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Objects of curiosities

Objects of curiosities

Natural curiosities turned into pieces of Art.

We offer something beautiful out of the wonders created by Nature.

Coming from the mineral, vegetal or animal world, our curiosities are of first-class interest. Our curiosities hunters keep increasing their networks to find the rare pearl and we keep working hard to design pieces reserved to connoisseur looking for intrinsic value. 

Discover in this section the intriguing spirit and charm of the cabinets of curiosities and travel logs of the late nineteenth century.

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In order to realize a cabinet of curiosities decoration at home, all the unusual objects, the curiosities, the intriguing articles that you discover on Arteslonga are either exclusive pieces or limited editions.

Also discover a very nice Science and Naturalia selection for your cabinet of curiosities decor: magnificent butterfly frames, multicolored butterflies under globes, herbaria, astonishing collectors' boxes of insects from the tropical forests of Asia: stick insects and locusts in jade green colors.

Unusual objects, curiosities, these works are authentic and original. They meet the criteria of simplicity, aesthetics, elegance, personality, intrinsic beauty, fantasy. They correspond to a style, a history, an era, an art of living, a style. Arteslonga is a gallery of random objects, mixtures, favorites and moods that will give your cabinet of curiosities decor a unique character.

Their particularity makes them unique objects, curiosities, unusual objects. Their rarity imposes a specific sales model: unique selling. Indeed, Arteslonga travels the world to unearth these wonders which often only exist in a single copy to make your cabinet of curiosities decoration an equally unique style.

Staged in paintings inspired by everyday life, these unusual objects, these intriguing and beautiful objects at the same time and these beautiful curiosities are presented as in an art gallery. By thus mixing eras from Napoleon III onwards, styles, ages and art, Arteslonga transmits to you the know-how of yesteryear, a French art of living, unique, renowned, recognized throughout the world.

Enhance your interior decoration with these vintage works, real curiosities of modern times. Wood, ceramic, glass, or porcelain, these curiosities are unique. They will remind you of your childhood, awaken memories, rekindle smiles, provoke real emotions in you. Let yourself be charmed and enchanted by these curiosities from bygone times.

Arteslonga presents centuries of decoration. You will find the curiosities that will transform your daily life through an unusual interior. These unique, old, exclusive and vintage decorative objects will take you back in time.

The history of each piece makes it precious, special while leaving it simplicity, quality and originality. As a result, Arteslonga regularly enriches its site with finds, unusual objects, wonders, curiosities, selection of works of art, pieces of artistic craftsmanship, unique items with the aim of help you find the object of your dreams.

Discover in this section the spirit and the intriguing charm of cabinets of curiosities and travel diaries from the end of the 19th century.

The principle of the cabinet of curiosities disappeared during the nineteenth century, replaced by official institutions and private collections. These have still played a large role in certain scientific disciplines such as entomology or conchology.

A cabinet of curiosities was a place where collected objects were stored and displayed, with a certain taste for heterogeneity and the unseen. Commonly found in these cabinets of curiosities were medals, antiques, objects of natural history (such as stuffed animals, dried insects, shells, skeletons, shells, herbaria, fossils) or works of art. art.

Appeared during the Renaissance in Europe, cabinets of curiosities (Italian studiolo) are the ancestor of museums and museums. Both private (private collections) and public (institutional collections of veterinary schools, medical schools), cabinets of curiosities have played a fundamental role in the development of modern science even if they kept the traces of popular beliefs of the time (it was not uncommon to find dried dragon's blood or skeletons of mythical animals). The publication of catalogs which made the often illustrated inventory, made it possible to distribute the contents of the cabinets of curiosities to European scientists.

Disappeared in the course of the 19th century, the cabinet of curiosities resurfaced in our interiors through the cabinet of curiosities decoration. For lovers of collections, these curiosities and furniture are a must, creating a unique and charming atmosphere.

The cabinet of curiosity is the piece of furniture par excellence for lovers of collections, who seek to exhibit and store their objects with refinement.

The Arteslonga house
  • Venus Statue


    Magnificent statue of Venus made of resin that perfectly imitates marble. An actual artisanal realization of very high quality.

