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La Maison Arteslonga, a family business founded in 2010, lives up to its motto "Existing is a Fact, Living is an Art" and likes to explore and bring together styles and eras in a desire for harmony and softness.

Shabby Chic

Unique and exclusive vintage shabby chic and Country Chic furniture.   A touch of glamor, elegance, romance that emerge from each shabby chic furniture made in weathered wood, distressed leather, vintage velvet, limed paint and more.   Maison Arteslonga To find more, please click here.


A timeless collection of furnishings inspired by modernist lines of the Modernism, cultural and artistic movement that animated Western societies in the late nineteenth century until the years 1930-1950 in the field of Art, Architecture, Interior design  and in literature.

Minimalist Raw

A collection of furniture that gives voice to the nobility of raw materials and natural wood, stone, metal ... Minimalist Design: simple and clean lines, direct and firm. Durable and environmentally friendly furniture for a beautiful, harmonious and simple decoration for your interior or exterior. Some pieces are tailor-made. Arteslonga. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Luxury Movie Star 50s

The luxury of decoration and furniture world entirely handmade. Exclusive and unique furnishings in a Movie Star Mid-Century style. Haute Couture furniture for a clientele looking for excellence. These decoration furniture are custom-made and can also be made to measure. Arteslonga To find more, please click here.


A selection of timeless furniture and objects. Maison Arteslonga 


Orientalism is a literary and artistic movement born in Western Europe in the 18th century. Through its breadth and vogue, throughout the 19th century, it marked the interest and curiosity of artists and writers for the countries of the west (the Maghreb) or the Levant (the Middle East). Born in the fascination of the Ottoman Empire, this exotic trend is associated with all the artistic currents of the 19th century, academic, romantic, realist or even impressionist. It is present in architecture, music, painting, literature, poetry…


Italy is the birthplace of the Baroque. From the middle of the 16th century to the 18th century, the Baroque style marked European art and architecture, not to mention the fields of music and dance. Characterized by a taste for movement, dramatization and decorative exuberance, Baroque is a complex aesthetic paradigm that aims to surprise and move viewers. A large-scale movement, it quickly spread from Italy to the major countries of Europe. Rubens, Vélasquez, Caravaggio, Bernini… These few famous names reveal the influence on a European scale of the Baroque, which could be defined as a spirit contrary to that of classicism.

Proustian Era

An interior decoration collection inspired by the Napoleon III era and the beginning of the 20th century offering revisited furniture and decorative accessories for a unique and inspiring current decoration. The Napoleon III style is located between 1852 and 1870. Presents two very different aspects: the copy and the Napoleon III style itself. It consists, especially in the early years, of a mixture of different previous styles: Louis XIV, Boulle furniture; Louis XV for the living rooms: rockery and gilded wood, Louis XVI for the bedrooms; finally Renaissance for the dining rooms. Little by little it will take on its true character: blackened pear wood, mother-of-pearl inlays, small pieces of furniture, trinkets, padded seats.A collection of interior decoration inspired by the Napoleon III period and the beginning of the 20th century, offering furniture and decorative accessories revisited for a unique and inspiring current decoration.


Decorative art in the ancient Greco-Roman style, a unique style of decoration including magnificent sculptures, statues, busts, bodies and faces of remarkable craftsmanship.
  • Statue in Ceramic Great Dane H90cm

    Dog statue, Great Dane race, made of ceramic and hand painted.
    A reproduction of animal statues that were made in the 50s.

    Very beautiful unusual decorative object.

  • Ceramic Vase, Man Moor Head


    Vase of a Moor Head made in ceramic, Sicily - Italy. Borbon King, old ancient white finishing, ceramic, double cooking. The moors were members of Muslim people of North Africa, of mixed Arab and Berber descent. In the 8th century they were converted to Islam and established power in North Africa, Sicily and Spain, where they established a civilization (756–1492).

  • Travelling Set Black and White - set of 8 Frames


    Set of 8 frames of poetic travel photos under glass, a world tour "vintage traveling" spirit.

