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New Items

Find all the new interior decoration items of Arteslonga: sofas, chairs, objects of curiosities, decorative accessories...


  • Set of 2 Tulip Engravings - 50x50cm

    Set of 2 very beautiful engravings of beautiful black and white tulips.
    Each watercolor is surrounded by an elegant black wooden frame with aged silver edging and a transparent glass.
    Guaranteed elegance.
  • Red Coral Branch on Golden Stand - H48cm


    Beautiful reproduction of a branch coral made of orange-red resin on a base. Presented on a black and gold base embellished with natural rock crystals.

    Coral is actually an animal of the Cnidarian phylum. Corals generally live in colonies of individuals called “polyps” which are “superorganisms”. Each polyp secretes its own exoskeleton; depending on the species, this exoskeleton is hard or soft.

    Our collection of corals in synthetic material is handcrafted, reproducing identically the texture of these living specimens, most of which are now protected.

  • Console Made in Resin Canyon, Oxidized Copper...

    The Canyon oval console is a superb contemporary oval console made of resin (GRP*) aged copper finish.
    Original oval console with a modern, raw and minimalist design, unique manufacturing, contemporary craftsmanship.
    A console with incredible strength and extraordinary design, a rarity.
    The feet are adjustable.
    If you are looking for a unique piece of furniture in the raw and minimalist style, this oval console in a slight bean shape is made for you!
    Due to its handcrafted design, each console has a unique expression.
    An explosive design for this large console and its unique built-in legs.
    This large console table in GRP resin with an aged copper finish benefits from great stability and extreme solidity.
    * What is GRP or PRV?
    GRP is an acronym for Glass Reinforced Plastic or polyester reinforced with glass fibers (PRV) in French.
    Composed mainly of a polymer matrix supplemented with glass fibers, this ultra-versatile material can be used to manufacture many equipment, including explosion-proof and increased safety equipment.
    In general, the polymer matrix of GRP is a thermosetting resin such as epoxy, vinyl ester or polyester.
    The resin used gives the alloy its full resistance to chemical effluents. Its hardening is generated by the addition of a catalyst.
    As for the fiberglass, it is incorporated during the production process in order to reinforce the polymer matrix. It can be added completely randomly or oriented according to the degree of resistance desired.
    In terms of properties, GRP is a material of choice because it has a high strength/weight ratio, excellent durability, lightness, in addition to not being electrically conductive.
    What are the benefits of GRP fiberglass?
    Using unsaturated polyester reinforced with glass fibers has many advantages in the manufacture of equipment and materials.
    At ADF Systèmes, here is why we have chosen to offer you products made with GRP:
    Mechanical resistance: as resistant as metals to mechanical shock, vibration and explosion tests.
    Chemical resistance: GRP resists attacks from acids and bases. If these products are in high concentration, the resistance of the GRP is equal to that of the metal.
    Non-corrosion: Better than aluminium, GRP is at least as resistant as stainless steel.
    Virtually zero maintenance: GRP furniture can be “fitted and forgotten”.
    Flame retardant: successful passage of the ISO 1210 standard.
    UV stability: GRP has proven, through accelerated aging tests, its resistance over more than 50 years. The tests passed are ISO 4892, ISO 179 and EN 50014.
    Thermal stability: allows installation anywhere in the world.
    This large copper console with an aged finish benefits from great stability and extreme solidity.
  • 2 Butterflies Wattercolors Reproductions - 55x70cm

    Watercolor Butterflies Reproductions - Set of 2 Framed Paintings.
    Set of 2 very beautiful watercolor reproductions of tropical butterflies. Each print is surrounded by an elegant dark brown frame with an aged effect gold border and clear glass.
    Dimensions of each engraving: H70 x 55cm.
    Guaranteed elegance.
  • Wide Solid Wood Dining Table Avignon 400x120cm

