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Find all the new interior decoration items of Arteslonga: sofas, chairs, objects of curiosities, decorative accessories...

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  • Elephant Candle Holder Porcelain & Bronze Metal


    Magnificent elephant candle holder made of porcelain and bronze-finish metal detail.

    Three porcelain finishes: black, white or gray.

    Height of 45cm.

    Elegant candle holder for your interior decoration.

  • Large Round Lounge Chair Hortense

    Large Rotonde Hortense lounge chair in velvet, 2 colors available Ocher and English green.
    Large, round velvet armchair with its golden fringes in the style of contemporary reinterpretation of Opera furniture, Cabaret from the Napoleon III years with its long fringes under the skirt.
    A marvel for this round armchair of great originality which will embellish and brighten up the interior decoration of your house or apartment.
    This luxurious rotunda armchair has a wooden structure made of solid pine
    With its remarkable design and comfort, the Hortense armchair will find its place of choice to perfect the interior decoration of your living room or dining room in an apartment or house.
    Remarkable velvet fabric (100% polyester) and an irreproachable piping finish for this timeless and upscale decorative piece of furniture.
    A seat of exceptional comfort and perfect support thanks to a density of the seat and backrest of 30kg per m3.
    Delivery by carrier by appointment.

  • Pink & Yellow Porcelain Parakeet Candle Holder

    Large porcelain Parakeet candle holder 50 cm high by 25 cm wide and deep.
    Candle holder made of porcelain decorated with a majestic parakeet in yellow and pink porcelain.
    The base of the candlestick is square with its porcelain column crafted in the Napoleon III style.
    An admirable piece in the baroque, romantic and naturalist style that we love.
    Also available on our site in White, Black and White, and Red, etc.
  • Pink Flamingo, White Ceramic Sculpture H85cm

    White ceramic sculpture representing a pink flamingo.
    Ideal dimensions to be displayed both on the ground and on a stand.
    Very beautiful unusual decorative object.

  • Big Embroided Leopard Pillow

    Add a wild touch to your bedroom or living room with the Leopard cushion.
    Inspired by this beautiful wild animal, this large decorative velvet cushion exudes strong appeal and exotic force.
    A superb decorative touch for your sofa, armchair or bed.
  • Giant Ceramic Vase Woman Moor Head

    Magnificent traditional ceramic vase in the shape of a Moorish woman's head in green or malachite color - Italy. An extreme delicacy.
    Handcrafted in ceramic, double fired. Completely made and painted by hand by the original artisan producer from Caltagirone - Sicily.
    Distributed exclusively by Arteslonga.
    The Moors were members of the Muslim people of North Africa, of mixed Arab and Berber origin. In the 8th century, they converted to Islam and established power in North Africa, Sicily and Spain, where they established a civilization (756-1492).
    During the Arab rule in Sicily, in the city of Palermo there was an Arab suburb called "La Kalsa".
    In this small suburb there lived a beautiful young woman who spent her time taking care of the flowers on her balcony.
    One day, a young Moor was walking under the lady's balcony. He noticed the beauty of the young lady and he fell in love with her.
    He did not wait a minute to declare his love and the beautiful young girl, impressed by the lover's audacity, quickly felt the same love.
    Unfortunately, the young Moor was already married and was the father of several children... as soon as the young woman discovered that he might leave to find his family one day, she waited until nightfall and killed him while he was sound asleep. She cut off his head and used it as a vase for her plants so that she could have him by her side forever.
    As the beauty of this vase was remarkable, the whole neighborhood wanted to own one like it.
    From this moment, the creation of vases in the shape of Moorish heads began...
  • Bespoke Extendable Dining Table La Bohême


    La Bohême oak or cherry dining table is presented to you in the following dimensions L200x110cm, with extensions. This table is made exclusively to order.

    Beautiful classic La Bohême table in solid oak or cherry with its beautiful rectangular top with rounded corners and its superb legs.

    2 wallet extensions of 40cm each..

    Length: 200cm (without extension)

    Height: 77cm

    Depth: 110cm

    Traditional manufacturing with tenons, mortises, and dowels.

    A dining table made to order.

    Patina and aging of wood created by hand, presented here in the 2-tone finish: without wear, without dents or holes.

    A very beautiful reaps table made in a French cabinetmaking workshop for a warm and family interior.

    An entirely artisanal creation of French cabinetmaking of impeccable quality of execution.

    The La Bohême table can be made with the finishes of your choice (color and aging of the wood). For a personalized quote, contact us.

  • Moor Ceramic Vase, Matt Mud Color


    Ceramic vase, male Moor's head with representation of beautiful yellow lemons, made entirely by hand in Sicily - Italy.

    Handcrafted in ceramic, double firing and hand painted.

