Panoramic Marine Ink H330 x L675cm

Panoramic Marine Ink H330 x L675cm

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Panoramic Marine Ink H330cm x L 675cm

Ink drawing is the name of this monochrome technique which has enormous depth.

This panoramic is 6.75 meters long without repeats.

It is planned to be 3.3 meters high (but you can remove part of the height) and consists of 3 rolls (75cm x 990cm roll).

A roll consists of 3 panels of 75cm x 330cm.

But you may want an empty ocean that you fill with your frames or paintings, as in the different photos or with just 3 jellyfish, as in the photo.

This decorative panel has been patiently designed with 4 species of jellyfish, but you can decide how many you want to suit your decor.

Dimensions and Specifications - Shipment information

- Width: 675 cm

- Height: 330 cm

- Depth: 0 cm

- Weight (item packed): 8 kg

- Era: Actual Arts and crafts

- France Delivery (Out of Corsica and Dom Tom): 2-3 weeks

- State: Distressed

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