Kpeliyee Mask, mid-20th century, Ivory Coast

Kpeliyee Mask, mid-20th century, Ivory Coast

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Very beautiful Kifwebe mask, mid-20th century from Congo from the Songye tribe.

A unique piece. The single item shown in the picture is the exact item you will receive.

Named Kifwebe or “Boismasque” – the same type of which was produced by both the Luba and the Songye – this tribal mask imposes itself with its masterful dimensions.

The term Kifwebe refers to the mask – the society of masks – and to the wearer of the mask belonging to the male secret society bwadi bwa kifwebe.

There are three variants: the masculine (kilume) generally with a high crest - the feminine (kikashi) with a very low or absent crest - and finally the greatest embodying power (kia ndoshi).

Material: Wood

Age: mid-20th century

Origin: Congo

Tribe: Songye

Dimensions and Specifications - Shipment information

- Width: 8 cm

- Height: 44 cm

- Depth: 12 cm

- Weight (item packed): 2 kg

- Era: 1940-50

- Style: Ethnic Arts - Tribal Arts

- Item Weight (kg): 2

- Parcel Weight: 4