    An historic handcrafted piece of remarkable beauty.

  • Urchins in family in capsule glass

    A family of five sea urchins. Mostly distant cousins, in fact: the pencil urchins: a Prionocidaris Bispinosa, more whiter, from the Pacific Ocean and a Heterocentrotus mammiliatus, brown/red with white stripe, from Hawaii. A diadem sea urchin from Madagascar with all its long spins.
  • Orange Gorgonian On Black Stand

    Natural gorgonian from the Indian ocean, with a very special shape of Lyre (the musical instrument): Ctenocella pectinata.  Perfectly straight on a square black stand. Gorgonians, like corals, are animals living in sessile colonial polyps, organized in a tree shape.
  • Parme Stone Chalcedony from Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Chalcedony agate grape from Sulawesi in Indonesia. The form is rare, and the name too: Chalcedony Botroid. This mineral comes from a rare destination: The Sulawesi Islands in the Indian Ocean. Chalcedony is a microcrystalline rock which never occurs in the form of sharp crystals. It often filled the rounded interior with a geode, and more rarely is found in Botryoid form: grapes!
  • Yellow Sea Fan On Black Stand

    €208.33 -0% €208.33
    Yellow sea fan on black stand. It's latin name doesn't says this sea fan is yellow: Gorgonia Violacea, but indeed, it's natural color is this bright yellow.  Gorgonians, like corals, are animals living in sessile colonial polyps, organized in a tree shape. Each polyp has 8 tentacles that filter the plankton and consume it.


    A unique piece!
    This type of branch coral, from its Latin name Acropora Florida, is a reef builder. It lines the underwater cliffs of the Solomon Islands archipelago. This coral comes with its own CITES number (Washington convention).

    A wonder.

    L 32cm x 35cm x H 48cm

  • Tridacna Gigas Clam on Iron Stand.


    Tridacna Gigas font on an iron stand. A magnificent unique piece, a rarity! Very rare Tridacna gigas font presented on a custom forged stainless steel support. Its two sides are remarkable. It has of course its CITES number which proves its origin.

  • Seahorses Entomologist Box


    Entomologist box on foot with a collection of 9 seahorses.

    An object of curiosities in the apothecary collection object style of the late nineteenth century.

    Wooden frame turned blackened in the Napoleon III style.

  • Lexias Butterflies Oval Globe

    €483.33 -0% €483.33

    Lovely naturalistic globe made in the old style of the Napoleon III period. This globe contains beautiful Lexias butterflies from tropical forests on Willow branch.

  • Ammonite (Madagascar) on a black metal display

    Albien block of ammonites - 13.6kg. A magnificent unique piece! This block of Ammonites is a real photo of a seabed over 100 million years old! We find there the diversity of ammonites living in the Lower Cretaceous.
  • White Shells Under Globe


    Magnificent collection of 8 white shells presented under globe and on black wooden base.

    L 25cm x 25cm x H 34cm

  • Ammonite (Madagascar) on a black metal display


    Ammonite from Madagascar on a black metal display.

    Ammonites appeared about 380 million years ago in the Devonian and extinct with the Dinosaurs to the Cretaceous-Tertiary crisis there is 65MA.

    This ammonite of Madagascar is a beautiful specimens very clear and of an orange color.

    Calycoceras, 95 million years.

    L 20cm x 10cm x H 22cm

  • Rare Giant Red Gorgon - H110cm


    A giant burning flame shape with an incredible red color : a rare gorgonian from the Sulawesi islands (of the Leptogorgia family).

    On a black oak base, only a few pieces of that size are available. 

    L 45cm x 30cm x H 110cm

  • Egg with cameos, carved stone.


    Egg with cameos, carved stone. This magnificent stone egg (soapstone) was created by reusing the famous technique of engraving of Neapolitan nacre, we created this stone egg (soapstone). True lace work with vegetable and cameo motif. Very Neapolitan. Foot in solid brass, 2 other forms exist.

  • Pied Académique

    Greek academic foot.