    Wide Avignon farmhouse dining table in solid old wood 430 x 120 cm.
    Huge old raw wood tray 400cm long and 120cm wide with beautiful grain and visible wood knots. This beautiful Aivignon farm table is a solid and sturdy table.
    A very beautiful farmhouse table with a noble and friendly aesthetic, designed entirely in solid old pine. This dining table model combines authenticity, elegance and conviviality
    A remarkable achievement for this model of farm table suitable for large living spaces, castles or manors. It will find its place and embellish your living room or main room.
    A unique table in the charming, shabby chic furniture style.
    Eco-environmental furniture par excellence, this beautiful raw wood dining table is made from recycled wood. All wood used is reclaimed wood from doors and structural beams from older buildings. Therefore, a variation in structure and color is possible between each table. The wood can thus contain some small natural cracks or holes which are authentic and give a side natural charm. Large holes are repaired with patches of the same wood.
    The wood has been stripped and brushed by hand to reveal the knots and beautiful veins of the essence of old wood. The wood is therefore natural and raw and the top must be protected before first use with water-based impregnation oil, a 100% natural product. We provide you with a water-based impregnation oil that offers protection and hardly changes the original appearance.
    The whole is of great stability and excellent strength.
    - Delivery by carrier.
    - Given its volume, a flat rate is applied.
    - International delivery, contact us
    - Delivered ready to assemble with its plate separated from the feet and the spacer. Delivery is made on the ground floor and must be assembled by you, unless you request in writing. A quote will then be submitted to you.
    Also find on our site our unique collection of dining tables, farm tables and country tables with a noble and friendly aesthetic.
  • Lapis-lazuli with brass base (2,8kg)

    Lapis-lazuli block of 2.8 kg on a brass base from Afghanistan.
    A wonderful unique piece!
    Lapis-Lazuli, whose royal blue color is highly sought after, is the most famous of the stones linked to intuition. The great rulers of the world (Pharaohs, emperors, kings, etc.) have always considered it a sacred stone intended to help them achieve on g-reign with wisdom and justice. The Egyptians in particular held Lapis in high esteem and imported it from Afghanistan where it has been extracted for 6500 years.
    Lapis-lazuli has therefore always symbolized royalty, that is to say the ability to reign over one's inner and outer kingdom q-guided by the intuition of a divine source and not by selfish personal will.
    The gentle energy of lapis will benefit those who are willing and in control. It will promote subtle listening and afuidity in their actions, which will ease tensions.
    Lapis has the reputation of also being the stone of friendship because it helps to intuitively perceive what is right in a relationship, so it will have its place in your living room such as the living room, living room or a desk.
    The most beautiful Lapis Lazuli come from the province of Badakhshan in northern Afghanistan. In a narrow valley, covered with snow most of the year, mines have been exploited for 6500 years!
    The Sumerians, then later the Egyptians appreciated this blue stone, as evidenced by the many statues and blue beads found in the tombs of important people. And all of them, like this one, came from the Afghan mountains.
    Lapis-Lazuli is a rock composed of 14 different minerals, the main one being Lazurite, blue, and the little golden touch brought by the Pyrite which sprinkles this mineral.
    A few veins of white Calcite run through this magnificent piece.
    L 11cm x 6cm x H 32cm
  • Récamier Mirror H230cm, 2 finishes available


    Sculpté à la main dans du bois d'acajou et orné de feuilles et de fleurs délicates, le cadre à la finition dorée ou blanc vieilli de style français est absolument magnifique.

    Très haut miroir de réalisation artisanale actuelle de style ancien et baroque du plus bel effet. 

    De très belles finitions.

    Une pièce originale et de belle qualité.

  • Black Dining Table Epicure L300x116cm


    The Epicure dining table is a superb contemporary oblong dining table made of Mindi wood, black finish.

    It is made entirely by hand in black mindi wood.

    Beautiful wooden dining table with a modern design. Unique production, contemporary craftsmanship.