    Blackened wooden frames and glass, the largest measures 74x74 cm:

  • Coffee Table Green Marble & Brass Milla - On Order

    The Milla Coffee Table carries an uncompromised retro style and strong presence. It boasts a verde guatemala marble top, supported by a stainless steel structure in a brass finish with a low shelf for storage. 
    This marble and brass coffee table is fully inspired by the mid-century modern decor.
  • Bee Paper Press

    Nice paper press in the shape of a bee.
    Sculpture made of aged brass with its drop of water in glass.
    A craftsmanship of all beauty.
    A very original decorative object.
  • Floor Lamp Foliage Made in Brass

    The floor lamp Foliage made in brass.

    A superb and large lamp of 175cm in the style of 20-30 fern-shaped with a very elegant round base and foliage with 4 branches made of natural brass.

    Its remarkable design makes this floorlamp the masterpiece and perfect decorative piece for an exotic and modern environment, which can be used in a modern design lounge or a chic and elegant dining room.

  • Jar Fauna and Flora Motifs


    Superb jar with fauna and flora motifs in relief.
    Entirely hand painted.
    Italian hand-made.
    A limited edition.
    Height of this jar: 34 cm.

  • Wall Lamp Ceylan Vintage Brass Finish

    Superb Ceylan Wall Lamp made of antique brass and crystal, with imposing volume, offers an unprecedented theatrical version thanks to the association of carved brass in the shape of a palm leaf andand its airy glass crystal pendants. The striking contrast between the lightness of crystal and the density of brass questions our perception of lightness and weight.

  • Bookends Greyhound Heads

    Greyhound heads bookends made of metal colored bronze.
    Black lacquered and patinated porcelain pedestals.
    Original decorative object and fun.
  • Velvet Armchair Glove 70s

    The design, shape and the velvet that covers the Glove armchair brings all its intense presence to this armchair. Exquisite armchair in velvet fabric. The base is made in polished brass. A majestic armchair of exquisite refinement which revisits the design of the 70s.

  • The Prince of Wales Sofa

    Some of the most impressive monuments of the Middle Ages, and medieval castles, are in Wales, often called the "Land of the Castles". Inspired by these medieval castles this sofa jewelry will be the comfort fortress of your living room. The Prince of Wales sofa with its curved back, aged brass base and a string of gilded gold nails will make your living room feel modern or classic.
  • Large Table Lamp Black Pearls 62cm high

    Large Table Lamp Black Pearls 62 cm high made of brass.
    A beautiful craftsmanship, a remarkable presence for this lighting.
    Sold without lampshade.
  • Pair of Candleholders Blue & Pink Parrots

    A pair of porcelain candlesticks with a height of 36.5cm. Splendid blue and pink parrots resting on a branch of trees. A very nice presence for this pair of baroque candlesticks, romantic and naturalist. Brass candle holder worked and carved. Beautiful flamboyant colors.
  • Brass and Crystal Chandelier Ceylan H88cm


    This magnificent chandelier, with its imposing volume, offers a theatrical version thanks to the association of carved brass in the shape of a palm leaf and its taste buds in light and airy glass crystal.

    The striking contrast between the lightness of crystal and the density of brass questions our perception of lightness and weight.

  • Large Blue Parrot Table Lamp, Right


    Table lamp with its large blue porcelain parrot 43cm high placed on a tree branch with blackened brass foliage resting on a black stone imitation ceramic base.

    Blue on the outside, the color of the inside of the parrot's tail and a light gradient green.

    Magnificent, a decorative work of perfect execution.

    Sold without the lampshade.

    Height of the lamp without the lampshade: 55cm - Depth: 24cm - Width: 22cm.

  • Pineapple Table Lamp in Porcelain, H44cm


    Large white porcelain pineapple lamp with a height of 44cm (without the lampshade)

    Pineapple column in worked porcelain and base of the foot in sculpted bronze, 44cm high and 13cm in diameter.

    Lamp sold without the lampshade.

    Golden electric wire.


    A lamp of great finesse and elegance.


    A very beautiful decorative object for a charming interior.

    A remarkable piece for a refined and unique interior decoration.

  • Pair of White and Black Parrot Candle Holders...


    A pair of high porcelain candlesticks 50cm high.

    These candlesticks are made of white porcelain with a beautiful white porcelain parrot. 

    The base of the candlestick is square and column is made of white porcelain and brass that are worked and sculpted in the Napoleon III style.


    Two admirable pieces in a baroque, romantic and naturalistic style that we love.

