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Contact: Héloïse CARDI - Tel: +33 (0) 160 440 129
Héloïse Cardi, fondatrice et directrice artistique de la maison Arteslonga 
Founded in 2010 by Héloïse Cardi, Arteslonga claims: "To Exist is a Fact, to Live is an Art" and likes to explore and makes styles and eras meet in a desire for harmony and softness.

" The most cherished wish of Arteslonga is to bring beauty and a perpetual and benevolent harmony in your interior decoration so that you can achieve well-being in your place of life or work. Only true understanding, deep vision of things, the right view, and the diligence in creation and execution can enable this invaluable quest to be achieved: joy and well-being. "

Héloise Cardi - Founder and Artistic Director of Arteslonga - Interior Decorator.

We are here to guide you.

We know that changing your style can be a challenge, but whether you need help designing a completely new home or you do not know which sofa to choose or the perfect color for your bedroom, we're here to guide you .
Send us an inquiry or contact us: - Tel: +33 (0) 1 60 44 01 29 and we will organize a telephone appointment with you whenever you wish.

1 - The first step is to understand your wishes and what you want to achieve in your space.

We can visit you at home or you can send us your plans and photos. In this way, we can discover your tastes and priorities and take into account any relevant information about you and your home.

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

2 - Following our first exchange, we will make suggestions and recommendations to make the most of your space and integrate your ideas.

Interior Decoration Work by Arteslonga

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

Collection Moblier et accessoires Déco 2019 Arteslonga

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

3 - We will also explore the materials and make a selection of furniture and decorative accessories from the house Arteslonga.

Collection Mobilier Déco 2019 Arteslonga

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

4 - When you are 100% satisfied with your new interior, we will place an order for your selection of furniture and decorative items.

Our professional service team will deliver and position your furniture.

Mlod Board 2019

Interior Decoration Mood Board by Arteslonga

5- La réalisation de vos travaux de décoration.

Nous pouvons gérer et coordonner la bonne réalisation de vos travaux de décoration.

Interior Design by Arteslonga


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Arteslonga, French vintage home decoration and lifestyle house offers exclusive vintage homeware, vintage decoration ideas, inventive atmosphere and styles in a retro and vintage style.

As an art gallery, vintage decorative objects and vintage furniture selected by Arteslonga are available in single sale within unique vintage home ambiences and vintage styles.

Arteslonga goes beyond a vintage decoration and retro furniture shop by offering constantly renewed vintage home ambiences.

All our vintage and retro furniture and objects are available through several decoration atmospheres mixing retro decoration, exquisite ambiences in vintage styles, as, for example, the atmosphere of an artist's studio or a Venetian Italian lounge, the seaside atmosphere in Britany or Saint Tropez in the 70s, a poetic room in Languedoc, a romantic alcove in Provence, or an oriental vintage atmosphere in Marocco…

All these creations are exclusive achievements signed by the artistic direction of Arteslonga.

Arteslonga is a vintage and retro home decoration shop which provides an endless source of vintage interiors ideas. Arteslonga will bring to you several and unique vintage interiors atmospheres by mixing eras, styles, colors and materials. Arteslonga is constantly renewing its offer to provide you with unique items, rare, authentic, unusual, useful to create a unique ambience and style.

You wander romantic and glamorous stagings, French knowledge, always at the forefront of the trend.

These vintage and retro home ambiences will give you an idea of the decorative possibilities for your home in a retro, vintage or shabby chic style.

Looking for vintage or retro style decorating ideas for your room? Visit the different moods of interior design to find your ideas.

Go through the artist's studio and the Italian lounge and take a rest in the poetic room Napoleon III style. Escape to the Eastern world and hide in the romantic alcove.

Stroll along the seaside and meet the fisherman's wife ...


Arteslonga, a gallery of vintage art decoration mixing styles and eras.

"To exist is a fact, Living is an Art."

Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.

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  • Lamp Ronde des Champs H85cm

    Supported by a black granite plinth base, the dazzling Bonheur Table Lamp features a wheat sheaf sculpted from iron with antique gold finish. 
    It comes with a white lampshade.
  • Table Lamp Chinese Man - Left

    Table lamp - Chinese figurine man sitting in the lotus position. 
    The figurine is made of brass and hand painted.
    Handpainted cracked cardboard shade, hand painted in brown and golden borders.
  • Bette Sofa - Blue Midnight

    Large sofa velvet upholstered with folder and armrests shaped as a wave. 