    The Moors were members of the Muslim people of North Africa, of mixed Arab and Berber origin. In the 8th century they were converted to Islam and established power in North Africa, Sicily and Spain, where they established a civilization (756-1492).


    During the Arab domination in Sicily, in the city of Palermo there was an Arab suburb called "La Kalsa".

    In this small suburb lived a beautiful young woman who spent her time tending to the flowers on her balcony.

    One day a young Moor was walking under the lady's balcony. He noticed the beauty of the young lady and he fell in love with her.

    He did not wait a minute to declare his love and the beautiful young girl, impressed by the audacity of the lover, quickly experienced the same love.

    Unfortunately, the young Moor was already married and had several children ... as soon as the young woman found out that he could leave to find his family, one day she waited for night and killed him while he slept soundly. She cut off his head and used it as a vase for her plants so she could have him forever by her side.

    As the beauty of this vase was remarkable, the whole neighborhood wanted to own a similar one.

    From this moment, the creation of vases in the shape of the heads of Moors began...

  • Bespoke Chest of Drawers Concorde

    The Concorde chest of drawers, a contemporary French artisanal creation in solid oak, stained and patinated by hand.
    A piece of furniture entirely designed in the workshop and made exclusively to order.
    The Concorde chest of drawers in neo-classical Louis XVI style has three drawers and ribbon handles.
    Bronze ornamentation is in Parisian fashion, of good quality and gilded, it is composed of rings on a particularly elegant openwork rosette as well as a keyhole with medallion and ribboned knot.
    Patina made by hand: wear and stitched wood
  • Elephant Table Lamp Porcelain & Bronze Metal


    Magnificent elephant lamp made of black porcelain and bronze-finish metal details.

    Height of 75cm.

    Elegant table lamp for an original interior decoration.

  • Venus Statue H54cm


    Goddess of love, beauty and victory, Venus is among the most revered members of the Roman pantheon and an enduring subject of art throughout the ages. 

    Our graceful nude is a meticulous reproduction of a statue that dates to the 5th century BC. 

    Hand cast from resin, it's finished to capture the original's weathered patina and set on an iron museum stand.

    Magnificent statue of Venus made of resin that perfectly imitates old stone. 

    An actual artisanal realization of very high quality.

    An historic handcrafted piece of remarkable beauty.

    An historical majestic object of decoration of a very beautiful presence: 54cm high without counting the base in black patinated metal.

    This statue can be positioned outdoors without worries.

  • Bespoke Console Chateaubriand


    The Chateaubriand console is a contemporary French artisanal creation in solid oak or cherry wood, stained and patinated by hand.

    A piece of furniture entirely designed in the workshop and made exclusively to order.

    The beautiful Chateaubriand console features three drawers and handles adorned with acanthus patterned handles.

    Ornamentation with golden acanthus motif,

    Patina made by hand.

  • Blue Lotus Engravings, Set of 2


    A set of two beautiful prints of magnificent large blue lotuses.

    Engravings with blue marie-louis and very beautiful frame with black wood ornamentation and silver edging.

    Glass size: 50x70cm

    The lotus is an aquatic plant whose flower is magnificent and which is magnified in these two large engravings in a beautiful blue color. This particular tone of blue has earned it the name of a shade, azure tending to sky blue: caeruleum blue (ceruleum).

    The blue lotus is actually a water lily.

    Although it bears the name Lotus, the Blue Lotus (in Latin Nymphaea caerulea Savigny) is actually a water lily.

    This aquatic plant grows on the edges of lakes and stagnant waters.

    Today, it has almost completely disappeared from the Nile region and it is cultivated mainly in Asia (China and Thailand).

    The blue lotus belongs to the family Nymphaeaceae (water lily family), group Apocarpiae, subgenus Brachyceras, and forms and subspecies None (cf. Slocum et al. 1996).

    Lotuses were the most widely cultivated ritual plants in ancient Egypt. They grew wild and had also been planted in artificial bodies of water (Hugonot 1992).

    The blue lotus was considered a sacred plant. The god of immortality and resurrection Nefertum was represented as a young man or a lion whose hair was decorated with a blue lotus flower. He offered the flower to the sun god Ra, to relieve the pain in his old body. The Egyptians especially appreciated their enchanting scent of hyacinth, their symbolism and probably also their intoxicating effects...

    Lotus buds and flowers were popular head and hair ornaments. The garlands placed in the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II (1290-1223 B.C.E.) were almost entirely composed of white and blue lotus flowers (Germer 1988). Many buds, petals and garlands have been found as decoration for mummies or as funerary objects.

    In ancient Egypt, the blue lotus was closely linked to the concepts of the afterlife and rebirth. The flower represents enlightenment and the awakened consciousness of the deceased; it is “this lotus flower which shines in the earth” (Book of the Dead, chapter 174, line 30; cf. Dassow 1994).