  • Wall Light Senza Left

    Beautiful Movie Star wall light (right) with its round white glass and black & gold finish iron structure.
    Beautiful stylized Wall lamp made in iron and glass.
  • Wall Light Senza Right

    Beautiful Movie Star wall light (right) with its round white glass and black & gold finish iron structure.
    Beautiful stylized Wall lamp made in iron and glass.
  • Green Sauge Velvet Stool


    Stool in green sauge velvet and stainless steel.

    This stool is also available on our website in Pink, Green, Grey and Raspberry.

  • French Witch Mirror ∅ 90 cm


    Great French witch mirror of 90 cm diameter of great elegance.

    Each mirror is a unique piece of craft manufacturing in the style of the late XIX century.

  • Centaur Torso Statue


    Torso of Centaur handcrafted in patinated resin and aged by hand. Imitation marble. A remarkable current artisan work for this piece of history. Reproduction of a Greek statue of the 2nd century BC (only the torso survived) representing a Centaur with his hands tied behind his back. This torso with its powerful musculature has inspired many artists in the 16th and 17th century.

  • Art Nouveau Lamp, Blue Landscape


    High Art Nouveau Lamp. This Art Nouveau style lamp of current craftsmanship production is a faithful reproduction of ARt Nouveau lamps produced at that time in the 1900s in the style of the school of Nancy. 

  • Butterflies Antherina Suraka under glass


    8 butterflies IDEA BLANCHARDI under glass.

  • Flamingo in Porcelain, Brass and Gold, 81cm high

    Superb flamingo figurine made in porcelain and brass with a total height of 81cm. A modern craftsmanship of any beauty. The legs of the bird and the aquatic plants are made of brass. You will notice that the flamingo's neck and beak are painted with gilding. A remarkable piece for a refined and unique interior decoration.
  • Bespoke Palazzo Bench Raw Wood

    The raw wooden bench Palazzo, is a bench made of timeless, convivial and generous craftsmanship made exclusively to order.

    A nice bench in natural and raw wood, authentic piece of interior or exterior, very resistant.

  • Bespoke Table Raw Wood Palazzo

    Exquisite large raw wooden dining table.

    Timeless, friendly and generous wooden dining table.

    A beautiful raw wood dining table, an authentic piece made by hand entirely in of old wood, for inside or outside, very strong.

  • Rose Bud Chair - Price On Request

    The awesome design of this draped velvet armchair, its finish and the quality of velvet covering the Rose Bud chair bring great intensity to this exceptional piece. A majestic armchair of exquisite refinement that revisits the design codes of the 50s. Wrap yourself in a flower petal and enjoy the fluidity of the graceful lines that wrap gently around your body.

  • Round Dining Table Serena, Made to Order

    The round dining table Serena.
    The shapes, materials and textures of nature are immortalized in a striking way in this magnificent round meal table.
    Round tray in tempered glass with a diameter of 152cm, bronze color.
    Tubular legs beautifully intertwined with gold powder finish, matte finish.
  • Garbo Armchair - Made To Order

    Luxury cotton velvet armchair green-mile color, 2 places, inspired from the Art Deco era . 
    Modern design freely inspired from the Art Deco years. 
    The Garbo armchair has sensual and delicate shapes of a woman and the power of a tree of life, this combination makes this sofa a perfect centerpiece for your living room . 
  • Pythagore Console

    The Pythagore console.
    A beautiful contemporary console of contemporary craftsmanship.
    Handcrafted of impeccable quality made exclusively to the order. This console is made exclusively for you, once your order has been made.
  • Steed Sideboard Made on Order

    The Ray Sideboard, contemporary realization of 200cm wide and 50cm deep, made in a beautiful veneer of rosewood.
    A striking modern design in the typical Nordic style of the 50s.
    Superb facade with its doors and three large drawers curved.
  • Floor Lamp 20s style

    Floor lamp in the 20s style. For this current handmade lamp, the shape of a Chinese lantern was preserved but turned into a frosted glass shade. The light is soft, but real. For the body of the lamp is purified by mixing satin brass and black. The result retains the elegance of the 1920s while being very current.
  • Made-to-Measure Black Oak Dining Table W

    The Table W is made of black brushed metal for the structure and its superb tray in solid oak stained in black. The W table can be elegantly used as a desk. Made-to-measure realization possible to the dimensions of your choice, contact us to receive a quote within 24 hours.
  • Big Chief Sioux Headdress

    Beautiful headdress of war of Sioux chief. Reproduction of a real headdress of war chief Sioux. Made from real turkey feathers and finely woven pearls. A superb actual workmanship: colors, lightness and diversity of materials.
  • Statue, Head of Unicorn

    The unicorn, sometimes called unicorn, is a legendary creature with a single horn. Its controversial origin is the result of multiple influences, particularly descriptions of animals such as the rhinoceros and antelope, from stories of explorers in the past.
  • Suar Wood Chair Etna


    Dining chair with three legs made of solid Suar wood.