    A beautiful object for an unusual decoration.
  • Venus Statue


    Fragment of Venus bust, goddess of love, seduction and beauty in Roman mythology. The original statue probably dates from the 5th BC. Magnificent statue of Venus made of resin that perfectly imitates marble. An actual artisanal realization of very high quality.

  • Turtle Shell - Reproduction


    Small reproduction of turtle shell "Eretmochelys Imbricata". This is a turtle you may have heard of as a hawksbill turtle. It is one of eight current species of marine turtles and is the only one of the genus Eretmochelys. Its range is almost global since it is found in all oceans.

  • Round Jewelry Boxes - Napoleon III Style


    Set of fine round jewelry boxes in Napoleon III style.

    Note the glass that is bevelled on each face of the jewelry boxes and the carved, gilded and aged old-fashioned metal.

    Very beautiful craft work today.

    Sold empty.

  • Jewelry Boxes Napoleon III style


    Set of fine jewelry boxes in Napoleon III style.

    To be noted: the glass is bevelled on each face of the jewelry boxes and the carved, gilded and aged old-fashioned metal.

    Very beautiful actual handcrafted work.

    Sold with upholstered cushions but without decoration accessories.

  • Fashion Showcase "Variations of cuffs"


    Fashion Showcase "Variations of cuffs" - 4 cuffs of old shirts of the years 1900 on display.

    A refined and original decorative element for home or a shop.

  • Coral Montipora - Reproduction

    €358.33 -0% €358.33

    Reproduction of a coral "montipora" of the lagoons of oceania. Coral is indeed an animal of the branch of the Cnidarians. Corals generally live in colonies of individuals called "polyps" which are "superorganisms". Each polyp secretes its own exoskeleton; Depending on the species, this exoskeleton is hard or soft.

  • Coral On Antique Turned Pedestal - Reproduction


    Reproduction of a coral of the lagoons of Oceania on a old wood antique turned pedestal, Napoleon III style. Coral is indeed an animal of the branch of the Cnidarians. Corals generally live in colonies of individuals called "polyps" which are "superorganisms". Each polyp secretes its own exoskeleton; Depending on the species, this exoskeleton is hard or soft.

  • Red Butterflies Globe - Napoleon III Style

    Superb naturalist globe. This globe contains beautiful 9 red butterflies.
    Incredibly red on their perfectly black base, these 9 Cymothoe Sangaris butterflies, come from Central Africa, where they cross the borders of Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ivory Coast ...
    Packaging specifically reinforced and suitable for shipping. Magnificent !
  • Apollo Statue - H130cm

    €983.33 -0% €983.33

    Statue in foot of Apollo handcrafted in resin patinated and aged by hand. A remarkable craft work for this piece of History. This statue measures 130 cm high. Protected, this statue of antique Art, can be positioned outdoors because it does not fear the sun or the bad weather.

  • Retro Jewelry Boxes "Wonders" - set of 5


    Set of five jewelry boxes in late nineteenth-early twentieth-century style. A stylish realization of retro jewelry boxes with four bevelled glass faces and decorative aged repulsed metal structure .

    Aged print of one of the wonders of the world on the lid.

  • Face Statue of Diane Huntress


    Very beautiful statue of the face of Diane Huntress made of resin that perfectly imitates the ancient stone. An actual artisanal realization of very high quality.

    A historic piece, an object of decoration of a remarkable and eternal beauty.

  • Hercule Statue

    Superb ancient Greek statue of Hercules handcrafted in composite material (resin).
    This fragment of a bust comes from the reproduction of an original bronze statue (now lost, created by the Greek sculptor Naucydès at the beginning of the 4th century BC), the translation of which is currently kept in the galleries from the Louvre Museum.
  • Oval Globe Orange Butterflies

    Superb naturalist globe with orange butterflies on a branch of Salix.
    Packaging specifically strengthened and adapted to the shipment.
  • "Cyrano" Butterflies Globes - Set of 3


    Set of 3 globes with naturalists butterflies with delicate powdery colors.

    Packaging specifically strengthened and adapted to the shipment.

  • Globe Turquoise Butterflies


    Beautiful naturalistic globe turquoise and black butterflies.