Coffee Table Canyon, Oxidized Copper Finish

Coffee Table Canyon, Oxidized Copper Finish

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The Canyon coffee table is a contemporary artisanal creation designed in resin (GRP*) aged copper finish.

Original coffee table with a raw and minimalist design, unique manufacturing, contemporary craftsmanship.

A coffee table with incredible strength and an original design.

If you are looking for a unique piece of furniture in the raw and minimalist style, this coffee table is made for you!

Due to its handcrafted design, each console has a unique expression.

An explosive design for this coffee table.

This large coffee table in GRP resin with an aged copper finish benefits from great stability and extreme solidity.

* What is GRP or PRV?

GRP is an acronym for Glass Reinforced Plastic or polyester reinforced with glass fibers (PRV) in French.

Composed mainly of a polymer matrix supplemented with glass fibers, this ultra-versatile material can be used to manufacture many equipment, including explosion-proof and increased safety equipment.


In general, the polymer matrix of GRP is a thermosetting resin such as epoxy, vinyl ester or polyester.

The resin used gives the alloy its full resistance to chemical effluents. Its hardening is generated by the addition of a catalyst.

As for the fiberglass, it is incorporated during the production process in order to reinforce the polymer matrix. It can be added completely randomly or oriented according to the degree of resistance desired.

In terms of properties, GRP is a material of choice because it has a high strength/weight ratio, excellent durability, lightness, in addition to not being electrically conductive.

What are the benefits of GRP fiberglass?

Using unsaturated polyester reinforced with glass fibers has many advantages in the manufacture of equipment and materials.

At ADF Systèmes, here is why we have chosen to offer you products made with GRP:

Mechanical resistance: as resistant as metals to mechanical shock, vibration and explosion tests.

Chemical resistance: GRP resists attacks from acids and bases. If these products are in high concentration, the resistance of the GRP is equal to that of the metal.

Non-corrosion: Better than aluminium, GRP is at least as resistant as stainless steel.

Virtually zero maintenance: GRP furniture can be “fitted and forgotten”.

Flame retardant: successful passage of the ISO 1210 standard.

UV stability: GRP has proven, through accelerated aging tests, its resistance over more than 50 years. The tests passed are ISO 4892, ISO 179 and EN 50014.

Thermal stability: allows installation anywhere in the world.

Dimensions and Specifications - Shipment information

- Width: 96 cm

- Height: 38 cm

- Depth: 90 cm

- Weight (item packed): 32 kg

- Era: Actual Arts and crafts

- Style: Actual - Contemporary

SPECIFIC DELIVERY INFORMATION: Reinforced packaging and delivery by GUISNEL, professional transporter of furniture for 60 years. Each delivery is considered with the greatest care to 2 deliverers. Presentation of the furniture and recovery of packaging.

- Item Weight (kg): 30

- Parcel Weight: 32

- France Delivery (Out of Corsica and Dom Tom): Delivery by appointment on the ground floor, delay 2-3 weeks. For upstairs delivery, please contact us.

- EU Countries Delivery: By specialized carrier by appointment on the ground floor, delay 3-4 weeks. For upstairs delivery, please contact us.

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