies" atmosphere or apothecary style, classic, shabby chic, country or vintage, contemporary art, our decorative accessories offer elegance and refinement for a stylish furnishing of your interior. Choose with Arteslonga a wall decoration and a unique wall design.

Our house offers a unique selection of products for your wall decoration likely to satisfy you. In limited edition, handcrafted to order or made to measure, small or large, round, square or oval, white or black, the shapes and colors are varied and can be integrated perfectly into your interior decoration. Refinement and aesthetics characterize our articles without forgetting the practical side. Our framed art brings a certain aestheticism and grandeur to your room while our wallpapers create an intimate and friendly atmosphere. By choosing our products, you are choosing great originality but also great quality.

Wall Art Deco: give your walls a real identity.

Do you want to give a particular design and decorative style to your room? Do some of your walls seem meaningless to you? Do you want to give a unique identity to the interior decoration of your home that can match your personality and your affinities? Do you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere? In order to embellish your interior, we always advise you to opt for an inspiring decoration that sublimates your senses. Whether for your living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, each room can afford a wall decoration with a particular and unique design and style. Try a handmade wallpaper with unmistakable designs and colors. Do you want contemporary and modern art? Opt for a contemporary painting and an unstructured metal mirror that will enlarge your room. Do you like the adventure of faraway travel? Put a beautiful botanist print or orientalist design on your wall. The idea is to choose a decoration that really brings an extra soul and refinement to your interior. Let yourself be seduced by our selection of products and create the most beautiful effect with your guests.

A sharp choice of Wall Art Deco.

With Arteslonga, personalize your wall decoration by dressing your walls in an artistic and refined way. Give your interior decoration a unique and original artistic touch.

Our art house, Arteslonga, offers you sophisticated and elegant wall decoration ideas in limited editions or made to order in the form of paintings with wooden frame, oils on canvas with frame, crackle paintings on wooden frame, handcrafted reproductions of lithographs or superbly framed old engravings, old herbarium paintings with old frames but also artistic creations of artisan wallpapers of crazy originality.

Our French house of Art and interior decoration, offers you a unique wall decoration by offering you original decorative ideas a decorative art offer, with frames, paintings, oils on canvas, lithographs, beautiful and large orientalist engravings or landscapes of remarkable quality as well as divine photos with frames of dazzling artistic beauty.


We also offer a magnificent collection of real old herbaria with frames, the fruit of the preservation work of a 19th century Naturalist. Our collections are found throughout Europe. The herbaria are presented on their original paper, framed and pinched between two sheets of glass and finely framed. An absolutely superb wall decoration, a very beautiful craftsmanship in a wooden frame.

Our House also provides you with original creations for your wall decoration with reproductions of engravings and posters of great painters and world-renowned artists with modern wooden frames: Alechinsky, Modigliani, Matisse, Georges Braque, Picasso…

We offer a sharp selection of artisanal engravings reproduced in the old fashioned way on centuries-old printing presses and colored by hand, such as this large decorative panel made with a collage of palm tree engravings. A panel made entirely by hand in the workshop. This decorative panel is the result of craftsmanship, great know-how and great finesse. This engraving is engraved and printed on antique presses from the 1800s in black & white. Then, each image is colored by hand with gouache and watercolor then cut out and pasted on a black background painted with gouache. Simply beautiful and rare, it is an artisanal creation made exclusively for Arteslonga to order.


We also provide you with ideas from the latest trends in style offices, fashion and wall decoration to offer you wall canvases, for an original and sophisticated decoration. You can choose your style by choosing one of our paintings or wall decorations.

Specialists in high-end home interior decoration for more than a decade, we put all our sensitivity and artistic sense to offer you works that will enchant you. In the decoration of a house, luxury is nestled in the details and that is why our collection of art and wall decoration brings together original creations of very high quality.

Having an original wall decoration in your home is the guarantee of a unique and successful interior decoration. Our wall creations aim to give an extra soul to your home and the selected accessories all aim to embellish the different rooms that make up your home or workplace.