Clam on Wooden Stand

Tridacna Derasa Clam on Wooden Stand


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Tridacna Derasa clam on a black wooden stand.
A magnificent unique piece, a rarity!
Very beautiful Tridacna Derasa holy water font presented on a custom-made wooden stand. Its two faces are remarkable.
  A black wooden base supports and delicately presents this shell.
The famous giant clam, the world's largest species of bivalve shell that has always spawned legends of divers held underwater between its mighty shells.
Of course, it is a young Tridacna Derasa, but this subspecies generally does not exceed 60cm. Its growth at the start is about 5cm per year then it will increase to 3cm per year.
It is therefore not a very young clam.
Like most giant clams, this species is in danger because it is over-harvested, either for its flesh in Asia, or as decorative shellfish.
This one comes from a farm in Micronesia which hopes to succeed in regenerating the local population.
Width (cm): 22.00
Height (cm): 31.00
Depth (cm): 24.00
Unique piece.

Dimensions and Specifications - Shipment information

- Width: 22 cm

- Height: 31 cm

- Depth: 24 cm

- Weight (item packed): 10 kg

- Era: Actual Arts and crafts

- Style: Curiosities - Naturalia

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