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For more information about unique handicraft, rugs for home interior and ornamental items, please click here.

Arteslonga presents staged interiors in which you can find handicraft, objects of unusual design, decorative elements, rare original items for home and contemporary art object. Handicraft objects are selected to provide you with unique items, timeless, vintage, rare, retro or shabby chic. They cover a wide range of ornamental items ranging from furniture to rugs, through decorative objects. Among the unconventional vintage handicrafts, you will find several enamel advertising panels. Collectors will appreciate the plate Phebus dated 1940 and numbered. You will also find an enamel steel plate Viandox of 1959 with its bird and music notes.

Bird cages are also elegant and romantic home decoration objects. Small bird cages or large bird cage, in vintage metal or wood, you will discover several retro styles and ambiences.

Retro and vintage tiled stoves on Arteslonga are amazing and surprising. The wood stove “Mirus” 1900 in green glazed earthenware can decorate a kitchen or a bedroom and give a retro touch to your home decoration and atmosphere. Adorn your living room with wood stove with shimmering patterns in relief, representing animals and plants. A tray of pink marble enhances all with a touch of sophistication and glamour.

Find unique wall brackets for your home decor. The atmosphere of your home interior is getting warmer thanks to the divine sweetness of a shelf-faced cherubs plaster in the purest style of the eighteenth century.
This console of cherubs' faces called "Three Loves" works together perfectly with consoles delicately carved from the Renaissance period. Place randomly on your walls, shelves wall Napoleon III with shelves from another period of time: 1900s, 1920s, 50s, 60s, 70s…
The handicraft objects should bring elegance into your home decoration. Decorate your home with authentic and original handicraft objects and make your home decor unique. For example, those amazing decorative doors in wood with shutters incorporated will delight your guests and arouse their curiosity. They will bring a little exotic in your daily life.

Rugs are handicraft objects coming from here and abroad. Each rug is unique, handmade craftsmanship. Antique or vintage rugs warm up a room, a hallway, a bedroom. Antique carpets, shimmering and uncommon, can also decorate the walls by hanging them. Woven and hand knotted, Persian rugs have a rich wool and deep colors. Berber rugs from Marocco are made in accordance with the traditions.

The faces of the wooden screens are entirely hand painted. The decorative ornaments and delicate patterns are in the style of Marie Antoinette. These hand painted screens will bring the romance, poetry in your office or your library.
Arteslonga is your shop for vintage and antique furniture, vintage objects, retro deco, shabby chioc, vintage fashion, rugs, paintings and graphic works. These items of craftsmanship and contemporary art are incomparable, beyond time, original and authentic, precious and unique.
With these unique objects, you can decorate entirely your home including your patio, your porch, balcony or winter garden.
Get inspired by the artistic atmosphere created by Arteslonga and take the opportunity to  decorate differently and with character your home interior. You'll find exclusive ideas for your home interior. You will discover maybe the unexpected gem, the unique item of your dreams…
"To exist is a fact, Living is an Art." Arteslonga, French Home Decoration and Lifestyle House.