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Find all the new interior decoration items of Arteslonga: sofas, chairs, objects of curiosities, decorative accessories ...

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The house Arteslonga

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  • Coffee Table Bronze Metal Laugh L60cm

    The Laugh coffee table in bronze finish metal. A minimalist and raw style living room coffee table made entirely of metal. Hollow inside it is possible to store books and bottles. A minimalist and raw style that we really appreciate. Modular element to assemble with the coffee table Smile, if desired.
  • Black Marble Handmade Ceramic Vase

    €383.33 -0% €383.33
    Large ceramic vase 51 cm high and 19 cm in diameter with patterns inspired by black marble or abstract motifs.
    Entirely painted by hand.

    Italian hand-made.

    A limited edition.
  • The Turtle Box, in Resin

    €133.33 -0% €133.33
  • Low Sideboard Yves 160cm

    The Yves Buffet. A very beautiful low sideboard, an authentic piece of contemporary craftsmanship entirely handmade. The dimensions: 160 cm long by 45 cm deep and 45 cm high. The natural wood doors are framed by a belt and black wood legs. Gold finish metal cuffs.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Photo Frame 130x100cm

    Large photo frame of Yves Saint Laurent under methacrylate (plexiglass) of 130x100cm.
  • Coffee Table Bronze Metal Smile 85cm

    The Smile coffee table in bronze finish metal. A minimalist and raw style living room coffee table made entirely of metal. Hollow inside it is possible to store books and bottles. A minimalist and raw style that we really appreciate. Modular element to assemble with Smile coffee table, if desired.
  • Villy Chair, On Demand

    Welcome your guests in style with the Villy chair. A cheerful and cheerful dining chair, full of luxurious features that will bring personality and uniqueness to your living / dining room. It is covered with velvet and has mixed tones on both the back and the round padded cushion. Superb curved open back that contrasts with the thin brass feet.

  • Raw Wood Bar Counter Palazzo 180cm

    The Palazzo raw wood bar counter, a timeless, friendly and generous counter made to order. A beautiful bar counter in natural and raw solid wood with two storage shelves, an authentic piece of interior or exterior, very resistant. The structure of the Palazzo counter is made with thick antique raw pine planks dried in the sun and assembled together to form a pretty piece of furniture

  • Convex Mirror Antique Bronze Hippolyte ∅ 90 cm

    €1,233.33 -0% €1,233.33
    Dress up your hallway, living room, bedroom or bathroom with the Hippolyte convex mirror. Featuring a simple ribbed frame in an antique bronze finish, this charming convex mirror holds a timeless style. This witch mirror with a convex mirror with a total circumference of 90cm will dress your walls and your interior with grandeur and pomp.
  • Lantern Mingh

    If you love the botanical jungle trend, the Mingh lantern is a must-have for you! 
    This stylish and contemporary pendant features a faux bamboo fixture with vintage brass finish. 
    Dimensions: ø 30,5 x H. 69,5 cm

  • Square Rug Mingh - Price On Demand

    Inspired by the darkness of night, the Mingh rug is part of our luxury Movie Star collection. Inside this handmade work, the shape of the square repeats itself, creating a play of lights and shadows and, at the same time, an interesting optical illusion. The rug design features a light show with natural wool and hand-tufted botanical silk lurex.
  • Iron Mirror Mingh H117 cm

    Mingh mirror in gold finish metal with Chinese style ideogram angles.
    A beautiful handcrafted achievement.
    Material: Iron
    Width: 77 cm
    Depth: 2.5cm
    Height: 117 cm
  • Antique Chinese Console in Elm L309cm

    Splendid old Chinese console in elm. Very large dimensions: 309 x 40 x H89cm for this unique piece which is characterized by its great finesse and lightness in the design. This console has 230 years of service. It is simply magnificent with its traces left by time. A charm and a crazy poetry emanates from this remarkable and unique piece from Shanxi. A very solid and stable antique.
  • Coffee Table Atole Gold - ∅ 45 cm

    A living room coffee table whose structure is made of worked metal and openwork brass finish in which small round mirrors are juxtaposed. The height of the openwork metal structure of the coffee table is 52cm by a diameter of 76cm. A round glass tray with a diameter of 76cm is placed on the golden metal structure. A unique bohemian-chic style that we really appreciate. An unusual artisanal work.
  • Horus Rug

    The Horus Rug is inspired by gardens, plants, flowers and all vegetation and transmits to us its delicacy, its seductive beauty and its sensuality. Inspired by the diversity of life on Earth, the Horus rug is crafted from hand-tufted botanical silk, which shows all the power of nature and its elegance. An elegant and 100% handmade rug, made of botanical silk. A wonderful piece of craftsmanship.

  • Chinese Handcrafted Condiment Jar

    Handcrafted condiment jar in Chinese qianlong porcelain, Diameter: 34cm, handcrafted and hand painted, a unique piece.
    Diameter: 34cm. Height: 60cm
    Handcrafted and hand painted.
    A unique piece.