    A remarkable and unusual seat, in the raw and minimalist style entirely made of Suar wood and polished by hand, magnificent around a large dining table or outside in your garden, on a shaded terrace, around a swimming pool or a pretty decorated balcony.

    Handmade and natural items, also details and finishes may vary and, due to handcrafted production, variations in finish are possible.

    All the wood used is old wood, root wood or driftwood. The wood may contain natural cracks and holes, some of which could be repaired with the same wood at the workshop.

  • Pedestal Table Piston Carrare Marble

    Piston pedestal table in Carrara marble and base in black finish stainless steel exclusively made to order.
    The Piston pedestal table measures 74cm in height.
    Very beautiful square or round tray made of Carrara marble.
    The possible dimensions with a round top are: ø60cm - ø70 cm - ø80 cm - ø90 cm.
    Possible dimensions with a square Carrara marble top: 60x60 cm - 70x70 cm - 80x80 cm - 90x90 cm.
    Marble top thickness: 2 cm.
    A very beautiful design and artisanal finish.
    A very beautiful pedestal table in the loft workshop style.
    This pedestal table is heavy with its marble top which must be handled with care.
  • Oak Dining Table Atelier Made To Measure

    Beautiful dining table Atelier made entirely in solid oak that will beautifully embellish the interior decoration of your home. We build this beautiful custom-made dining table exclusively for you to the dimensions of your choice, for that contact us:
  • Gioia Solid Oak Dining Table

    Customization of the Gioia solid oak dining table is possible within 6 to 8 weeks. Of a simple and refined beauty.
    Realization and craftsmanship of an irreproachable quality. Between industrial inspiration and raw natural materials, where the knots of the wood are often put forward, this dining table in solid oak is of a perfect quality of execution.

  • Original Walnut 30's Sideboard

    Sideboard 1930s made in walnut. Entirely transformed by "salt sandblasting", with a matte finish that highlights the veining of the doors. Its marble top is original. Very beautiful patterns of walnut on the doors. Two doors and four central drawers.
  • Contemporary Gray Oval Dining Table

    Beautiful contemporary oval dining table with its 170cm long tray and 110cm deep. This oval table design 70s is made of MDF, resin and fiberglass. A gray faux-marble design spirit from the 60s-70s that we love.
  • Venice Sofa Blue Midnight 230 cm


    The Venice sofa.

    Superb sofa in a beautiful midnight blue cotton velvet 230 cm wide.


    A modern design freely inspired by that of the sofas of the 50s.

  • Oval Dining Table Pablo L230cm

    The solid wood dining table Pablo is a beautiful contemporary oval dining table made of eucalyptus wood, smoked finish. Beautiful oval solid wood dining table with modern design, unique workmanship, contemporary craftsmanship. A dining table of incredible strength and unusual design, a rarity.
  • Brass and Porcelain Monkeys Bookends, H35cm


    Large porcelain bookends 35cm high. Figurines of bronze monkeys with palm trees.


    An unusual decorative object, two malicious bronze monkeys under their palm.


    Bookends made of black porcelain and bronze palm trees

  • Candleholders Green Parrots, set of 2

    Magnificent porcelain candlesticks with a height of 36.5cm. Splendid green parakeets and floral motifs. A very beautiful presence for this baroque, romantic and naturalistic candle holder made of ceramic and sculpted brass. Base and candle holder in worked and sculpted brass. Stunning flamboyant colors. Sold in pairs only.
  • Dining Table Chevron

    Reminiscent of Danish design furniture from the 1950s, the Chrevon Dining Table grants your home interior a genuine retro look and feel.  The charcoal oak veneer tabletop features a beautiful herringbone pattern. It rests on a metal base with bronze finish to ensure it effortly blends in a variety of décors.