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Welcome to the enchanting world of Maison Arteslonga, where styles and eras converge to create captivating harmony.

To find out more about the world of Maison Arteslonga..

Explore the universe of Maison Arteslonga, your destination for an eclectic and unique selection of contemporary, vintage, retro, and shabby chic decoration objects and furniture, as well as carefully chosen works of art and artisanal craft items known for their aesthetics, elegance, and originality.

Immerse yourself in a world where romance and glamour blend with French craftsmanship, always at the forefront of trends. With Arteslonga, discover a French way of life infused with intimate memories and the poetic evocation of objects, places, and unique stories.

Make a statement of difference, uniqueness, and inspiration in your interior decoration with Arteslonga. Each selected item bears witness to craftsmanship, carrying within it the memories of artists and artisans.

Furniture, decorative objects, and unique art pieces are carefully curated to create a distinctive interior space, blending styles, eras, and universes. Whether for indoors or outdoors, our collection offers exclusive retro and vintage furniture, curiosities, magnificent handmade rugs, and decorative objects to elevate your space.

Illuminate your interior with our selection of lamps, chandeliers, and unique lighting pieces, crafted by artisans. From contemporary paintings to vintage fashion accessories, from maritime motifs to paper artworks, each piece tells a story, evokes a style, and awakens the senses.

At Arteslonga, we share with you the love for craftsmanship and the passion transmitted by master artisans and artists. Our collection is constantly renewed, inviting you to discover new treasures and rediscover the past through a contemporary lens.

Discover decorative styles ranging from baroque to Art Deco, from the roaring twenties to the 1970s and beyond. From watercolors to wooden sculptures, from oils to lithographs, our offering reflects the diversity and richness of artistic movements throughout time.

Arteslonga invites you to create a space that reflects your personality, where each object tells a story and evokes an emotion. Explore our collection and let yourself be inspired by the magic of art and design.

Experience Arteslonga, where each piece is a work of art in its own right, where every detail invites you to dream and travel through time and space.

"Existing is a fact, Living is an Art." Welcome to Arteslonga, the French house of decoration and art of living.

Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House, offers a unique selection of decorative objects and antique, vintage, retro and modern or shabby chic furniture, as well as works of art and crafts selected for their aesthetic, elegance and originality.

With a click, you can buy original modern or vintage decorative objects, and discover romantic and glamorous world of interior design, a French knowledge, always at the forefront of the trend.

Arteslonga is a spirit, a way of life, inspired by a passion for art, elegance and authentic products.

Arteslonga is born of an aesthetic and sensory desire, linked to intimate memories and the evocative impact of an object or place. It’s to transmit quality, a memory, and to make life different, unique, inspiring ...

For an international clientele who loves creativity, uniqueness and authenticity Arteslonga inspire a better, more memorable living.

All objects of decoration selected by Arteslonga are the testimony of artists and craftsmen expertise. They contain the memory of the gesture.

The richness and variety of antiques are complemented by a range of contemporary works. Arteslonga share with you the love of passion conveyed by these craftsmen and artists.

Furniture, home decoration objects and unique pieces of art are harmoniously matched, mixing styles, eras and origins to make your home interior unique.

Discover on Arteslonga:

- Exclusive antique, retro, vintage and shabby chic furniture: office chair, bedside table, bookshelf ...

- Unique antique and vintage decorative objects and genuine curiosity,

- Furniture and decorative items for indoor and outdoor, to decorate your winter garden, your patio or garden,

- Retro kitchen items, decorative items for your table,

- Vintage lighting, unique pieces such as lamps or chandeliers for your home decor,

- Elements of ornamentation, decorative crafts, a selection of beautiful hand-made rugs from there and elsewhere for your interior design,

- Pieces of fine art and graphic art, paintings and works on paper,

- Vintage Women's fashion accessories

- A selection of contemporary artist and arts and crafts

You will discover more than two thousand objects traveling through a century of history.