    In the myth of the battle between Horus and Seth, the lotus flower appears as a symbol of the divine all-seeing eye: when Seth found Horus resting under a tree in an oasis, he plucked out both his eyes and buried them in the sand. After which they transformed into lotus flowers.

    Lotuses are rustic aquatic plants of absolute beauty, vigorous and imposing and can grow anywhere in France!

  • Floor Lamp Palmyre Made in Brass, Gold or...

    The Palmyre floor lamp is handcrafted in Italy entirely in brass.
    A superb 155cm floor lamp in the style of the 50s in the shape of double palm trees with a very elegant square base.
    This handcrafted floor lamp will bring elegance and a tropical touch to any space, thanks to its construction entirely and the material used in polished brass.
    Two finishes available: gold or silver.
    The base, also in brass, from which two palm trees rise.
    This exclusive piece will add a point of interest to any space with its warm, bright glow. Its remarkable design makes this floor lamp a remarkable decorative piece for decoration off the “beaten track”.
    This elegant floor lamp can be used in a living room with a modern, baroque or country chic design.
    A glamorous and groovy light fixture.
    A piece entirely handmade, a remarkable and unique piece.
    The entirety of this superb light fixture is made of brass.
    Height: 155cm
    Width: 30 cm

  • Colorful Parakeet Wall Candle Holder, Right & Left


    Large wall candle holder with its colorful porcelain parakeet.

    Beautiful worked brass stems and white and colored porcelain flowers.

    Two wall-mounted candle holders made of porcelain.

    A baroque, naturalist and romantic style for this elegant wall candle holder.

    Height of 48cm, width 31 cm and depth 12 cm.

    Wall hanging is done by the brass rod which is positioned at the back of the parakeet and therefore invisible to the eye.

  • Red Crane in Porcelain and Brass, 70cm high

    Superb figurine of a flamboyant red crane made of porcelain and brass, 70cm high and 46cm wide.
    A contemporary artisanal work of great beauty.
    The bird's legs are made of brass.
    A remarkable piece for a refined and unique interior decoration.
  • Engravings by K. Baerei, 19th C. Set of 2


    A set of two beautiful engravings by the 19th century Japanese artist Kono Baerei.

    Engravings with black marie-louise and very beautiful frame in aged black wood and gold edging or with a large pink marie-louise and a thin black bamboo imitation frame.

    Glass size: 55x80cm

    Engravings representing cranes and beautiful peonies under glass.

    Bairei became a student of the Maruyama school painter Nakajima Raishō at the age of eight, and then a student of the Shijō school painter Shiokawa Bunrin at the age of twenty-seven. He continued his education in the Nanga school style under Nakanishi Kōseki and Maeda Chōdō. With Gennyo, abbot of Higashi Hongan-ji, he traveled throughout Kyūshū and central Japan, making numerous drawings.

    In 1878, Bairei began preparations for an art school, which opened in 1880 as the Kyoto Prefectural School of Painting. He left this school in 1881 and taught his students in his workshop until 1891. In 1893, he became a member of the Arts Committee of the Imperial Household. In 1894, he was commissioned to paint pieces of Higashi Hongan-ji.

    Bairei was a prominent figure in Kyoto's artistic circles, where he organized and promoted artistic activities. He played a particularly important role in his educational work. His many students include Takeuchi Seihō, Kikuchi Hōbun, Kawai Gyokudō.

    His own work, often characterized by bold brushstrokes, displays traditional charm and sensitivity.

    Its flowers, birds (Kachō-ga), and landscapes show a touch of Western realism. Bairei is also known for his spontaneous woodcut sketches.

  • Seated Black Panther in Porcelain H63cm

    Seated Black Panther statue made of porcelain, shark skin finish (grainy effect, please use the magnifying glass to clearly see the effect).
    Very beautiful handcrafted decorative object in an Art Deco style.
    A very beautiful limited edition made entirely by hand.
  • Blue Porcelain Table Lamp Orient


    The Orient table lamp with a height of 69cm is handcrafted in blue porcelain.

    A bottle shape and designs inspired by Art Nouveau.

    A feminine and colorful table lamp.

    We love !

    Designed entirely by hand, a beautiful blue color into which drips of soft green blend.

    A very beautiful contemporary artisanal creation in porcelain.

    130cm electric cable with switch.

    Bulb: E27/40watt.

    CE approved. The bulbs and lampshades shown are not included.

    CE approved. Bulbs are not included.

  • Dining Table in Natural Stone La Prodigieuse,...