    A real english or scottish style sofa but revisited, a touch of glamor for your interior.

    A homemade upscale feature. A beautiful cotton velvet upholstered sofa with impeccable finishes. A cozy piece that combines harmoniously the softness of the velvet with the strength of the legs in oak painted in black matte.

  • Folding Rattan Chair, 4 colors available


    The rattan and steel folding chair.

    Very beautiful handcrafted chair in rattan and metal structure.

    Available from stock. A limited series.

    Sturdy and lightweight stackable furniture.

    This cane chair is ideal for your terrace, in your garden but also for your interior.

    Comfortable, this woven fiber chair is light and very resistant.

    This chair will beautify your living room, your kitchen, your terrace, your veranda or your restaurant.

    A beautiful French craftsmanship, this folding chair is entirely handmade.

    Seat width: 39cm

    Stackability: stackable

    Indoor/Outdoor: Semi-Outdoor

    Fiber: Satin (Raucord)

    Structure materials: Steel, Marine plywood

    Weaving range: classic

    Seat height: 45cm

    Overall height: 90cm

    Overall width: 40cm

    Overall depth: 50cm

    Weight: 5kg

    Varnish and paint: Varnish

    Rattan, a material with extraordinary properties with limits.

    Rattan is a vine of the Palm race, which grows in very humid or even swampy equatorial forests.

    With its siliceous skin like glass, this extremely solid and light vine is particularly resistant to humidity, as are tropical woods, teak or others.

    But this resistance has its limits. Exposed to rain, rattan resists very well for a whole day or even a few days. But if this rain continues for too many hours, the humidity will gradually penetrate the Rattan, and day after day the material kept damp will end up slowly degrading and losing its resistance qualities.

    The physical limits of rattan imply precautions for use. On the terraces of Parisian cafes, the chairs can last for decades while they are often in the rain all day for long periods. But they are piled up every night under cover and can thus dry out.

    More generally, rattan can withstand rain for long hours without compromising its longevity, but must be able to dry regularly.

    In practice, rattan furniture can stay outside throughout the "summer season", the weather is hot and rather dry, continuous rains exceptionally last more than three or four days and Rattan withstands such rains without degrading.

    But as soon as the season advances, the temperature drops, there is a lot of condensation and humidity, the Rattan will gradually become humid, the long and heavy rains accentuating this degradation. In practice, these are sensitive situations by the sea.

    It is then imperative to put the seats under shelter, a ventilated shelter to avoid progressive humidification as soon as the "bad season" arrives, in practice from mid-October to mid-March for a continental climate.

    The alternative if you want to use your Rattan furniture all year round, is to put it away daily, every evening, as Parisian terraces do.

    In summary, 2 main principles to respect:

    During the winter season (October 15 to March 15 in Europe) in all climates: the furniture must be stored “dry”. It can however be left outside during the day, but must imperatively be put in the dry during the night.

    During the "beautiful season", the rest of the time, the Rattan can remain permanently outside.

    However, if a lasting rain arrives, the Rattan should only be left in this rain for two or three days at the most, before putting the furniture in the dry place so that it can dry. He only takes it out once the rain has stopped (In any case, a terrace cannot be used in the rain).

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    Panneaux latéraux

  • Sofa Purple Twill Judy

    This magnificient sofa made in twill offers a very delicate touch. The JUDY sofa has the aim to transmit confidence for the next day. It is a place where you can find respect and peace to determine what will be your next step. JUDY sofa is a fundamental twill piece, for a refined yet comfortable ambience. An interior decoration item to place in a living room.
  • Audrey Sofa - Green velvet

    AUDREY sofa is a simple piece, although its structure and color will give the prestige that every room requires and the velvet gives the softness that every personality needs. A very limited edition. An exceptional piece of style and unique comfort. Magnificent green velvet soft with its legs fully upholostered with velvet.

  • Sofa Blue Night Velvet Audrey Mase to Measure

    UDREY sofa is a simple piece, although its structure and colour will give the prestige that every room requires and the velvet gives the softness that every personality needs. A very limited edition. An exceptional piece of style and unique comfort. Magnificent blue night velvet with its legs fully covered with velvet.