The selection begins in the era of Napoleon III and continues until the 20s, 50s, 1970s to today! The styles of Louis XV, Louis XVI or Louis XIII are present as well as the Baroque period.

Vintage furnishings, vintage designs and other home accessories are also exhibited on Arteslonga. Adorn your walls with paintings alike still lifes or marine or beautiful wall papers hand painted.

A watercolor or oil will harmonize with engraving or painting on silk. Lithography and blood alongside contemporary paintings and water colors with an advertising poster.

The sculpture may be made of clay, resins plaster, terracota or wood and Art ironwork accompanies ceramics.

Your interior will be plenty of many rare items: iron chair, lamp, bird cage, lamp stand, bedside table, shelf, chandelier, clipboard, teapot, jug, candy box, bowl, vase, jar, statue.

Other rare objects can complete the set: hand made decorative cushion, headboard, carpets, vintage chair, statue, amphora, bottle, plate, storage compartment, vintage clothing, hat box, mirror, phone, barometer…

Our selection of antique, vintage, shabby chic and retro furniture covers a century of Napoleon III to the 70: bar counter, coffee table, bistro table or counter, farm table, sofa, wardrobe, chair, armchair, shelve, console, side table, sideboard, bar cabinet, , office chair, ottoman, bed, bathroom furniture, display cabinet, ottoman, stool, toad chair, nesting table, game table, coat stand, column, saddle.

You love 1950’s chairs?

Looking for a shelf that is unusual, a 70s nightstand, a Napoleon III sofa loveseat or an office chair from the 30s?

Arteslonga, thanks to its diversity of times and its rich offer, you will find the authentic and civeted object. If you like the style of Louis XV or Louis XVI, or if you are looking for a vintage chair with a screw up system or a 50’s bedside table, a shelf from the 60s, 1930s chairs, a 1950s kitchen cabinet, a 1900s long chair or a Napoleon III chair, Arteslonga constantly renewing its offer and ambiences so that you can find what you are expecting.

You want to redo the interior design of your workplace and want to buy an original, authentic and elegant office chair?

Then you will enjoy discovering seats and office chairs that are unusual. You can stop your choice on a retro and vintage chair with its unique shape or a Chesterfield from the 30s ... or some 50’s furniture. You can also find a selection of original fixtures and decorate your walls with nice 60-70s shelves and a beautiful 1940s oil on canvas signed. Looking for a particular coffee table that is different from others? Have your heart set on a coffee table from the 1900s or on a 1950 or Napoleon III coffee table.

You will discover unique coffee tables on Arteslonga from Napoleon III to the 70s. Other antique furniture will enhance and complement the beauty of your home: Napoleon III bamboo cabinet, iron factory workshop cabinets, the 70s kitchen stool, the Chinese console of the 40s, the display cabinet end XIX, the 50s office chair, the 1920 shelf furniture, late nineteenth century bathroom furniture, the Breton cabinet or 1900 bedside table, the 50s furniture of a bar, the vintage gym metal cabinet, 30’s office chairs or Napoleon III columns or a nice English dresser.

Finally, many decorative objects, constantly renewed on Arteslonga, present themselves to you: billboards, advertising enamelled plates, stationery, decorative plates, barometers, vintage ornaments, decorative tins or ceramics, vintage hat box, candle holders, antique bottles, vintage school maps, vintage bird cages, vintage ashtrays, ceramic, old rocking horse, wall brackets, jewelry, porcelain or cut glass, decorative pillows, inkwells, figurines, glass globes, clocks, unusual objects and curiosities, old musical instruments, toys, mirrors, clocks, trays, magazine racks, pots and jars, clipboard, tsf radio, alarm clock, sculptures, statues, statuettes, telephones, vases, book ends, vases, empty-pockets and other unusual objects and curiosities ...

Arteslonga, a gallery and mixtures and moods.

"To exist is a fact, Living is an Art." Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.