Punu Mask, Gabon, mid-20th century

Punu Mask, Gabon, mid-20th century

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The unique piece shown in the picture is the exact item you will receive.

A Punu Duma or Mvudi mask from Gabon with white kaolin.

Masks like these were used by various tribes in Gabon.

The Mwo Spirit Maiden masks depict a beautiful young girl with her whitened face and serene expression. As in life, this beautiful young girl wears an elaborate hairstyle illustrated by polychrome colors.

The mask would be worn with a colorful costume covering his body. Although the mask has an Asian expression, no such connection has been made.

Known as Duma or Mvudi, it represents a female guardian spirit in the initiation of young girls, funeral rites, ancestor worship and also in full moon dances.

Material: wood

Age: mid-20th century

Origin: Gabon

Tribe: Punu

Dimensions and Specifications - Shipment information

- Width: 19 cm

- Height: 32 cm

- Depth: 15 cm

- Weight (item packed): 2 kg

- Era: 1940-50

- Style: Ethnic Arts - Tribal Arts

- Item Weight (kg): 2

- Parcel Weight: 4