  • Napoleon III Chair


    Chair from the end of the 19th century / Napoleon III in the style of the toad armchair without armrests.

    A beautiful stylish seat, very comfortable with the particularity of not leaving any visible cabinetwork.

    Very nice decorative pompoms in the old style elegantly decorate both sides of the backrest.

    This seat is available in 3 colors of velvet: taupe, orange and deep English green.

    This seat is covered with padded velvet fabric and features high fringes to conceal the feet. The back of the backrest of this beautiful seat is not padded.


    A very beautiful chair of contemporary craftsmanship in the style of the late 19th century.


    Excellent seat with a height of 44 cm.


    A piece produced in a limited series, refined and elegant.

  • Sofa Bench Magdalena

    Magdalena sofa.
    Seat made in velvet and structure made of patinated and gilt carved wood with its aged cane. 
    A current neoclassical style handcrafted manufacturing. 
    A lot of charm and elegance, this sofa is made in limited edition.
    Delivery by carrier. 
  • Pearls Headboard - 233cm


    The Art Deco-style Pearls headboard is upholstered in a pretty, soft cream bouclé velvet.

    The Pearls headboard measures 233cm wide.

    A very high-end contemporary craftsmanship in the chosen materials and an irreproachable finish.

  • Lounge Chair Loveseat XVIIIeme style

    The Loveseat Lounge chair in velvet taupe in the XVIIIeme style. A very beautiful realization and craftsmanship today for this lounge chair made in the old. A remarkable piece made by craftsmen with its beautifully rounded seat.
  • Large Lantern Figaro Louis XV Style


    Channel classic grandeur into your interior with the beautiful Louis XV style Figaro Lantern. 

    This delicately adorned hexagonal pendant with antique bronze finish and clear glass panels will be an excellent choice for your hallway or staircase.

    A splendid lighting!

    Lamp holder: E14
    Lamp holder qty: 3
    Light bulbs included:  Not included
    Max wattage:  40 watt
    Max voltage:  220 - 240 Volt
    Plug type:  Not applicable
    Hanging Method:  Chain

    Length hanging method in cm:  110

    Very high brass lantern with its hand made antique patina.

    A very beautiful lantern of great elegance.

    A soft and pleasant light for your home.

  • Round Chandelier Leather and Brass

    A chandelier combining brass and leather, saddle stitch.
    The lighting can be powerful with 3 E15 bulbs.
    The combination of these two noble materials with this rounded shape is particularly elegant.
    The 110cm brass chain brings the chandelier up to 174cm from the ceiling.
    A very nice finish for this large chandelier of today's artisanal manufacture.
  • Round Table d'Este


    The round table d'Este.

    A Shabby chic round table made of old pine wood.

    A beautiful round table top of 140cm, 5cm thick.

  • Side Table Ronde des Champs ø90cm

    Sculpted from iron in an antique gold finish, the dazzling Round Side Table Ronde des Champs of a diameter ø90 cm includes a wheat sheaf-shaped base and a bevelled clear glass tabletop. Originally a symbol of prosperity and hospitality, the wheat sheaf signifies one has worked hard and is now enjoying the good life. Dimensions: ø 90 x H. 70 cm | glass ø 90 cm
  • Huge Dining Table Dolmen 350cm

    The Dolmen dining Table made of Soar wood.Incredible and admirable dining table known as the Dolmen in light Suar wood. Contemporary raw wood dining table, a unique design production, a "monumental" achievement. The table is carved directly from the trunk of the tree. The tray is in one piece.
  • Dolmen Table 400cm

    • Huge Dolmen Table made of Soar wood. Contemporary dining table, made ​​of Soar, light grey. A solid and unique design and manufacturing, a "monumental" achievement. We chose this model because this current table woodwork combines contemporary style and purity. Huge plate 400cm long and 100-110cm wide with up to 26 guests.
  • Louis Vuitton Hats Trunk - Damier - SOLD

    Very nice LOUIS VUITTON hats trunk in Damier. 


    Interior fully renovated. Metal handles and brass lock. 

  • High Secretary , XIXth C. Style


    Superb handmade finishing and patina handmade.

    High Secretary furniture of XIXeme period style.

    Magnificent achievement for this furniture of character with its old patina.