    A dining table of incredible strength and finesse with a large tabletop of 300cm by 116 wide which leaves room for beautiful table decorations and space for many guests.

    An extraordinary design, a rarity with its unstructured legs.

    If you are looking for a unique piece of furniture for a refined and contemporary decoration, this Epicure wooden dining table is for you!

    The Epicure dining table has remarkable durability and resistance.

    • Length of 300cm

    • Width of 116cm

    An oval dining room table model whose current cabinetmaking work is remarkable, the design of this dining table adds a touch of smooth and silky wood.

    A magnificent design for this large dining table with its huge oblong top and legs that are also oval and unstructured.

    This large table made of mindi veneer benefits from great stability and extreme solidity.

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  • Pygmalion Table - Ceramic and Steel - 240x105cm

    The oval-shaped Pygmalion dining table made of imitation marble ceramic.
    Sleek style dining table. A magnificent oval shape made with a ceramic top and a base made up of three tubular legs in gold-coloured steel.
    The contemporary dining table Pygmalion also evokes antiquity with its monumental lines and it benefits from great stability thanks to its three steel legs whose shapes have been studied to stabilize the whole.
    A foot is 20cm in diameter, another 30cm in diameter and the last 40cm in diameter. There is always 20cm between the edge of the table and the edge of a leg under the table. No worries about the positioning of the legs once seated.
    A beautiful, unique dining table with a modern design for a contemporary and refined dining room.
    The oval Pygmalion dining table is 240cm long by 105cm at its widest. The ceramic top measures a thickness of 2 cm. Ceramic is a very resistant material and does not fear heat and stains unlike marble.
    This beautiful modern dining table is handcrafted.


  • Velvet Sofa With Fringes Gotham

    The Gotham sofa, a superb velvet sofa with its long fringes under the seat, wide armrests and deep seat to relax.
    A top-of-the-range Italian craftsmanship made exclusively on request. A superb sofa in flamboyant cotton velvet with so original colors.
    A remarkably comfortable piece that harmoniously combines originality, softness and romanticism.
    Excellent and deep seat with great comfort.
    The haute couture of furniture, a sublime and unique piece that can accommodate up to 4 people.
    An exceptional piece with unique style and comfort.
  • Oak Dining Table Floris

    The Floris dining room table in solid oak with a chic country style.
    Large rectangular dining table in solid wood, 280 cm long of a very nice craftsmanship.
    Breakfasts, lunches, brunches, table d'hôte, family dinners and holiday meals!
    The frame of this dining table is in solid poplar with its top made in solid aok, the whole rests on six legs turned in the shape of a pilaster, four of which are at the corners of the Signoria table and two at the level of the pretty spacer under the top, for a set of very good quality and full of charm in your interior decoration.
    This dining room table is handcrafted in French cabinetmaking traditions. You will install this large dining table in your kitchen, living room, dining room or even in your veranda, without problem.
    A majestic dining table, with a very beautiful effect.
    A remarkable dining table with exceptionally finished finishes that will welcome your guests with elegance.
  • Alexeï Library XIXth Style

    The large library Alexei has the distinction of having a style both charm and industry.

    This two body made entirely of pine is composed of 3 independent modules that will dress your wall in a fun way.

    The aged black patina and its interior in natural wood color gives it an authentic charm.
  • Napoleon III Chair


    Chair from the end of the 19th century / Napoleon III in the style of the toad armchair without armrests.

    A beautiful stylish seat, very comfortable with the particularity of not leaving any visible cabinetwork.

    Very nice decorative pompoms in the old style elegantly decorate both sides of the backrest.

    This seat is available in 3 colors of velvet: taupe, orange and deep English green.

    This seat is covered with padded velvet fabric and features high fringes to conceal the feet. The back of the backrest of this beautiful seat is not padded.


    A very beautiful chair of contemporary craftsmanship in the style of the late 19th century.


    Excellent seat with a height of 44 cm.


    A piece produced in a limited series, refined and elegant.