  • Raw Black and Gold Coffee Table Set

    A set of 3 aluminum and metal coffee tables.
    Color: black and aged gold.
    These coffee tables are handcrafted and the raw finish of the tops is desired.
    An original set with a strong presence.
  • Green Bamako Wallpaper, On Request

    Wooden statues, colorful masks, ornaments, painted fabrics, body paintings, buildings: African art expresses tribal customs and tells how strict laws bring all things to life. The Green Bamako wallpaper, with its powerful and expressive language, is dedicated to Africa with links to the primitive forces of existence.
  • Mirror Liliy

    The Lily mirror in the shape of a water lily flower.
    Mirror entirely made of corrugated and golden metal.
  • Armchair Violette, Purple Woven Linen

    Welcome your guests with the Violette lounge chair. The Violette armchair displays by its design a resolutely vintage character from the 50s and 60s. The fabric of the armchair is provided with a purple woven linen which directly refers to the typical furniture of the 50s and 60s. The Violette armchair is a joyful nod to the interior design trends of these decades.

  • Art Deco Table Lamp Brando

    €383.33 -0% €383.33
    Brando table lamp in gold metal and black shade in the Art Deco style. The base of the lamp is made of assembled tubes of gold and polished metal. These rings rotate on their axis 360 degrees, making the Brando table lamp base a flexible and perfect piece to originally illuminate your office or living room. Dome shaped metal shade, black finish.
  • Yellow Velvet Round Stool Allegro

    Enhance your bedroom or living room with the Allegro stool, whose charm evokes a sumptuous retro style. This charming round ottoman is decorated with a yellow velvet covering and a foot made of brushed brass. Its geometric design is composed of parallel vertical lines, for a superb Art Deco effect. Fabric composition: 100% Polyester.
  • Rug Made On Order, Bamako

    Magnificent Bamako carpet made by hand exclusively to order. Absolutely divine colors and designs. A remarkable unique piece, a fully woven and hand-knotted carpet. This magnificent rug will find its place in your home because it is simply fabulous and will light up your room with all its pure beauty. A unique handcrafted piece, estimate on request.
  • Grapes Vase Black Ceramic H25cm

    Large grapes vase made of yellow ceramic.
    A very nice presence for this decorative vase.
    An original design reminiscent of the vases that were created in the 1970s.
    A playful and timeless look.
    Height 25cm by 18.7 cm wide.
  • Amparo Low Sideboard - 160 cm

    The Amparo low sideboard and its wooden structure is an authentic piece of contemporary craftsmanship. Its allure and dark hue will elegantly reveal its brass-colored handles. Supported by high black tapered wooden legs on either side, they ensure the strength and stability of the Amparo sideboard with style.
  • Turquoise Ceramic Vase H32cm

    This Turquoise Ceramic vase is a beautiful object for the home, which with its elegant shape and surface attracts attention with elegance and discretion. Place a plant in this beautiful vase with a unique turquoise earthenware surface, or use this beautiful object as a decorative element. The vase is 32 cm high and 21 cm in diameter.
  • Bonny chair

    Welcome your guests with the Bonny chair. Inspired by Danish mid-century design, this chair will meet the demands of comfort and stability. With its steam-formed black wood frame and natural rope seat, the Bonny chair and its curved shapes bring a welcoming lightness.
  • Ursula Gray Low Sideboard - 160 cm

    The Ursula gray wooden sideboard and its brass finish stainless steel structure. A very beautiful low sideboard, an authentic piece of contemporary craftsmanship entirely handmade. The grain of the wood is visible under the gray tint, which gives a natural charm to this low sideboard with a contemporary design.
  • Orcher Velvet Armchair Glove 70s

    The brilliant design of this armchair and the fabric that covers the Glove armchair brings a great intensity to this latter. A majestic armchair of exquisite refinement that revisits the design codes of the 70's. The base is in light polished brass. An interior decoration element to be placed in a living room, hotel lobby or sitting area to create a cozy and cozy ambience.
  • Mirror Occulus H186cm


    Large mirror 186cm high by 126cm wide composed of a large central vertical mirror surrounded by a mosaic of small round mirrors inserted in a gilded metal structure in brass style. A very beautiful craftsmanship. A large vertical mirror, the original realization of which will embellish the interior decoration of your living space.

  • Ultramarine Blue Glass Vase H26cm

    €308.33 -0% €308.33
    Ideal for all-season decorations, the Ultramarine Hand Blown Glass Blue Vase offers you a world of decorative options. Its design with beautifully irregular facets brings a subtle organic style. Give an organic and industrial touch to your interior with the Ultramarine Blue vase.
    Hand blown by skilled craftsmen, each vase is totally unique.
  • Black and White Hand-Tufted Silk Rug 200x300cm

    Large Black and White Hand-Tufted Silk Rug 200x300cm. A remarkable unique piece, a fully woven and hand-knotted carpet.
    This magnificent rug will find its place in your home because it is simply fabulous and will light up your room with all its pure beauty.
    A unique handcrafted piece.