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- In France : magazine Collector Glamour n°100 - Juillet 2012 - page 210


FRENCH Deco and Lifestyle TV:


Presence of Arteslonga's furniture and objects in the decoration and lifestyle show INTERIEURS broadcast on PARIS PREMIERE. A selection by Laura Gonzalez, founder of the architectural company ARKITECT PRAVDA - Paris.


Few exemples of Laura Gonzalez's clients : The Bar of the Opera of Paris, "Chez Regine's" - Paris, "Le Bus Palladium" - Paris, "Le Schmuck St-Germain" - Paris, The suites of the Ermitage Hotel - Saint Tropez, "le Delaville Café" - Paris, Odéon MK2 theater - Paris...

Two shows on air on Saturdays, September 29 and October 13, 2012. 


Saturday 29 September: "The retro blue Room":


Saturday 13 October: "Vintage Chinese Style Dining Room"



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