Lapis-lazuli (2,8 kg) on brass stand, one of its kind, coming from the north of Afghanistan

Lapis-lazuli with brass base (2,8kg)

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Lapis-lazuli block of 2.8 kg on a brass base from Afghanistan.
A wonderful unique piece!
Lapis-Lazuli, whose royal blue color is highly sought after, is the most famous of the stones linked to intuition. The great rulers of the world (Pharaohs, emperors, kings, etc.) have always considered it a sacred stone intended to help them achieve on g-reign with wisdom and justice. The Egyptians in particular held Lapis in high esteem and imported it from Afghanistan where it has been extracted for 6500 years.
Lapis-lazuli has therefore always symbolized royalty, that is to say the ability to reign over one's inner and outer kingdom q-guided by the intuition of a divine source and not by selfish personal will.
The gentle energy of lapis will benefit those who are willing and in control. It will promote subtle listening and afuidity in their actions, which will ease tensions.
Lapis has the reputation of also being the stone of friendship because it helps to intuitively perceive what is right in a relationship, so it will have its place in your living room such as the living room, living room or a desk.
The most beautiful Lapis Lazuli come from the province of Badakhshan in northern Afghanistan. In a narrow valley, covered with snow most of the year, mines have been exploited for 6500 years!
The Sumerians, then later the Egyptians appreciated this blue stone, as evidenced by the many statues and blue beads found in the tombs of important people. And all of them, like this one, came from the Afghan mountains.
Lapis-Lazuli is a rock composed of 14 different minerals, the main one being Lazurite, blue, and the little golden touch brought by the Pyrite which sprinkles this mineral.
A few veins of white Calcite run through this magnificent piece.
L 11cm x 6cm x H 32cm

Dimensions and Specifications - Shipment information

- Width: 11 cm

- Height: 32 cm

- Depth: 6 cm

- Weight (item packed): 3 kg

- Avaibility: Unique piece - Only this item in stock

- Era: Actual Arts and crafts

- Style: Curiosities - Naturalia

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