    Magnificent La Prodigieuse natural stone dining table with its superb thin and airy rectangular top and its legs made entirely of natural stone. The top is so thin that it seems to hang in the air, like a leaf. This is a one-of-a-kind piece that naturally combines extreme functionality and attention to detail.
    An artisanal creation with a sublime contemporary design.
    The La Prodigieuse dining table is made with selected materials to convey emotion through geometric rigor and soft lines.
    The La Prodigieuse dining table is made up of a rectangular or square slab with rounded corners, its four legs are obtained from a single block of natural stone and are inserted into the corners of the table top.
    Also available in its coffee table version.
    The La Prodigieuse dining table will certainly find its place inside your home and will beautify your interior decoration.
    Please note that this majestic table is only made to order and tailor-made to the size of your choice.
    This beautiful dining room table with a resolutely modern and contemporary design can be used as a dining room table or desk.
    The entire structure is offered in nine different varieties of natural stone and marble and in numerous sizes, to allow you to experience a living environment that is always authentic and tailor-made to meet your needs.
    For a quote:
  • Chapel Christ Coeur Sacré H68cm

    Christ the Sacred Heart Crowned, faithful representation of the religious statues popular in the 19th century from Rome to Lourdes, without forgetting Paris where the famous Maison Raffl implemented a molding technique which allowed their democratization.
    Statue made of solid plaster then colored and patinated by hand.
    Please note that the halo is sold with the statue.
    Here a rare example due to its high size, its crown and its colors
    Height: 68 cm!
  • Philharmonie de Paris Convex Mirror ø100cm


    Large Philharmonie de Paris Convex Mirror ∅100 cm, the new generation 2.0 of the convex mirror. A unique contemporary reinterpretation.

    A large convex mirror 100 cm in diameter.

    Each mirror which is a piece of contemporary craftsmanship.

    This witch mirror (curved glass) with a circumference of 100cm will dress your walls and your interior with grandeur and modernity.

    This large new generation mirror will become a major decorative accessory for your walls and will give an incredible and luxurious character to your interior, but on top of that a feeling of space to your room.

    This large round mirror will bring a touch of unusual modernity to your interior decoration. In the living room, it will be perfect above a fireplace, a console or a sofa. In the entrance, it will be ideal for bringing a touch of light and a feeling of space.

    A remarkable piece of contemporary craftsmanship.

    Technique: Stainless Steel

    Support: Steel frame

    The weight of the Large Philharmonie de Paris Convex Mirror is 15kg but it requires packaging and significant protection, it will be delivered to you on a pallet. The entire package will exceed 30kg.

  • 6 Herbs Frames

    This is a beautiful reissue of 6 boards of herbaria from various regions of France. Printed on paper made type "Velin arches" and presented in black wooden frames. A superb craft work.
  • Anamorphosis Napoleon Bonaparte under Globe


    Anamorphosis Napoleon Bonaparte under Globe

    Anamorphosis was born from the work on perspective by Piero della Francesca, a Florentine painter and mathematician of the Quattrocento.

    This Art of secret perspective allows, thanks to a “trompe-l’oeil” technique, to create an impression of reality by restoring a 3rd dimension.

    We were inspired by this technique to create Anamorphoses-Butterflies: at first glance, the eye is charmed by a colorful and poetic flight of butterflies... then suddenly, the unexpected image springs out and reveals itself to the viewer and doubles it perception appears.

    In reality, a master painting serves as a motif for the butterflies, while the butterfly recreates a master painting...

    Presented under a glass globe, so that this anamorphosis does not disperse on your walls!

  • Panoramic, Greek Fresco 490xH240cm


    Panoramic, Greek Fresco 490xH240cm

    A superb craftsmanship.

    Printed on recycled paper then worked manually to give it its unique appearance, this decorative panel is made on crumpled paper.

    At the beginning of the 19th century, panoramic wallpapers took over the space of decorative painting by offering decorations created mechanically, in the style of hand-made trompe l'oeil, then very popular among painters of the time. .

    They have the ambition to create the illusion in bourgeois interiors thanks to large decorations, landscapes and wall frescoes.

    These panoramas are made on crumpled paper.

    They receive the greatest care during printing, and wear and aging perfect their outdated appearance. They are then crumpled by hand before being glued onto a canvas.

    Detail :

    - Material: recycled paper

    - Dimensions: 490xH240cm.

  • Painter's palette on Cézanne display - H60 cm

    Painter's palette on Cézanne display - H60 cm
    Elegant palette on its display, inspired by the most beautiful colors of Cézanne, it becomes a decorative object in its own right and will adorn your living space with style.
    Material: wood
    Very limited quantity.
    H 60 x 43 x 10 cm
  • Terracotta Rhinoceros

    A terracotta Rhinoceros, faithful reproduction of the famous African animal, in the tradition of the Natural History Museum.
    The model presented here is handmade in terracotta by our artisan modelers.
    An object for an original and elegant interior decoration.